Intro to Java (Programming For Beginners)

Intro to Java (Programming For Beginners)

Hello and welcome to’s Intro to Java series.
This is lesson 1.0 so I’m just going to give you a quick overview
of what topics we’re going to cover in this course so first things first my
name is Kevin Olson I am a computer science student and I love writing,
teaching, showing people how to do things so I hope you enjoy this series. Why
learn Java? Learning Java makes it easier to learn other programming languages so
once you know how to use Java you’ll be able to take the concepts and apply them
to pretty much any other programming language out there it’s extremely
popular cross-platform works on Mac Windows Linux and its object oriented
and that’s just kind of like a key phrase and programming these days almost
all programming languages are object oriented and that just means you can
think of things in the programs in terms of objects so we’ll get more into that
later. The Goals in the series – we’re going to learn more programming concepts
proper documentation object oriented design we’re going to learn how to
develop console and Windows applications and are also going to create and test
algorithms. The ultimate goal of this series is to give you all the foundation
knowledge you need to develop simple applications and then you’ll be able to
continue on and learn different fields that interest you such as app
development game development and business development pretty much anything once you know the
foundations you’ll be able to go on and learn whatever you need to know. What
this series covers – So I structured this series kind of similar to how a typical
computer science one course would be taught we’re going to start by discussing a
little bit of the history of Java, What it is used for. How it works. Just really
basic level – We’re gonna go into variables decisions with conditions Loops, Arrays, input output, file system,
working with files object-oriented programming – that’s going
to come in at midway through this series and then for the second half of the
series we’re gonna start talking about proper documentation with javadoc – how to
make a graphical user interface – how to build a windowed application –
algorithm development – testing – processes and threads – image manipulation. And we’re going to
close off with a little bit of database stuff. So that should be fun we’re going to
do lots of projects along the way and I hope you enjoy it. This pretty much concludes
the introduction video. I hope you continue on and start watching the
videos and following along with the material online. So visit for the latest videos and review material. You can
continue to the next video in this playlist to start learning. Thanks for watching

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  1. This is very helpful. I have just begun learning it at University, and these videos are helping me immensely. Please keep going! You're really making a difference to people's learning.

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