How Successful People Reach Goals Quicker

all right today we’re gonna talk about
why it’s imperative that you ask yourself good-quality questions and what
that exactly means all right so jumping right in now now only way for we’re
gonna touch on two things obviously good quality questions is what we’re dealing
with here today and what that actually means a lot of people actually know what
that means but the number one thing I want you focus on is outcome what is
your outcome and then obviously how can you get there the quickest how can you
get there the fastest so outcome what’s the outcome how do you get to that
outcome the fastest now I mean I’ve been guilty of this in the past too I’m still
guilty of it you know here and there every single day we all fall prey to
this at one point or another but I want one of the things I want to talk about
here today as entrepreneurs we get so task oriented we get so goal-oriented we
get so driven that we lose sight of the overall outcome and we focus on the
individual tasks that we think we need to do and we get lost up in the
productivity versus actually just doing things type of you know argument there
so what do I mean by that well I’m gonna give you two specific examples here and
I wrote them down really fast so that we can touch on them now if let’s say for
hypothetically you you know your goal is will you Shopify here because a lot of
people do Shopify so hypothetically your goal is 5k a month with Shopify maybe
you’re making 2k maybe you’re making 3k maybe you’re not making anything but
your goal is you want to make 5k a month with Shopify so what does a normal
person think they think okay well I need I need or need more products you know
more potential products to sell or I need to scale up my ad spend on Facebook
or I need to you know make more videos to promote it on YouTube or I need to
pay more influencers whatever the case is they think in quantity they get
task-oriented on essentially you know how to increase their Shopify sales and
the thing is whether they’re focused on the individual tasks and how they can
get there and in that they get they lose sight of the overall outcome which is
how do you get to shop how do you get to 5 km out Shopify sales really quickly
really quickly the fastest how do you get from point A to point B the fastest
and so they lose sight of the overall picture and they get lost in the
and they lose sight of the proper productivity and actually getting to the
goal in sacrifice of you know actually what they’re attached to you know the
plan essentially they can emotionally attach to the plan and so you want to
take a step back you want it we don’t think enough as entrepreneurs what you
do want to do is you want to take a step back and you want to start thinking all
right what what skills do I possess how what knowledge do I have essentially
that’s gonna get me to 5k a month really the quickest way possible maybe the
answer isn’t more products maybe the answer is higher ticket products higher
end products where you know you have higher margins so you can make more
money and you don’t have to sell as many you know make as many sales or convert
as many people maybe then maybe conversions is your problem maybe you
want to go and look at your your analytics on your store maybe you want
to hire somebody spend the money take the risk on your business and hire
somebody to look at the conversion rates on different pages and where people are
hitting and leaving your website these are very important things and what
that’s actually gonna do is maybe specifically to give you an example I
see I looked at you know when I first started running my Shopify course and
you can get my Shopify course for free on my website but I’m gonna plug in here
what I first started to do is I took a look at a bunch of Shopify stores and
when I used to take a look at those Shopify stores the number one thing that
I’d see across the board is they don’t look good just plain and simple it
wasn’t the products it wasn’t necessarily the product pictures or
anything specific they just didn’t flow they didn’t look good when you hit the
listing page of the product listing page if I were selling this eraser right here
the pictures might be fine because everybody talks about you need good
quality pictures and if you don’t good quality pictures and they’re not should
be your first thing but your product listing doesn’t look good you know it’s
not gonna convert anybody people can’t buy from that listing with trust maybe
you know you just copy the Aliexpress you know info from the from the
Aliexpress page maybe you need to switch the color of your Add to Cart button
maybe your carts where the conversions are following that what I’m trying to
say is don’t lose sight of the overall outcome which is the up which is to get
to 5km on Shopify sales every single month and you know think that you just
be so attached to the to the you know the ad
spend or so attached to the fact that you might need more products something
like that I saw this actually on the shark tank the other night too the guy
was talking and he’s pitching the sharks and he was basically saying well I just
need to add more SKUs to my store and they were like whoa whoa whoa well you
don’t necessarily need more SKUs what you need is either more eyes on the
current SKUs that you have you know or you need to raise your prices and that’s
a good lesson to learn it’s not always about the task that you think that you
need to be done or the or the the more common travel path go back to the
outcome sit there think use your brain how can I get to that outcome the
quickest so we’ve got one more example for you really fast and I just wanted to
talk to me because I think this is a really valuable lesson today and it’s
gonna touch on consulting now this can you know obviously go back to like
social media marketing it’s the same type of thing but for this specific
example we’re gonna use consulting so maybe you’re making 5k month we’ll stick
with the five pad you’re making 5k month consulting you know you have five
clients and this is something I see a lot in my social media marketing class
you might have you know two clients might have one client you might have
four clients you might have ten clients whatever we’re gonna talk about you have
5k a month five clients Penn you $1,000 a month what do most people do they
think I want to get to 10k a month great I applaud the ambition I plot the effort
but what do most people think I need five more clients paying me $1,000 a
month can that work short but is it gonna be a headache is it the fastest
way to get to your overall outcome which is 5k a month more 10k total paying you
from that actual business not ten more clients you get people get too caught up
and attached emotionally – I need five more clients that need go out and sign
five more clients is that the fastest way to get there no I would argue that
the fastest way to get there if you sit there and think and you actually you
know think about it what do I know what type of skills do I bring to the
marketplace the fastest way to get there might be indeed
to either raise your prices maybe 2,000 a month on those current clients maybe
we lose some yeah but you’re gonna save a lot of time and headache you trust me
you don’t want ten clients paying $1,000 a month that’s a lot of freaking work
trust me I’ve seen people do it it’s not worth it so maybe
raise your prices to get to that outcome the quickest or maybe you want to go out
and sign a $5,000 a month clock so basically I want you to ask three
questions overall just to kind of close this in what outcome do I want what
skills you know value or leverage I have that the marketplace will value and then
how do I get to the from that outcome from point A to point B the quickest
it’s that simple hope you like this lesson it’s very very important I wanted
to touch on it today because I’ve seen a lot of people especially in emails
lately that get a little bit lost in the shuffle and lose sight of the overall
goal and the overall outcome so hit that like button I genuinely appreciate it
let me know in the comment section down below if you’ve ever faced anything like
this and I’ll see in the next one

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