How I hacked the YouTube algorithm (and made over $10,000) ๐Ÿ“น

How I hacked the YouTube algorithm (and made over $10,000) ๐Ÿ“น

hello everybody how are you so if you
are watching the replay on Facebook let me know hashtag replay in the comments
in this video I’m going to share with you how I hacked the YouTube algorithm
to work in my favor and made over ten thousand dollars within the past year
because of my youtube videos if you are watching this on YouTube and it is your
first time what coming to my channel there’s the mirror see it was either the
hallway or the mirror I didn’t know which one to pick or because I could
have turned it whatever that wouldn’t look good on YouTube so if you guys are
new to my youtube channel I would love for you to consider subscribing as I put
out videos like this right now we are live on Facebook it is Sunday list 420
so I guess it’s still the afternoon gonna be Sunday evening so maybe you
guys are at home chilling on Sunday actually I wanted to pull this up on the
computer so I could monitor your comments easier hey Scott you guys are
coming on to say hi I’m excited to show you guys about the YouTube stuff I’m not
gonna hold back in this actually let’s bring it closer so you can see my sticky
pads love these sticky pads okay let’s do that
so YouTube YouTube oh man this is gonna be backwards huh that maybe I can write
backwards that’d be cool it’s okay we can do this in drawings so now I hacked
the YouTube algorithm so I started my youtube channel let’s say gosh I mean
maybe a few years ago but I didn’t get decided like hey I really want to do
YouTube until November of last year so it
been 11 months and 11 months ago I had maybe like 200 subs can we flip this
maybe not maybe hey Carlos hey Sookie where are you guys 200 subs
it took about just from being consistent in July how many months later is that 8
months then I got to here I’m gonna drop out for you guys
1000 subs and then just from being consistent it your growth on YouTube
let’s continue this backwards thing it starts to snowball it really will start
to snowball you the first thousand subscribers is the hardest I mean the
first hundred subscribers is the lordís then the first thousand but from there
it just starts growing faster and faster especially if you’re consistent and do
these things that I’m going to share with you so from the thousand I’m
hitting 2,000 this week like I’m 50 more away and that only took pay July so we
got August September October did I skip any month I’ll guess three months okay
we could give it three or let’s just take four months to get to say I can’t
keep drawing backwards it’s really hard but let’s let’s – um we will do images
so what are some of the things that I do that okay look at these sticky pads I
really like them stick this one over here this is fun you need in YouTube
this is what YouTube looks like it’s like video video video and this can be
from the computer here’s a laptop some people are watching on the computer I
watched YouTube on my computer for you guys do you guys watch YouTube on the
computer or on your phone or on your TV here is an iPhone let me know in the
comments if you guys where you are mostly watching YouTube where are you
guys also mostly watching Facebook I would assume from the phone so anyway
you’re scrolling on your phone you’re scrolling on the computer and videos are
gonna show up different but for the most part whether they are on the little side
bar with suggested tubs or their lights right and your subscriptions on your
computer or their motorcycle time if they’re like on your
phone these little videos you’re gonna see some different things than there’s
some different things okay so some people are saying they watch on all
three Marcus he’s really good at YouTube and YouTube lives and says oh it went
away he said his audience is kind of split but a lot of you guys are saying
thumbs on the phone phone so assuming his phone what are people
going to see on the phone they see the beginning of a headlight and then they
see the thumbnail so this is the thumbnail maybe you have a little
picture in it maybe you go out some clickbait and a title a headline a title so one of the
ways I hacked YouTube’s algorithm is I put my searchable keywords in the title
I put my searchable or other marker colors it’s smelling like Sharpie in
here fun okay so I put important keywords in the title because that’s
what Google is gonna pick up that’s what YouTube’s gonna pick up and then I put
my clickbait in the thumbnail I used to you can do switch it off you can put
clickbait titles and more of like what is the videos gonna be in the thumbnail
but I learned this the other way put your keywords in the
title and something shocking in the thumbnail when I’m scrolling on YouTube
for things to watch I am the first thing that catches my eye is the thumbnail and
then I like look to see what the title is and what the video is about has to be
within the first like first part of the the headline because the headline it
might get cut off especially on mobile or in the suggested tab so even for like
this video what did I call it on Facebook I’m calling it how I hacked the
YouTube algorithm and made it over $10,000 I’m gonna upload this to YouTube
and I might even remove that how I and it will just be like hack the YouTube
algorithm to make $10,000 because I don’t want to have these unnecessary
words in there but some other things that I do that you
