How to Block a Crochet Doily  Magic Tips & Tricks #100 Table Accessory

How to Block a Crochet Doily Magic Tips & Tricks #100 Table Accessory

this will show how to block a doily I
have a measuring cup sta-flo concentrated liquid starch and you can find this at
your Walmart store I have my doily and a large mixing bowl instructions are on
the back of the sta flow on how to use the product I’ll be using the heavy
which is one half water and one half of the sta-flo so I take my water and
dump it in the bowl and then with the starch or water shake it up no since I
added a cup of water I want to add a cup of starch I’m going to do going to pour
this in the bowl and then mix it well and then put your doily in and then
start mixing it around now you will want to squeeze out the
excess water and starch I wouldn’t recommend wringing it because
wringing it will distort your work so just kind of squeeze it out the best
that you can and it will shrink up what water makes the cotton shrink so you
will see it shrink up in size a little bit I have placed it in a little plastic
bowl here because it may drip you can use the additional starch form or
doilies that you may have or save it and use it at a later time now I’m going to
be pouring mine into a separate plastic container very useful later time for
this part of the project I have an old scrap towel and stainless steel
rust-proof pins this is a lesson that I learned myself when I used some of the
cheaper pins and I pinned out my doily all nice and
the next day I came in and each little place where I put the pin had rust on it
and I was just about I probably did cry at the time and so it’s worth it to
purchase rust proof pins now we want to take the doily and just kind of start
spreading it out I’m kind of shaping it the best you can
with your hands first and there I think that’s probably good
now you take your pens and you start pulling a little and shaping it how you
want it to look but just continue all the way around the doilies stays in it now I’ve completed pinning the whole
doily and the process of drying can take up to 24 hours you can use a fan and
which will expedite the drying process and this is the time to to kind of
straighten up some little edges if if you find that something isn’t laying
quite right you can straighten it out and this is my favorite way of blocking
but there is another way which is a little bit faster and I will show that
technique next I’ve used both had good results with both for this blocking
technique you will need a can of starch you can pick any type you know if you
want if you want your door that’s heavy that’s up to you if you want them light
there’s all types of spray starches out on the market
you will want an old pressing cloth something that is old to cover up the
doily and an iron now we’ll start off and spray the doily I’ll kind of straighten it up a little
bit and then put the pressing cloth over the top of it and my iron setting is on
dry I will iron across it just like that you just keep ironing across the doily
now this does flatten it out so that’s why I have you I’ve used this technique
before I like the pinning technique better be
even though it’s more time-consuming because it doesn’t fly out and do a
layout so I just kind of iron across it moving the iron for maybe a couple
minutes now it will be a little bit damp but it is holding its shape really nice
this is a little faster way to block and you can adjust your little points to still a little damp to the touch
it’ll be dry probably in about 10 minutes and ready for use now I’m ready
to start taking my pins out and you can do a little test here to see if the
doily is holding its shape and when I pull the pin out you can see how it’s
pretty stiff right there so it’s ready to have the pins taken in of course this
part goes a lot faster than pinning the actual pinning process probably took me
about 45 minutes all together I’ve taken all the pins out and another way you can
tell that it’s finished is you’ll hear the crackling of the starts when you
pull it from your towel when I started it looks like a big balled up mess of
nothing but you can see here how it holds its shape now from the starch in
this particular freeform piece I used a lot of scrap thread that I had laying
around some of it has discoloration to it you can see I don’t know if it will
come across on the camera or not but it looks a little yellowish but I actually
kind of liked it even though you can see it here on the
– I just thought it added a really unique color to it

31 thoughts to “How to Block a Crochet Doily Magic Tips & Tricks #100 Table Accessory”

  1. Thats really nice Theresa. Whenever I have washed my doilies, I've let them line dry, them put a damp cotton dish cloth over it and ironed it. It always comes out real nice.

    I have a request, could you please show how to make a six sided star in the center of a round? Thanks so much! I LOVE you videos!

  2. Thank you very much!
    I have a really important question,
    Is that waterproof? If not, how can I make my crochet water proof, I've seen for baskets,
    outside decorations like windchimes and other things but I don't know what to do, do I have to use a permanent stiffener to make it water proof? Thank you so much, your answer
    will be very appreciated.
    I love, love, love your videos, I love my crochet pumpkin that you taught us last year.
    God bless you!!!

  3. I am doing a scarf that calls for blocking it at the end. Is this what they mean? Never blocked anything before.

  4. I would love instructions for the doily you showed in the second way of blocking. Your work is so beautiful, and your instructions are so easy to follow! My daughter and I have had so much fun making baby and adult beanie hats!

  5. i'm crocheting a lacy shawl with cotton yarn and i have no idea how to block cotton projects, don't even know if i really should – the pattern instructions require blocking – . we don't have sta-flo in my country, and i'd like my shawl to be soft. any hints?

  6. Make a pinning board of thick smooth sided Styrofoam and place a piece of flannel over the board, pinning on the back to secure. This is much easier to pin into when blocking the crocheted item.

  7. i just happen to come across yr video on starching dollies,i have a large frillie dollie have you ever blocked one of them where you can get the frills to stand up, if so or any info for me oh how to do thid beautiful dollie i made about 4 yrs ago, thks diane

  8. will the starch discolor a colored doily? I have one I made with rainbow cotton and want to block it now …

  9. I am crocheting a doily and following the directions exactly and I've noticed it starting to get wavy in the last few rounds. The center lays flat and it's matching the picture they have except the outer rounds aren't flat. I'm still working on it but once I block it will it straighten out? The yarn is a size 10 with a size 7 hook (don't know if that's relevant).

  10. Question! I'm having difficulty finding stainless steel pins. Everything I look at says "steel" or "nickel plated steel". I know that regular steel will rust, like you've warned, but is nickel plated steel also dangerous? Or should I do some digging online and try to find true stainless steel pins?

  11. Please, please could you do a tutorial for this dancing angel at 4.33 ? I would love so much to have this one in a round doily so i could add some to a larger one with alle the figures arround. Greetings Mina from Germany

  12. Hello…I've been crocheting since I was nine and I've never used the method of blocking anything I've crochet. My question is what is the purpose of blocking certain crocheted items like a doily?

  13. I crocheted a doily where on one round you put your St in the back stitch then 2 or 3 rounds later your triple St in that previous round. It looks very neat.

  14. Is it permanent or I have to do all the time. I made a pinapple headband, and does not keep stretched the pinapple/design and I want to make hard and keep stretch using block. So that you see the design,pineapple on the headband.

  15. i use this great new blocking mats for knitting

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