How to Diagnose Washing Machine Control and Program Problems

How to Diagnose Washing Machine Control and Program Problems

Hi I’m Josh from eSpares. And in this video I’m going to be
showing how to diagnose and identify control problems in your washing machine.
Modern washing machines all contain a computerized timer and
this is responsible for controlling all the different circuits in the
machine I’m such as the drainage circuits the heating circuit. If you suspect that there’s a fault
in one of the circuit’s in your machine it’s usually much easier to test all
the components in the circuit before suspecting that the problem lies
in the control board. For example in the drainage circuit you
would check the drain pump and the wiring. And heating circuit you check the
elements the thermostat and the wiring. If you then suspected the problem
still lies in the circuit board unfortunately it’s
usually quite difficult for you to test the board and you will actualy
just need to replace it altogether. The first problem we’re going
to look at is program issues. Most modern
machines are designed to shut down if they detect a fault somewhere in the system. And this
is usually accompanied by a fault code. Now the fault code is usually
displayed on the front is machine and as a
combination of letters and lights or numbers. These fault codes vary from
one manufacturer to another so it can actually be just as helpful to
watch your machine to diagnose where the fault is. Such as in
the drainage circuit all the heating circuit and when you
first turn your machine on and the first thing it does is to lock the door and it’s then that it may
perform a self check. Now if in the self check it
detects and a fault somewhere in the system
it’ll shut down and display fault code Or if the door doesn’t lock properly it’ll also detect that as a fault
and shut down. Once the machine has passed the
self-check stage it will proceed to fill with water through the solenoid valves here the back Now most ages in a washing machine
cycle are programmed to complete with in a
predetermined time. So if your machine and doesn’t
recognize that it’s filled within a couple of minutes it will usually shut down and display a
fault code to stop any flooding occurring. Assuming that’s okay
and the machine has filled with water it will then move on to the next stage
in the wash cycle. Now once the water has filled to the
correct level on the machine it will then start to
agitate it and heat it if required by that particular cycle.
Once the temperature has been reached the machine will then wash for a certain
amount of time before draining the water away. And again
this has to happen within a predetermined time so if it doesn’t the machine will shut
down and display a fault code. Once the water is drained it will then I
do a short spin this is then followed by the rinse cycle. Now the rinse cycle is very similar to
the wash cycle, water is brought in to a predetermined level within a
certain amount of time it’s an agitated before being drained away. Most machines have at least two rinses in the rinse cycle and on the
final rinse Both solenoid valves at the back of the
machine open up and flush any conditioner
from the detergent drawer down into the drum. Once your machine
has completed the rinse cycle it will begin to prepare for the final spin by balancing the load. And it does this
by attempting to evenly distribute the weight of the load around the drum. However if the load
contains a particularly heavy items such as a par of jeans or a towel amongst a otherwise lighter lighted
and they will attempt to balance that heavier item amongst the
load. If it can’t balance the load it will
simply refuse to spin or may just shut down and display a fault code. However once the load is being balanced
the machine will spin and complete the wash cycle>If you
machine is dead and it’s not displaying any lights or
anything on the front then you’re going to need to check it
for continuity. Firstly just unplug it from the wall and
have a look at the fuse inside the plug to make sure it hasn’t
blown. And once you’ve established that hasn’t you need to check for continuity between the
plug and the Control Board. If I just followed the
path of the plug in through the machine it
comes in here and through this filter board here. Then
passes along these cables to the plug on the control board here. Now if I just grabbed my multimeter on
resistance or continuity setting. And just check the continuity between the two we can see that there’s continuity on that connection. And also on that one so that shows the
power is getting to the circuit board but there’s probably a fault inside.
Now the way that we need to check is by replacing the board with a new one. Next let’s have a look at if your machine
is blowing a fuse when you plug it in. Usually this is caused by a short
somewhere in the machine and the short can either exist in the
control board all within components and around the
machine. You can check very easily for short if you just unplug the machine. And using a multimeter on a resistance
reading check for the short across the plug through live and earth and Live and neutral. Now if there is a
short there then it’s going to show up as a resistance reading a less than a
couple of ohms. Often at the first thing to short is the heating element so try
disconnecting that and testing again for a short circuit. If the short is gone then that would
indicate that the short does lie in the element obviously you can double
check by testing the element itself. And for working element the reading
you’re looking for is somewhere between twenty and fifty ohms. So obviously anything outside of that reading means
you’re going to need to replace the element. On the other hand if removing the
element doesn’t get rid of the short the next thing to
disconnect is the circuit board and again once
you’ve done that check for a short there. If the short still hasn’t gone move
further along the line and try checking on the filter board and if the short
still hasn’t gone then then it’s likely to be in the plug and
the cable and you need to replace those. To test
the element first disconnect these lugs like so and then turn you meter onto a hi resistance setting and measure from earth to one of the
terminals and for this you shouldn’t get a reading.
Then put your meter on to a low resistant setting and measure across the element. On this one I’m getting a reading of about
27 to 28 ohms this indicates that this one’s okay. If
your machine is tripping the electricity the process for diagnosing is largely
the same. However it may be that a normal meter
won’t show any fault being present. Now in such a scenario a
engineer wood use and insulation tester such as a Megger
and this produces 500 volts for determining where the
breakdown has occurred. Again it’s likely to be due to the
heater or heaters if it’s a washer/dryer appliance. But if the tripping is occurring during the
final spin the motor is likely to be at fault where
it’s being worked at its hardest joined up
part of the cycle. Now one final thing about control board
saying tripping faults is that a lot of the time it can be
difficult to conclusively diagnose the fault and sometimes fault
that’s being caused by another component actually appears to be caused by the
control board Similarly if you are replacing the
control board many of them now require
professional programming on installation. So for that reason you
may prefer to use a fixed price repairs service such as Repaircare. However if you’re
confident in your diagnosis eSpares stocks a full range control
boards and other components for washing machines.Thanks for watching

