Invention Of BRAILLE – Language Of The Blind  | The Dr. Binocs Show | Best Learning Video for Kids

Invention Of BRAILLE – Language Of The Blind | The Dr. Binocs Show | Best Learning Video for Kids

Oh no! A power cut. Let me just get a candle. Ouch! I think I hit a table. Where is… oh, here. Do you know there are some people who have
mastered the art of navigating in darkness. And they are also trained to read
and write in the dark. These mighty people are the blind. And they do this with the unique
writing system called Braille. I am so excited to tell you about the
amazing story of this invention. Thank god it’s back. Come friends, zoom in! The history of this unique writing system
goes all the way back to the early 1800s. Several soldiers in the French Army were
using lamps to read the combat messages. A terrible decision. As the light shinning from the lamps told
the enemies where the French soldiers were. A man named Charles Barbier saw this problem. And developed a night writing system
for the soldiers. It was a system with 12 raised
dots in a cell. Which could be read with fingertips. And it helped the soldiers read without
attracting any unwanted attention. Then in 1821, Charles Barbier was invited,.. introduce the night writing system to a
class of young blind students. However, there was one flaw in this system. It was just impossible to feel all
the dots with a single touch. Still, it was enough to inspire one
student, a curious little boy. Named Louis Braille. Braille was blinded at a very young age,
in an accident. When he was playing with an awl
and punching holes in leather. But a physical disability, was no bar
for Braille’s bright spirit. Soon he was back in the workshop
with his imagination. And this time, instead of leather,
Braille was punching dots on paper. He worked tirelessly for years to modify
Charles Barbier’s night writing system.. ..for his fellow blind individuals. And soon enough the hard work of this
little genius bore fruit. Braille simplified the night writing system. And reduced the 12 raised dots to 6! This meant that a single letter could now
be recognized with a single touch. Now, that was a big improvement, kids. Because it made reading for the
blind much easier and faster. They were absolutely delighted. For the next 5 years, Braille refined the
writing method which was already in use. Finally, in 1829, Braille published a book.. ..explaining the entire Braille code,
for writing and reading. Despite the great advantages of it,
Louis Braille’s own university.. ..refused to adopt the system. But there was no stopping him. He soon started spreading Braille
amongst the students. After being appointed as a teacher. This Braille move by brave… I mean, this brave move by Braille,.. ..helped the students immensely. And in 1854, 2 years after
Louis Braille’s death. The rising demands from the students,.. ..made the university adopt the
Braille writing system officially! Since then the Braille writing system
has spread throughout the world. And has been giving vision to the
blind in the form of literacy. Oh! there it goes. That was my last copy of the Braille guide. I’ll probably go and get some more. Oh, but wait. Stay right here. TRIVIA TIME! Do you know about these yellow things on
the floor? Probably in train stations. These are actually helping hands
for blind people. Enabling them to find their way
and avoid obstacles. And these are known as Braille for feet. Wait! This isn’t a train, is it? What is this? Why am I here? Oh look! That’s our friend
Louis Braille passing by. Did you know? An asteroid has been
named 9969 Braille.. honor none other than Louis Braille. There it goes. So kids, you see how 1 man’s invention
helped so many blind people worldwide! Oh wait! May be he can help me find
my way back to earth. Don’t forget to tune in next time.
This is me zooming out! Hey, wait! Louis Braille! Louis Braille! WAIT! Hey kids, you liked my videos, didn’t you? Before you go, don’t forget to click on the
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