I didnt expect that… NEW Pore + Blackhead SUCKING Vacuum!

I didnt expect that… NEW Pore + Blackhead SUCKING Vacuum!

Hey, it’s Feii! Long time no black head is it? How you doing? How is it going? !WARNING! Do not eat, okay. Thanks Today, I have a fun quick review of this new device I found on Amazon *WHAT?!* 2in1 blackhead vacuum skin humidifier system?! by the one and only, Skinvestor This is taking blackhead sucking to the next level I was able to deal out a coupon code if you want to save some money, so come through sis! This system has a built in skin humidifier. That’s food the skin before, during, and after suctioning That’s the highlight of this tool Why does this sound so long. You best believe I got some juice out? So before you see that, here’s my baby. This whole pack comes with the pore vacuum, four different suction heads Microdermabrasion head, large round head, small round head, and the elliptical head, a USB cable for charging. Yay! No batteries a plastic funnel, plastic pump, a pack of replacement sponges, and rubber rings, a blackhead tweezer and the manual guide. It’s a lot but it’s easy. Calm down, Linda! Here you have two buttons, top button is for the humidifier, but honestly, it’s more like a light mist of water. Still works so I’m not complaining the bottom button is for the suctioning which has three clicks for three different intensities, light, medium, and heavy You basically want to use the funnel to pump in warm to hot water I thought this bunch was for the funnel, but it’s not so um, don’t do that to sponges and rings rubber replacement purposes for when your tool gets older and ages like me an old, okay Now that I settled, look at my nose, baby It is beyond disgusting. I’m honestly trying to stop using so much blackhead strips or at least take myself a little at least so this suction tool was the perfect move, especially if you don’t want to yanked so much on your pores and turns of peeling So this is pore friendly For today. I’m gonna use the T-zone headed but if you want me to test out the microdermabrasion head or the ones for my whole face like this video and I’ll do that in a separate one, maybe we’ll see Okay So I’m gonna start off with damping my face a bit first move the ceiling using the top of button which is the humidifier you can leave this on while suctioning it’ll shut off after one minute and you can always reactivate it you’ll find that sometimes the pump stops and that’s because of certain movements or angles you’re at. I was really impressed Plus, it’s hot. It’s the summer. So this pump just made my life easier Tbh starting off with the lowest intensity. You want to build up the pressure depending on your skin sensitivity The lowest mode was already so much strength, too. So I stayed in the safe zone or the friend zone, haha, my life use your tool by moving it bottom to top it, but honestly, it’s easier if you go top to bottom that way, you’re not taking too much on your nose, and that’s basically what you do I’m just impressed by the power. This has it’s so much stronger than any vacuum I’ve used other pore vacuums that I reviewed before were a bit weak and didn’t have much of a grip this one OMG it’s almost like exist for enemy who won’t let go It does really suck the life out of you. So I highly recommend you to stay seated. Yeah me cuz the laurels comin through Do you see what I’m seeing juice green juice Gross, but cool that oil build-up. That’s not lie. I’m serious. You’re seeing it with your own eyes, okay PSA here’s what you shouldn’t do, that I accidentally did don’t leave this device on very sensitive soft areas. I didn’t move it in time so I kinda got stuck on the side of my nose and it bruised a bit. just comes to show you how really gets on you’re in the Midwest and what I don’t know why I said that But yeah Because just when using this pore vacuum and know that it’s here to do its job not to play around After use the mist to spritz your face so its moist and smooth and then just follow up with your skincare routine Highly recommend to use this tool like once or twice a week or every other week honestly, you don’t need to do it a lot because Sometimes we need the good oils to stay on our cities. So Yeah, if I were to rate this tool it gets a 5 out of 5 Honestly, there’s just so much thought invested behind it this tool AKA Skinvestor, get it with the amount of products you get to prep an alternate around it’s definitely worth the money in my opinion one of the best skin vacuums out there for external at-home use Doing yourself DIY I come through no no use my coupon code ’15ilovefei’ to save 25% off pore vacuums definitely died down a bit since their parents But this one just made a huge comeback and I think it’s the only one with a skin humidifier built to end Just skip this okay. Just take my word. It’s really good. That is it for this video I hope it was helpful and you learned something new and you learned how to use this tool Don’t forget to like this video if you want me to try out the other heads haha ha ha, NO Subscribe to be feibam fam and follow me on Instagram! Until next time I’m sending love, bye!

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  1. Update: CODE IS WORKING NOW! And also, I’m not making money off the code at all so don’t be salty! I literally asked for one so you guys can just save some monayyyyyy!

  2. You know those aren't blackheads right? Those are supposed to be on your nose and they help protect your skin. If you notice, everyone has them and they are much smaller and lighter than blackheads. Your skin is kinda gross though so I understand why you might buy some stupid shit like this that is constantly knocked by dermatologists and skin care experts. At best, you are spreading bacteria all around your face and at worst you are doing serious damage and creating micro tears and opening yourself up to bad infections.

  3. I'm using a different version but yes it does what it says it does I use the highest suction to make sure I
    get all the deep BH

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  7. its a scam. she lied when she said she wasnt making money out of this. i can buy it on ebay for between 15 to 25 dollars. so she would make a decent profit selling it for 37.50 dollars. what do you take us for, mugs?

  8. If my nose turned purpleish and no blackheads seemed to come out, what does it mean? is my skin too sensitive or does it just not work? someone tell me pls 😭😭😭

  9. I got the pore vacuum from skin-genic.com it was the most affordable one i came across and it works very well. Highly recommend <3

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