If the algorithm was a horror movie

If the algorithm was a horror movie

(typing on a keyboard) (phone vibrating) Who is this? (thud with echo) – [Unknown caller] You’re losing subscribers and you don’t know what to do. – I keep getting phone calls from someone. They claim they know what the problem is. – It’s changed again, but this time it’s
different. – He says that he’s trying to help me and that I’m in danger if I don’t change anything. I’m losing subscribers. My friends are losing subscribers. I don’t know what’s going on. – Searches and watch time are key, so make those changes quickly. – If I don’t he says my numbers will keep dropping. (thud with echo) He also said… If my subscriber count hits zero. – Once it gets to zero…. it’ll come and get you. – What about my subscribers? – There is one thing you can use. – What is it? – The bell (ghostly child scream) – I’ve already tweaked my titles, tags, descriptions even the thumbnails and the numbers still keep going down. Guys I need you to hit the bell icon right now. I’m losing subscribers fast. (male scream) I know I’ve explained a lot to you
already but isn’t that what these movie trailer do? Don’t they give away the entire plot of a film? I mean a lot of times are better than the actual movie right? (ticking) (male scream) You know I could’ve just said hit the bell icon to get notified of new videos. Hey but what’s the fun in that? I thought would make this whole complex trailer thingy agh So I’m curious, has the algorithm been bugging you guys? because for me it hasn’t really been doing much of a difference. I mean yeah a few like slow downs in views and all that but they eventually catch up. I know it’s been bad for a lot of people but it’s also been pretty good for some people . So let me know in the comments. Oh one bonus question for you guys. Okay so is it true? Do trailers, do movie trailers give away the entire plot and are they actually better than the actual movie? So anyway if you liked this video give it a thumbs up. If you want to check out the rest of my channel please do so. I upload every
Wednesday or I try to upload around that time. Wednesday ish if I can. So anyway I
will see you guys next time, next week next video. See you next time

55 thoughts to “If the algorithm was a horror movie”

  1. Whoa this does seem like a HORRIFYING MOVIE!!! It depends on the trailer.. some trailers don't give the movie justice, they show only the lame stuff, and other trailers give away alllll of the good stuff! Amazing trailer by the way! I'll definitely watch this in the cinema 😛

  2. yo this was super super good!!!! i loved it and yes the algorithm thing always sucks but i think its youtube giving everyone a little bit of a better chance and yea usually they are misleading the trailer or they just give away the whole thing XD XD

  3. Yeah I haven't noticed any issues with it as of yet but I do think the people running YouTube are making some pretty stupid choices when 'upgrading' the site :p
    And haha this was really awesome man, gave me a good laugh and incredibly well made too!

  4. I haven't had any sub problems cause I don't have many subs to lose lol but I've been following this and it's like it's something that needs to be fixed asap

  5. I'm commenting because you reply to your comments
    I become fan of you when i watched "ideas" shortfilm
    Your work is amazing keep doing it
    Your numbers will increase I am sure

  6. yeah im a victim of the algorithm. it really sucks. maybe my watch time is really bad. this was really awesome!!!! but now im afriad im going to die cause my sub count is dropping!

  7. This absolutely made my day dude. Absolutely fantastic, lol. I'm such a small channel that when it hits me, I lose one or two. I'm a movie trailer junkie so to me there are no bad trailers 🙂

  8. The opening phone call is priceless! And this video is perfect timing, because I've been watching so many tech videos and they all speak of the 'algorithm,' so two days ago, I decided to go back five years of making videos and revise my 'search engine optimization.' That's nearly a thousand videos, but since I am OCD, I am determined to get the job done. Will this help? I have no idea, but I'll always know I did my best. And if I get tired or frustrated, your video will help to keep things light! Thanks again for a great and well executed film! 🙂 🙂

  9. I haven't had too many problems with the new algorithm probably because I don't have that many subs to begin with. I do think though. My views haven't been up to par as they use to which is pretty annoying. I still need to tell people to hit the bell. I haven't done that yet haha.

  10. Bro!!! This was funny and SO true!! 😂 all YouTubers can relate to this lol I love these man keep it up….

    And some trailers are better than the movie but I love when there's a twist

  11. omg this is literally the truth though.
    watch time is my least favorite thing and its becoming more and more important. I JUST WANNA MAKE SHORT VIDEOS.

  12. "The bell" I died! This weird loud cackling kind of laugh came out of my mouth that scared me, then I laughed again. This video made me discover a new part of me! LMAO!
    And to answer your question, sometimes they reveal everything and trailers are almost always better than the actual movie. Even on good movies, lol.

  13. hahaha this is GENIUS, no joke. Personally I hate watching trailers for stuff I know I'm gonna see cause it gives everything away!!

  14. This was soooo good!! I would watch this as an actual movie!!! just to see if the trailer is in fact better. 😉 hahah

  15. what do you need is a better topic for something like that. because you make a good job with the cuts, camera work and suspense.

  16. Ermagerd! That was incredible! Yes, movie trailers are usually better than the actual movie most times, haha

  17. For some reason, this reminds me of The Walking Dead because it is edited like it. You are such a good editor 👍👍

  18. this is great! jig saw should be in the end, and say i want to play a game.. ha ha keep up the great work

  19. This was honestly the coolest thing I've seen in a while!
    Not gonna lie, I'm home alone right now and this got me a little jumpy XD
    Seriously amazing job!! Editing and acting was 10/10!!

  20. For some movies I honestly don't care to watch the movie because I know what is going to happen after watching the trailer. Sometimes when I'm hyped about a movie I prefer not to spoil it. Anyway great job!! I liked the suspense!

  21. This trailer is a hell of a lot more interesting than just nagging for people to click the bell….
    As for sub counts, it doesn't bother me as long as I can make at least one person laugh and have a better day I'm good.

  22. This is hilarious… the algorithm, and speculating about it can drive you crazy. I try to not focus there, and focus on my content production. Oh, better go, time to check my subs count!

  23. What's an algorithm? Juan, I gotta share this video. Great job! I like how you act like the numbers affect you in profound and titillating mannerisms. I think you're doing a fine job. I must print all of my debit card transactions since time began before I make another purchase! Jeepers, what if you could get sixty gazillion viewers but nobody subscribed? That would suck.

  24. I always enjkoy trailers more than even movies I like. The economy of decisions forced by the time limit is always interesting.

  25. I typed it in, "the algorithm horror film, and your "trailer" came up, it's hilarious, well-filmed and very apt, exactly how it would be filmed if it were real.
    my idea/concept is somewhat different, coming from seeing the algorithm in a different way, good, for a piss-take horror film.
    your idea is great, too, nice one! 👌🏻👏🏾
    yours reminds me a bit of "black mirror", the channel r/netflix show.

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