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  1. I was referred to this demo…but I dont see my problem here…the washer power up and the hand wash/tub clean cycles are lighted up while the turner can go to the other cycles…it shows minus reading on the timer…the temperature controls for the difference cycles would all light up but would not work..the go/pause button flashes but would not proceed from there…its like the washer freezed up…

  2. Hey my bosch 500 series washer wont begin wash cycle. No error codes displayed but I decided to replace the door latch. Still hasnt fixed the problem. When attempting to start cycle, start button flashes twice and refuses to begin. Any idea where to start? Im guessing something wrong with computer.

  3. my washing machine don't run final circle because there is no power to pump. how to fix this problem. Thank you so much!

  4. I have no lights, wont power on no clicking. mechanically it was fine. It completed a cycle. then when I went to unload it the door was locked, machine was not lit up like it normally has a clean light lit. i had to unscrew the bottom and manually unlock it, which I did to unload the machine, now I still have no power at all. Ive tried all the 'resets', plugging it in unplugging it. no click noise when I plug machine in. I don't know if I should replace the interface control board or the central control board, any help is appreciated.-

  5. Josh,its a Maytag, Epic z. it did this once about a year ago. My sons clothes were stuck inside at the end of a completed cycle- we manually unlocked it. and tried all the reset gimmicks and tricks. nothing. so I left if and started using my moms small washer in the basement, about 8 or 9 months later, I came up to it and just pushed the power button and it came on! and kept working, once in a while, at the end of a cycle when I went to unload I noticed that the machine was not in its clean/unlock mode. so to get around that problem I would just push a spin/rinse button let that run for about 15 seconds, push the cancel button and the washer would do the cancel and the door would unlock- so thats how I got around that problem for a temporary fix. but like I said, now I have no power on. I think I tested the cord for continuity. I don't really know how, I used the multimeter on 200 OHMs and touched black and red to tips. I don't know? someone mentioned the noise filter, I took that out and that seems to have continuity as well. Thanks so much for any help.

  6. But, I don't have any power or lights at all. It dead, not powering on at all. No clicking. Someone suggested the noise filter? Do you think? As far as the door lock, I will take your advice and replace, but would that cause the machine to have no power. It never really stopped mid-cycle, it was mostly-at the completion of a full cycle, the door would be locked, instead of unlocked-and all lights would be dead, no power? So I should still do the door lock then?

