(How To)SetUp Eclipse For C/C++ and Gcc Compiler – Windows

(How To)SetUp Eclipse For C/C++ and Gcc Compiler – Windows

Type In The Search Box Eclipse Ide For C/C++ Developers and choose first link Then Official Eclipse Site Will Open Here Select The Package Which You Want Here Packages Are Open And Choose The Operating System and 32 bit or 64 bit Now Select tHe Mirror From which You Want to Download it Simply Go For First Mirror I Already Downloaded It Now This is the time to Download Compiler For Eclipse I Recommend To Use Gcc Compiler Because it is Very easy to Setup Go To www.Equation.com Then The Homepage of Equation.com will Open Here Select Forttran ,C,C++ Tools Now Download The Latest Version of Gcc By Choosing the Operating System (Download it in Zip format or Executable File) I Already Downloaded It Now We need to Setup Eclipse Browse to the Eclipse Folder Where You Downloaded and Extract It into Your Path (i mean to C: or D: Or E:) Wherever You Install It Runs But Installing on C Drive is Preferable Now We install Gcc Compiler Open Up The Gcc Compiler and the Wizard Opens Then Change The Path To C:MinGW Thanks For watching The VIdeo If u Like The Video Press Thumb up , if u Dislike The Video Leave a Comment Below And Stay Tuned For More Updates Don’t Forget To Subscribe

28 thoughts to “(How To)SetUp Eclipse For C/C++ and Gcc Compiler – Windows”

  1. you should not disturb people by doing this type of low class videos. You should delete it immediately and you are not at all smart.

  2. My "Honest Review": This video is absolute crap, he doesn't actually set anything up, all he does is spend 2 minutes downloading 2 programs and the other 7 minutes typing as slow as a donkey on a hot day…

  3. A few tips for next time:
    -write your notes in advance (or use power point, the larger font was a good idea dough) and possibly have the links preloaded too, either the recorder is slowing your pc down or you have a slow connection.

    -put useful links in the descriprion

    -you never mentioned java or java jdk!!!!

    -your screen is tiny, try to re-scale in your video editing software. If you don't have any, get something, preferably not Microsoft video editor, or make your own, after all, you have everything you need, don't you?

    -possibly speed up parts of the video to make it more bearable for people who prefer to read a 100 word guide with less bloat. To be honest, your description was a better tutorial then the video, witch should never happen. The only reason I went this far to find a solution is because i keep getting weird fatal errors.

    -don't spam please like and subscribe, people will subscribe if they want, they know how.

    -if so many people leave negative reviews and bad ratings, there may be a reason for it. (I swear to god, if you say the same here, there is no hope)

    -never attempt to be edgy

    -use capital letters sparingly!! and spaces after periods

    -oh, and proofread, please.


    There you go for a "" Honest Review "".

  4. Nice tutorial You Helped me.
    But i will don't give a like, beacuse you wasted 20 minutes of my time in typing in the notepad.

  5. Well… It's a good video if you speed it up 2x, but without the speedup the notepad was near unbearable. Thank you though, this is a lifesaver.

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