How To Contour & Highlight For Beginners | Roxette Arisa

How To Contour & Highlight For Beginners | Roxette Arisa

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today. We’re going to be doing contouring and highlighting and specifically for beginners so I want to be going really step-by-step giving detailed tips and tricks and just basically like my Overall contour and highlight Routine and let me guys know let me know let me know if you guys want me to do sort of like a Series for beginners so like makeup tutorials for beginners sort of thing just like I did my drugstore series And I’m still doing my drugstore series because I think that would be really cool I just did how to apply lashes for beginners, and I’ve done a couple in the past as well So I was thinking just to do more just because I know a lot of you guys have been enjoying what I’ve been doing Tutorials more so geared towards beginners, and I hope that they are helpful So if you want me to do something like that definitely comment down below let me know and then also subscribe if you haven’t already And yeah look out for those videos, so let’s go ahead and get into this video Personally I like to begin the highlighting process with my concealer so today I’m going to be using this one from Nars It’s the nars radiant creamy concealer in the shade custard you do want to use a concealer shade that I would say is about 2 to 3 Shades lighter than your foundation shade So I like to use this one because it has a really nice peachy undertone to it so it actually cancels out Discoloration underneath the eye is Spf purple or dark circles This is really going to help cancel it out But it also does help to have that brightening effect that we’re going for with our highlighters So I take this and I actually create like a little bit of a triangle so I’ll apply it straight from underneath the eyes to about where the nose nostrils end and Sort of go in like a little triangle motion then we’ll the same concealer I’m taking that in between the brows and then up onto the forehead in a little palm-tree motion and then down the bridge of the Nose this you want to keep as straight as you possibly can because this is what’s beginning our nose contour? and I take it down the Cupid’s bow towards the lips and then continuing that line on the chin area then going back to the nose placing a little bit of the concealer on each side of that line that we’ve already created and Lastly underneath the cheekbones where we’re about to con so this highlighting process is really going to give you a slimmed down effect It’s going to bring out any areas that you’ve just Brighten then we’re going to add some contour into the base using the benefit Hoola Kwikki contour stick now Contouring is really important because that is the step in this whole routine that’s really going to slim down any features on your face and kind of bring them back add some shadows and add dimension to the look so What we’re going to do is take our little quickie contour stick and just kind of go at it So I first like to take the contour underneath the cheekbones to really get that defined look that We want then I start to take the product up towards the temples and because I have a round face shape I like to really heavily contour the size of my face to elongate it if you have more of an already Naturally elongated face then you’re going to actually want to go lighter on the side, but heavier on the forehead area But like I just said for me I do go heavier on the sides and you can see I still follow that same technique on the forehead so I tend to place most of the products on the sides and then just do a Very small line on the highest forehead area then I move on to the nose contour because we already have that Concealer down it actually makes it a lot easier to do the nose contour You kind of just go within the lines definitely underneath the nose to kind of give it that more uplifted look and you just want to blend everything out till it’s nice and Flawless I do like to start with the concealer Areas just because those are the areas that we’re highlighting those are the areas that we want to keep on the lighter side So I don’t like to mix too much of the contour shade with the concealer so I start off with the concealer Areas and then I just kind of blend it out to my little heart’s desire and once I get to the contour areas I always use pressing motions so as not to wipe any of the hard work that we’ve done already and a little tip if you feel like you’ve added too much contour you can take a little bit of foundation and put it on to your beauty Blender or beauty sponge and Blend that in between the contour in the highlighted area so that it has more of a seamless finish Going from light to dark before we go ahead and finish off the contouring and highlighting you do want to set down The base at this point so you can either use a translucent powder you can use like Laura Mercier dermablend pretty much Whatever you want cody airspun or a very light pressed face powder. Which is what I’m going to do, too Okay, so this is the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Finish powder and shade medium – and I’m just taking this on a super fluffy brush You definitely want to use a fluffy brush for this step. So this is a sigma Spotlight duster f 37 I’m just going to very lightly tap this into the face you want to use pressing motions not swiping motions or swirling motions because you want to continue to press the Product into the face so that we don’t move around all those cream products underneath now to further highlight that under I like to take My Kat Von D shade and light Palette