  7. Ok, and by control board and power module, you mean?…
    I know of the CCU central control board and the interface control board (the one on top crony behind the push buttons). Are you saying then to replace the interface board?
    Thank you so much for your help!!!

  8. I have a beko 7123b it will fill with water then stop , it will not go into a wash cycle, I can only drain it by pressing the start button on the spin setting over and over. When I go into diagnostic it displays E– then I have to press start and it shows 051. All display lights show then it goes to rinse setting nothing happens, then 05 nothing 06 drains 07 fills up, 08 fills up again 09 more water again totally bypasses option 10 it won't even go to option 10 , 11 makes a low bubbling noise, 12 drains again. Any clue of this is fixable or is it new machine time

  9. Hello there, My Indesit IWE 91480 trips all of the fuses in the house as soon as it is turned on, is this the suppressor and can I change this easily, or does it sound like a more complex issue? thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I'm a pretty broke single mom with no one to help me, my washer powers on, it is a kenmore #417.44052400, the lights flash but nothing else. I tried the reset trick, but no change. If anyone has any tips, I'm all ears ๐Ÿ‘‚๐Ÿผ

  11. programme selector knob on my Zanussi ZWN 7120L is stuck how do i fix this or replace same if required. machine is n off position knob will not rotate

  12. I have a Bosch Maxx 6 that completes the wash cycle but the water is ice cold. It does not get warm at all regardless of program. The machine does not stop and no error codes or lights indicating problems. Can it be the termostat?

  13. My washing machine start button is not working properly,as when I set that button for washing it immediately come back to its starting(first point) position and get stops.It's being a month of having such problem in it.So,please sir can you help me in it?

  14. Useful videos thank you very much and make each step by step defactive devices how to checking in the machine thank you sir,

  15. I have kenmore elite 4t the trap is clean but it fills very little water then before tub agitates w little water shuts down won't spin wash nothing now door won't unlock even when unplugged and plug back stays same what is wrong and yesterday the dryer same brand match stopped drying turning and buttons turned on off I plugged off then back on tried to reset by open close door 6 times then buttons went totally out I inplug plug back button on not drying still but buttons went out again please help I have to have washer dryer for clean clothes

  16. i have a Beko WMY71023LMB3, it all happened on cottons 90, the machine would start the heating stage then at a certain amount of time it will abort turning all the leds off keeping 60 degrees and 800 rpm on, if i pressed any of the buttons my settings would be restored but the machine has to start from ground zero but then to end the cycle with end light on and doorlock flashing, same thing happened to 40 as well, thanks in advance

    note: other programs work just fine and so does cottons cold

  17. My hoover washing machine is only 2 year old, when switch machine off and next time go to use it, the settings do not correspond with the certain cycle and the temperature time etc

  18. I need help please. I have a 6 year old front load GE washer model gfwn1100lww. The washer had suddenly stopped and drained the tub and refused to work. After inspecting it and testing all the components, I narrowed it down to the inverter. I purchased a used one from a slighty older model but with the same inverter/motor drive part # to mine. It worked. Unfortunately the washer now will not finish cycles. If you run a cycle with the washer empty it completes the cycles. If you add cloth or laundry inside the washer it fills, agitates back and forth for about 7 – 10 minutes then it stops, drains the water and pauses itself until you un-pause it again. E46 error code is the only code present. I have cleared it and checked the program version that fits my machine in the "t01" service mode. I placed it on mode 6 in the "t01" service mode test since the other 1-5 modes illuminate additional hidden LED lights in the control board face that are not visible on my washers control board's face.

    I ran all the test in service mode, and they all work fine. t10, t11 and t13 all perfomed like they should. The basket turns foward and back like normal, the motor spins the drum in low (400) rpm and high (1000) rpm with no problem. When you place the machine in drain and spin only, it will complete the cycle even with cloth. I have checked the temp on the inverter heat sinks and the housing of the motor during operation and they seem warm to the touch only. Not even close to burning you. Apparently error code e46 means the inverter and/or motor are over temperature.