guys might not yet do on your YouTube or you don’t even have a YouTube but you
want to have one is when you are uploading your thumbnail like creating
in canva put a keyword in the a file name put it in the file name and then
what’s really important is to write up the description with things that you’re
saying in the video YouTube has this like for Kim robot thing that can
automatically read what you’re saying and it knows if what’s in the title in
the tags in the description matches up with those words so ten thousand dollars
okay rich don’t reverse the money this isn’t like an exact number I know it’s
over but a chunk of that who has been through clickfunnels offers and high
ticket click funnels offers chunk of that his bins are like builder all
that’s very highly searched on YouTube this is like for affiliate marketing but
then also on the info product side I sell my info products through my youtube
videos also or I link them in the description below so even if I don’t
something in a video I can still link other things below or get them on my
lead magnets to get them over to Facebook YouTube is great with that let’s see some other things when coming
up with what you want to make a video about literally go see what your
competitors are making videos about like that’s the trending stuff subscribe to
your colleagues and competitors so I subscribe to Kenan David mic mic Fasil
Ovi productions Nathan Lucas got Builder all crew and Liam and Chad and Marissa
like think about movies in your industry and subscribe to them so then their
videos start to show on your V and then you’re just gonna note what the hot
topics are I don’t even I don’t have to do some crazy keyword research to know
what the hot topics are I just see what are their training hot topics I do
yeah and Marcus Marcus said me too I see what is Marcus making videos about and I
and that’s what is trending and I see what already has a bunch of use and
engagement then I’m copy it word for word but I’m making my own I don’t even
watch their video it’s oftentimes because I know if I watch their videos
than my video will be too close to theirs so I more think about the just
the titles so something is like free traffic or cheap traffic methods um how
to grow YouTube on YouTube is very trending how to make passive income and
like those variations those are very trending you do get better and better at
it I also use some plugins I use tube buddy and
iq both of them installed on my Chrome browser does make it a little slower but
it’s fine because I could see like what I am ranking for I like my videos to be
around like I rent you could range them but I can’t keep writing backwards
because I’m sorry five minutes to like 30 minutes sometimes those 45 I think
like 12 is a really good sweet spot okay let’s see what you guys are saying love
vid IQ yep it is a cool one so we’re only 12 minutes is good to aim for it
also depends are you teaching on this video that’s what most of my videos are
I teach but then at the end I pitch so a lot of people who post videos to YouTube
and not get views or not get subscribers and then also not get views it’s really
important in your YouTube views to remind the viewer to subscribe do that
in the beginning of the video and at the end of the video and not only subscribe
to subscribe and turn on the notifications and joint the notification
spot hashtag fam whatever you want to call your subscribers but it’s important
that they have the notifications on – because YouTube is a search engine
within YouTube and a search engine within Google and it is a social media
platform an entertainment site it’s great like it
more than Facebook even though I’m like live streaming on Facebook right now um
so keep putting out consistent videos but then if you another way to get your
videos to shouldn’t to show and to get a leg up is do some off-site SEO so not
only the on-site SEO like on video SEO of making a keyword in your thumbnails
having a keyword rich title keywords in the description keywords in the tags
hash tags in the description link to other videos but put a comment here’s a
little tricks to write when you post like your own video and let it play all
the way just put it on mute let it play all the way because it tricks the
YouTube algorithm into oh one hundred percent of these people watched 100
percent of the watch time and it’s like boost it up and with the like and
comment on it right away I have a comment I know it’s backwards
like I’m not really I can’t flip it and I like to just look at myself you know
and I’m kind of like reading the comments on here and I was kind of weird
maybe I’ll flip it when I move to upload it to YouTube probably so I forgot what
I was saying with that guys let’s see any way to get
a boost in your watching oh I was saying comment in your own video I just have a
copy of these comment that I do that links my social medias and I comment it
and I pin it all these little teeny things are helping or like hacking the
YouTube algorithm to give more weight to it to show your videos more even adding
pens to the end of your video and cards at
one card at the end of your video helps your video okay before the off-site
off-site you can get little gigs on Fiverr or you can get a little gigs on
like concur or you can find someone on up work to help rain into your videos I
have someone that I work with um the price I pay is I don’t know if
you guys can get I paid in bulk I paid in bulk I’ll give you guys my numbers if
