How I USED To Do My Makeup VS. NOW! | NikkieTutorials

How I USED To Do My Makeup VS. NOW! | NikkieTutorials

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  1. Ek voel ek moet in Afrikaans praat want ons taal is so naby an mekaar ek voel jy sal my kan virstaan as ek so praat!! Dankie Nikki dis awesome

  2. i love u nikkie so much but why can u write a whole novel about your brows but not make a single video, please i need that vid

  3. the new one is beautiful and more dramatic..but i think the old one is better. The eyebrow is more natural and the colors and shape of eyeshadows makes your eyes bigger and sexy.

  4. not being mean but i watched the sunset smokey eye video and 1. she primed and 2. she didnt use a bobby brown shadow for her brows. still love you tho nickie xxx

  5. 11 years…. holy moly.. just started watching your channel and I love it!! Either way, no makeup, or makeup included, your beautiful inside and out❤

  6. I feel like the left side is so RuPaulish while the right side is something anyone can totally rock without the drag vibe. And looking back at the 2014 video, things were more natural…the skin, lips even the teeth. Let’s not bring drag into a daily routine, let’s not give ourself a plastic surgery every time we do makeup, let’s still embrace our natural eye shape and lip shape and nose shape. Ultimately, let’s still have fun with makeup.

  7. I still remember her “power of makeup” video and I’m in tears 😭 she has come such a long way and really shows her passion for makeup…She should totally have her own makeup line 💄

  8. 'it just looks wet on this side, nothing's changed' me whenever i use my one and only cheap ass drugstore foundation but i can't be bothered to get a new one fdsknfsdn

  9. question to Nikkie or you guys in the comments, how do I make sure that my eyeshadow residue doesn't collect under my eye when it falls off? I always make sure to tap my prush off before applying but I still end up with a little residue powder of the eyeshadow under my eye…any tips for a beginner? Thaaanks xxxx

  10. It's so fun to see you recreate a look you did a few years ago. You were literally the first makeup youtuber I started watching and inspired me to start my makeup journey and constantly improve my skills. I love it how you've grown as a channel and mainly as a person.

  11. How come her voice is different?

    Am i the only one with the same voice for 20 years?

    5 years? What the fuck?

    And why the look is diferrent?

  12. You’re techniques and tutorials are amaze! So sad I’m just discovering your channel now BUT SOOO happy I have found you! So many of the “no” techniques I still do. Thanks girl for your tips. Biiiiittttchhh! Amaze!

  13. Ok so first when you said your current eye looks like it has 'POWER BABY' I got some serious Austin Powers vibes lmao and second this is my first time watching a then vs now makeup video and it got very confusing when id try to focus on what part of you I was suppose to look at while you were talking…..its so diffrent how you do it now that I was just like WHICH EYE DO I LOOK AT ITS WEIRD I LOOK AT ONE AND IT LOOKS LIKE A DIFFRENT PERSONS EYE BUT THEN I LOOK AT THE OTHER AND IT LOOKS LIKE THE NIKKI I KNOW WTF!?!?!?!!?

  14. I’ve watched your channel since when you first started and when I graduated high school, thank you for teaching me all the makeup tricks that I still use to this day💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  15. I kinda love the old brows tho. I mean if you can work it out jussssst a Lil. but I like how the beginning look. the fact that it is not too full and looks more natural….. but girl, we all love a full glam…

  16. The way your eyes look makes your face look sideways, I definitely see what you mean when you say it makes your eye look bigger 100%

  17. Great video. In my opinion, her brows in 2014 looked better than her "recreated" 2014 brows and her updated brows. It looked so soft, natural and gorgeous!

  18. Should have used the same products on both sides to really compare the differences. Like change the shading if you have to, but comparing the two looks with different brands just seems like you're comparing brands rather than techniques.

  19. am i the only one who thinks that its like im literally watching two different person in this video? its like the old nikkie's video looks so unlike her but i cant seems to figure out what it is! oh my god it hurts my brain 😵😵

  20. I was in my sophomore year of college in 2014. Damn I feel old 😂 and tbh I was probably doing my bronzer the same way.

  21. Although you have hooded eyes, you still got lots of space between eye and eyebrow to play with. I wish I had that. sigh

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