    Like i mentioned on top, the washer will not complete any cycle other than drain and spin cycle with cloth. It only completes them when empty. It just fills, agitates back and forth for 7 to 10 minutes, depending on the selected cycle and then it pauses itself and unlocks the door and the control boards face stays on with the start button flashing on and off consecutive about every 2 seconds. Please help.

  19. Hi, my Hotpoint 9575 is rather old but I've kept it going with your spares. I came back from holiday last week and put my first load on only to return ten minutes later to the machine having filled, but just emitting a buzzing noise. From experience, I concluded it could be the brushes so I replaced them, albeit on removing the old ones, they did have a good cm left on each. Anyway, on starting the machine again, with no load, the drum filled and it began to spin. Success I thought. However, on loading the machine with clothes, the machine filled, but then did no more. Any ideas would be welcome please. It won't work in any programme but will drain. Thank you.

  20. Hello, I have a beko wy104764mw. Problem: first noticed machine beeping erratically and couldnt cancel cycle. When finished the control was not responding. Left alone for 24 hours and wouldn't power up. Unplugged and cleaned all filters water inlet and pump. 24 hours later it powered up and I put it in self clean which it finished without issue. It would not power off or let me select any new program, small lock symbol flashing when any button was pressed. Unplugged for 20 minutes and I got to select daily quick but it wouldn't let me customise this temp or rpm and it randomly selected start and when I closed the door it started the cycle and finished and again the small lock symbol would flash when any button was pressed. I believe this is the lock symbol for child lock. Please can you help me out its only 20 months old and out of warranty. The pcb board linked to ti's model on your website looks different to the board in my model.
    Thanks in advance.

  21. Hi eSpares, after some advice please mate, got a zanussi FJD 1466W, just doing a wash and then a loud click sound and it stopped, all lights except the power light have gone off, goes that sound like a new control panel replacement to you guys?
    thanks matt

  22. After changing inlet valves i started to get f10 foult on aeg in begining of rinse. Is it somehow connected?

  23. hello my washing machine wont come on at all changed the fuses but nothing heard a bang when went off .

  24. error E09. I opened washer to find motor belt on floor. when putting back on pulley found drive pulley had worked lose. retighened and all working fine.

  25. I have a Samsung front loader, having issues during the final rinse cycle, it will hit 6 minutes, then jumps to 10 minutes, this continually happens…does anyone have any suggestions?

  26. Hi,
    My hoover machine will not spin in a wash cycle it fills with water then does nothing but it will spin when I select just a spin cycle any idea what this could be thanks

  27. My washing machine is changing it's time automatically like if I keep it for 55minutes of wash it changes to 1hr what to do is there a problem

  28. Hi, my Bosch Max Classic will not come on at all. I followed a reset instruction & it came up with E5 (water issue) so I followed instructions in manual on that but still nothing. When holding Start button & turning to 15 min cycle on dial it then came up with 8888. No display if I simply turn dial alone. Please advise. Many thanks

  29. BOSCH washing machine has power on display but when selecting any programme it doesnt accept it just error code it a controller fault?

  30. I have indesit iwde12 not working flashing lights. I uploaded an image. Can you tell me how I could fix this error.

  31. I have a zanussi ZWF1237W which stopped a wash at the rinse stage and showed an E20 fault. As per instruction manual i cleaned the pump and removed a piece of material. Each attempts at a wash still stops at the rinse stage. I can fiddle around with the knobs and get it to do just a rinse. Please can someone tell me how to do a reset to clear the E20 and get the machine to do a complete wash, rinse, spin cycle as before. (I have tried leaving the machine switched off at the mains for 24 hrs.)Grateful for any suggestion. RB

  32. On my Samsung (wf45H6300) front load washer (US), I got the HE code several times and then starting getting the AE6 code. The heater element seemed ok at a little under the 27ohm spec–about 17 ohms if my meter is calibrated correctly This problem happened eventhough I wasn't using steam and have hot water going to the washer. Should I replace the heater element anyway? If that doesn't work, then replace the PCB (panel control board?)?

