How to Memorize Countries and Capitals – The Fast and Easy Way to Remember

In this video I’ll explain how to memorize
the capital cities of all the countries in the world, and then I’ll give you a little
challenge. Memorization is all about creating connections
between pieces of information in your mind. When you hear the name of a country, it should
connect straight away in your mind to the name of the capital city. Because human memory is predominantly visual,
if you make that link or connection a visual one, it’ll be dramatically easier to remember
and recall the connection, and it will stay in your long term memory much more effectively. So here’s what you do. What does the name of the country sound like? What does the name of the capital city sound
like? Now create a picture in your mind that combines
both of those things. When you visualize eight hens playing in a
large puddle of grease, you’ll instantly recall the capital of Greece is Athens. Here’s another quick example. To remember the capital of Sudan you just
need to create a clear mental image of a sedan in a car tomb. Pretty simple, right? Ok, now here’s a fun challenge for you. I’m going to show you ten illustrations
and you have to figure out which country and capital city they each represent. You can write your answers in the comments
below. Are you ready? Here we go. Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ireland, Jamaica,
Armenia, Iceland, Poland, Senegal, Turkey. How’d you go? Let me know in the comments below which country
and capital city you think each illustration represents. You can see creating these links yourself
can be really fun, however, doing it for all 195 countries is a lot of work. And if you’re not experienced in creating
vivid mental images, the pictures you visualize might not be super effective. So if you’d like the ultimate shortcut,
follow the link on the screen to check out the complete whiteboard animation video series
to make you memorize the capital cities of all 195 countries in the world in less than
four hours. And when you follow that link, at the bottom
of the page are the answers to the challenge in this video, so you can check how well you’ve

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