How much I make on 1,000,000 YouTube views (after getting fired from Facebook)

How much I make on 1,000,000 YouTube views (after getting fired from Facebook)

Hay, TechLead here and welcome back to coffee time with your host TechLead, the Ex-Google and Ex-Facebook tech lead. Today I thought I would be talking about how much money I would make on a million view video. And this is maybe surprising or unsurprising answer for you. And first of all, you may be thinking that I am only doing this just to brag, to flex, to show off somebody And, yeah that is kind of true. My ex, I hope you are watching this one. But really what I’m trying to do here is I’m just monetizing my monetization. Don’t hit the game. Please don’t do that. Just hit me if you’re gonna do that. Now, the funny thing about YouTube is that there are so many different revenues dream that you can build up for yourself here. It’s funny that I’m generating more on YouTube then I made as a tech lead at Google. Or as a staff software engineer at Facebook.

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  1. So a video with 1m views gives you $5k and @0:50 you said you made $500k a year? I don't remember seeing 100 videos with 1m views on this channel lol

  2. 🤣 I love this channel. Yes, all code is garbage. When Alan Turing invented the modern computer it was just a bunch of existing parts hacked together and never was supposed to be the final form. We literally have to redesign the entire model.

  3. Each time I wonder « Does he place cuts in order to hide his laughs? », because I do laugh a lot while watching your videos.

  4. $18k/month is whatever, like an entry level software engineer..
    I can't tell when he is being serious or a character he is playing.
    Entry level salaries are a 1/4 – 1/2 of that depending where you are (I checked glassdoor for Facebook Software Engineers, avg. $116k / yr or $8600/mo. base)?!
    I remember he said to type as many WPM as possible to become a faster coder, but then seems genuine when talking about other topics like the time-lapse photo software he wrote and community he was a part of online to market it.
    Some videos are informative, some just seem arrogant

  5. If your boss is the YouTube algo then you may be an ex Google employee but you are an Alphabet employee so it's more of a sideways move.

  6. Sometimes I have to do a double take on his jokes cos he delivers it in such a dead pan serious way that it’s so easy to miss! LOL 🤣

  7. sorry for the comments before. sure he has abilities, but sure he resolves with his mind not with his heart, and this is disastrous.

  8. And then you are surprised that top universities put quotas on how many Japanese, Chinese or in general Asian people can be accepted. Average IQ of these people is way higher than the average in the western countries.

  9. Is this guy even a real coder? He made this channel claiming to be this and that, yet i never saw any code from my mans.

  10. Your low key, deadpan humor is the absolute best! Your delivery can make any topic worth watching. I can't see myself becoming a YouTuber. I don't think my niche could ever generate enough viewers to make monetizing worth it. Also time…

  11. Dude i don't even know how I started watching your videos but somehow I cannot stop you seem real. When will you become and ex-Microsoft tech lead? you thought bout Amazon either? Anyways I subscribed. Your sense of humor is very appealing!

  12. This guy is super honest and that's what I love about him. He has this super chill attitude. So many people sell you smoke and talk BS on Youtube, TechLead on the other hand shows you his monthly YouTube income through his phone and tells you how much he was making on his previous jobs. No beating the bush, no BS hype talks, just straight up TechLead love.

  13. The problem I have is that most subs, around 18k, are from videos I made in high school. I The current videos I upload are all over the place with not much views. I am not sure how to attract more audience. Thanks.

  14. I have been watching Techlead videos for about a month now. Honestly in my opinion you say things that nobody else tell us. Like some sort of single man opposition party. You are the realest tech guy on YouTube as far as now. Keep up an amazing work!!!

  15. “If I refresh all of my stats I making 18k per month witch is alright…it’s like salary of an entry level software engineer “😭😭😭😭

  16. Good evening sir, im a subscriber and i listen to your views, i had a question, i just got an email from Google Recruiting – Engineering about an having an informal call. i'm a developer and they reached out to me through linkedin and my gmail account. Any advice on what i need to do to prepare for the call?

  17. You're fucking cool, dude. Your girl leaving you was the best thing that happened to you. You're a fucking BEAST. YOU CAN GET MANY MORE HIGHER QUALITY WOMEN IF YOU WANTED TO.

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