  33. I have a bush F841QW and it is displaying excessive vibration. But this only happens during a 40 degree or 30 degrees wash cycle and the excessive vibration only starts after about 20 minutes of wash. But once it starts, it continues during the rinse cycle but not during the spin cycle. But it doesnโ€™t do it during the same cycle but at 20 degrees instead of 40 or 30 degrees.

    I have been studying its behaviour. And after about 20 minutes of a hot wash, it starts to undergo high acceleration from rest which is not normal and it is this that causes the excessive vibration. It was suggested that the cause of the high acceleration from rest is power surge to the motor and is caused by something heating up with time.

    The question is what is heating up with time and causing the temporary motor power surge?

    Any advice will greatly appreciated.

  34. Amana model NFW5700BWO. We were getting a clogged drain line code so we cleared it out and when we went to plug it back in it makes noise like it's trying to go through a cycle but the power isn't on and won't come on when we push the power button. The door is not locked and it still makes the noise with the door open.

  35. I have a bosch axxis front loading machine that has power but won't start. Was told check the control board, did that and washer didn't work, was told to replace the lock, did that and its still not working. Any ideas?

  36. when I push start button the control panel says 8h, 7h..
    I have to push+ button to 0h and rested back to 45 min..
    I do this about 10 times and normally will run cycle… will not run no matter how many times I repeat

  37. Superb! I now know it is the control board, but sadly it is AEG and only they can fit the board. So too expensive. Madding as it is only 4 years old and now going to landfill.

  38. Hi there. On my machine the drum doesn't rotate on spin. So i first thought about belt or brushes but then noticed that the timer counts down from 11 to 10 and then 1? Does this mean its the control?

  39. My thomson washing machine start auto insert water ,but not washing after that…only pump water out…what happen sir

  40. Hello my hotpoint waching machine when I open it stopped working and shut down all the house hold electricity could you tell me which part is damaged

  41. Hello, i have washer dryer AEG 3 years old, model L61271WDBI, is triping my fuse when i starting and i can not turn on the fuse until door lock is release.

  42. Hi .. I have Kenmore He2 with no display screen to check the error code. What it does is … When I start the machine nothing happens and it unlocks and then it locks back in after few seconds .. Then the water fills into the drum to an appropriate level and then the drum spins once and stops for a minute or 2 then all lights starts flashing after few minutes it drains the water and unlocks the door. I cleaned the drainage filter and also could hear a little squeeking noise when I rotate the drum by hand although the drum is rotating freely. My Machine vibrates like hell when on high spin. Kindly share your expertise.

  43. Hi, my LG washing machine play button is not working. All other buttons work properly except the play button. I also notice that if I hold down the play button for about 5 secs some lights will start blinking. What do you think the problem might be?

  44. My Logik washing machine door wasn't locking. I replaced the interlock but this has made no difference. Is it a problem with the PCP board?

  45. recently i started repairing my washing machine which is LG wd80485NP, There when i assembled the pcb i get a beep sound and that's it. the board is not showing anything on the board.

  46. My LG washing machine is, stock up at the last of spinnning at 5min it was stay around 3-5 hours before end so do you have any sugestion what was problem?

  47. hello, My LG front loading washer is not spinning/agitating with full load. In tub clean mode only spins for 30 to 40 minutes then stops. sometimes gives LE error (motor overload). All the lEDs on the front panel light up on powering up the machine. I am able to set a program. the water gets into the machine and also drains out as per the cycle. I do hear a very low click sound (maybe pcb sending command to motor to switch on but it fails). The authorized technician came to check but even he wasn't sure but advised me to get the PCB changed. What in your opinion could be the problem? PCB, clutch assembly, motor or any other? its only two years old with direct drive motor.

  48. Hi,My front loader LG washer's control panel not working. when do power on ,all switches' light on with the sound of beeep,but not work,
    Please help.

  49. I have a Kenmore tumble action washer. It works. However, the control panel lights flicker throughout the wash cycle. I see no error codes.