and I use this little banana shade right in the middle because that shade really has a brightening effect It has an undertone that again is going to cancel out any discoloration that you have under there so I’m just taking that on the same exact brush the sigma Spotlight Duster, and Pressing that into the under eye area and I just ended up switching to the sigma tapered highlighter F-35 because I wanted something with a little bit more precision and just something that I could get a little bit more Payoff with because this palette is honestly really amazing. It’s very very creamy and pigmented um so I wanted to get like I Always do this when I’m doing tutorials for some reason I forget liquid highlighter I don’t know what it is like when I’m like doing my everyday makeup off camera I just know to do it but for some reason whenever I get on camera all of a sudden in my mind is just Not with me and I forget so I’m not still add on the liquid highlighter although it is going to Apply a lot more seamless if you do it before you powder anything, but yellow We’re still going to do it so today I’m going to be using this highlighter which I’ve been loved being lately, so this is benefit Sunbeam And I like it because of the applicator it kind of looks like a little nail polish but it’s so easy to apply so I take this down Manone like so And also a little bit here on tops of the cheekbones Ready we got that under control. We remember it. It’s alright We’re going to move on and then set down the contour So I know this is a lot of sense, but this is like full out full contour and highlight Routine this is what I would do so I’m going to take a mixture of these two shades from the Kat Von D Palette and press that into the face with my mac 168 brush this is a really important step and a really good tip to press press press because like I said a million times in This video it is so important not to wipe away those clean products that we already have down then for the nose I’m honestly taking the exact same product, but on a different brush This is the best brush for nose contours for Powder Nose conners I should say so this is the Morphe 47 it has a super flat and narrow Edge So I literally like stamp it on to my nose to do the contouring and it’s amazing so like I said I’m literally stamping it on to the sides of the nose around where we have already put that highlight down And then I’m just going to blend that out with any eye shadow brush then my favorite part Adding highlight, so this is now now. We’re done with like the contouring and highlighting section, but now we’re going to add on highlighter So this is the over cosmetics Rodeo drive highlighter one of my all-time favorites It’s such a beautiful formulas very pigmented very creamy and the perfect gold, so I’m just applying that with my Sephora Pro Fan at 65 to the top of the cheekbones, and you can see I do have like a little break out here So you actually don’t want to apply the highlighter to that area you want to apply almost like around it or at least that’s what I do you could skip the highlighter too, but I Still do it. I have trouble keeping this part straight to be completely honest. I don’t know what it is I think it’s like just my natural nose isn’t like completely straight here, so I Have a little trouble with that, but that’s okay Then right here That’s good. Keep it though kind of looks like snot, but This glowy snot were ok with that and of course you guys know the inner corner And just to make sure that everything is really nice and blended out I do like to go back in with a fluffier brush, so this is the part I usually use for bronzer This is the Mac 135 And I just lightly kind of blend out the edges so that that highlighter and the contour and the bronzer all kind of blend together nicely That’s going to be it for this video. So this is the finished look I really like this particular step-by-step a way of contouring and highlighting just because I feel like it all kind of melts together It doesn’t look like you just stuck on some contour and called a day it just creates a very very small It’s finished, so I hope you guys find it helpful Let me know if you do want me to do sort of that Series geared towards beginner because I would be so down. I really want to you know I think it’s I don’t know let me know if you think it’s helpful When I do go over kind of like the basics like this and go very step-by-step very detailed and everything like that Share my tips and tricks because I never want you guys to feel intimidated my makeup I want it to be fun for you guys because I know when I was getting to makeup I was intimidated so if I can help out in any way, just by going over the basics And you know just teaching you guys a little bit more about makeup for those of you Who are beginners out there then again? I would be so down so let me know in the comment section if that’s something that you would like and I have a giveaway For you guys for this video. So this is the benefit Hoola quickie chondritic that I use today to do my cream contouring It’s one of my favorite cream contour products so I’m really happy that I can give one away to you guys and all you have to do to enter the win is make sure you’re subscribed to my channel give this video a thumbs up and comment down below your Favorite summer Jam right now like your favorite song of the moment – I’m the one like I love that song so much I’m kind of obsessed with it I’m not going to lie, but that is going to be it for this video remember you are beautiful inside and out I love you guys so so much, and I will see you next time

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