  50. we moved our washer and cleaned behind it now when we plug it in there is a high pitched buzzing/humming noise from the control board

  51. hello, I have a whirlpool duet front washing machine, During the spinning cycle , it just shut down and lock the door, I have toย open the top and reach inside the unlock lock the door;ย and now it wont power back up, I had replaced the noise filter still no sign of power. I was thinking the control board is bad? what doย  u think problem is?thanks

  52. Hi I have a 13kg Samsung fully automatic top loader washing machine model number WA13G7Q1 which stopped working.The technicians told me that my control/computer board is faulty and need to be replaced.They can't find such a part as it is "old tech" and is no longer available on the market.Can you please help find this control panel/computer board or indicate to me where I can find the part.Thank you

  53. Hi josh
    I need your help
    My Siemens IQ500 front load washing machine
    Suddenly blinking all panel display
    Won't work any system
    Then after 2/3 days break
    Start it than works good perfect. But after a some cycles 30/40 minutes later again panel lights start blinking and washing machine stop working
    Than again period of 2/3 days it works same as previous.
    What to do
    Please share your WhatsApp number or any other contact number

  54. Hi I have a Hoover DYN9144 DG washing machine and for the last few weeks the program has not been working it's always switching from different programs making the wash cycle go on for longer. Now the machine is not showing anything but there is power. Please help!

  55. Hi espares. So my Bosch Classix6 washing machine keep throwing up f21 error code. The machine drum turns easily enough by hand but will not spin. Even when empty and set straight to the spin cycle it goes straight from 12mins to 1min and does nothing. I've just replaced the brushes and still the same. Please help!!

  56. i incounter repairing samsung inverter washing machine top load. so much shaking and waggling. pls help sir

  57. And if its tripping electrics but only a washer ? Replaced suppressor but still same thing thanks if you can suggest anything

  58. Good job i love llg โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’ž

  59. My ย LG top loader washer would not go into the drain stage of the washing cycle.First there were noises coming from a drain motor, then it sat for a while and displayed OE error. No drain or spin happened.As many posts suggested, I checked the drain motor (it was not working) I have replaced the drain motor with a brand new one.
    I then tried Rinse+Spin cycles with no clothes, to confirm that it got fixed, but it's.worked only one time and
    again it stopped on the Drain/Spin stage and displayed the OE error after sitting for a while, no noises were coming from the new pump though.
    I then went through manual check of the drain motor it was not working and again I put a new drain motor and same thing happened drain worked.only one time and motor stopped working can you suggest
    What else could I do, please help me
    Thank you!

  60. I have Lg washer and the connector from Main board panel to front control panel are burnt, how do I check if the main board or the control panel board are good.
    thank you

  61. Hi I have a Hotpoint Ultima washing machine thats about four years old and the machine has recently started to smell on further investigation it seems the water is not heating up it just washes cold
    no matter what the temp setting is but the machine shows no error codes and washes without pausing through its cycle although it does seem to wash a alot quicker than the time on screen suggests I imagine because the water is not heating up is this possible without error codes ?

  62. Hi i have f9 on my aristone washing machine how to fix error code?

  63. What if the board has been already changed but when we try to start the machine it starts to smell like a burning rubber and it starts not to work anymore. The board was changed twice already and the same thing happened. What do you think is the problem of the washing machine in cases like this?

  64. It seems to be a door lock fault on the control panel on my Zanussi machine. Is the control panel reasonably priced to replace or am I better off getting a new machine? Most engineers in my area cost ยฃ50 just to come out and look at it. The machine itself cost ยฃ300 roughly when I bought it 5 years ago.

  65. My washing machine Hoover dyn10154d3x, screen goes on and off and some time goes blank , can't select, some time start jumping

  66. My AEG over a couple of washings stopped going to zero at the end of a cycle. The cycle would finish correctly and istead of 0 would display the start time blinking, ready to press start. Then one day it tripped my breaker and turned everything off. No error code could be seen as tripped as soon as turned on. I checked heating element, grimey and crusted, replaced with new. Now the machine turns on but when pressing start spells ERR in the panel. When pressing start and next button , then shows E66 — which still is related to heating element ? How do I proceed from here ?

  67. My Whirlpool front loading washer that gives an E08 code, "if I clear the codes" it will do a half a dozen loads fine, then, fault the same E08 code. I can repeat that over and over again. I am thinking the mechanical water valves are working fine but the control board is the problem.

    I am curious what you think?

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