I paid in bulk so each video that I get ranked if I want it to be have that
extra work done to it is $30 I was being like 50 sometimes 40 but then I paid a
bolt so $30 that’s fair coz it gives my guy some money for to do the labor and
to buy other gigs and to help like he takes my links and puts it on other
sites and it helps rank it he also some of my videos he sends surge of views –
doesn’t sound of surge of subscribers some people do that that’s okay you want
to do that I just chose not to do that but if you will send a small surge of
views and that helps the videos rank more – then organically reach more
people than it would have another thing that I’m doing this I couldn’t try to flip it actually watch
this let’s see okay you know what that’s good cuz I’ll just watch myself in I
will watch myself in the computer this drops Tommy for me it’s not better I
want to share with you guys summary of what we spoke about so far
topic see this topic is important to go see what your competitors are making
their videos about and model them SEO on-site SEO all the description things I
said if you guys are watching this live and I said all that just watched replay
please off-site mentioned that how you can get that if you want connection to
the guy that argues just ask me we might put together
landing page or something oh this one part of this the SEO – okay wait this is
so good let’s use the word blast I don’t like that word but let’s see is it so often that’s when
I release a new video I I blast it front to blast it broadcast
I share it let’s use that word I share it to my email list I share it
to my chat bot not always me me I list my chat box share it to my facebook
group share it to Facebook page goes on to Twitter that gives more social
signals which helps the off-site SEO and it gets more views search of views which
adds more weight to the algorithm and then my videos show up more and recently
I’ve been getting like 30 new subscribers a day and they’re just
getting more and more every day so by next month my first thousand subscribers
took eight months second thousand subscribers took about four months and
then the next thousand subscribers is going to take one month and then the
next I was enough for that it’s just going to be
faster faster faster as long as I’m consistent with these things so I will
share it places and then it’s something that’s new that I’ve been doing is
YouTube ads I’m not saying I’m an expert in it yet we are trying this out we are
testing I put up some ad people on my team put up some ads we took some of my
top of videos and made them like suggested video ads so if you’re
watching someone else is my competitors videos my video might show up as a
suggested sponsored video if it’s related if it’s like you’re watching
click Donal’s video you might see my clip bonus video you’re watching
someone’s video about make money online you might see my video about make money
online and I have been getting the YouTube ads to do track if you get
subscribers that’s the only subscribers are good we’ll watch times good also in
then actually making money and getting sales is good and then the final thing
okay Trish this is better ok the final thing I guess is the final thing is I do
have bas I have some people in the Philippines and they helped me with my
YouTube they got delete spam and haters cuz and I was like that spamming hairs they replies to people’s questions
people have questions they are hard people’s comments and like people’s
comments they reply to people’s comments I mean I don’t find you guys’s comments
to answer your questions too but I am trying to build a passive income
business and don’t you know more subscribers more more more views more
views and more money from it so it’s just gonna be more and more comments and
it’s nice to outsource that task and there’s something else that they do
here’s the trick here’s the trick I learned this from Liam Liam James K
whose channel we were all like Liam Chad Marissa everyone was around like two
thousand subs three thousand subs I was like hundred thousand now they’re all
passed fifteen thousand subs super cool but I learned this from one of the
Liam’s video isn’t started implementing it I will have my VA s going to my
profile my camp and go comment on other people’s videos comment on my
competitors videos blah blah leave like they’ll have them watch the
video and then leave a relevant comment like wow great video I learned a lot
about sales and this point that you had so there’s still like good comment but
and I do comment on videos but I’m not if you get a comment on your video or
whatever it might not be from me it could be from my VA and the reason we do
that is because then my comments will show in the feed and people will see my
face around and it shows my subscriber count’ if they’re on desktop and see
like everyone else that’s commenting is liked by subscribers ten subscribers but
this person’s got 2,000 subscribers nobody they must also be a creator and
then they go to my channel or one of the tips to is make your comment kind of
hint that you have a similar content over on your channel oh so yes um just
something asked you to some other tips read what you can repurpose your content
so this live stream is going up on YouTube
I don’t always put all my lectures on YouTube and my youtube isn’t all
recordings of live streams but you can mix it up so repurpose and then the final thing becomes this I don’t mean be consistently compact for
to be on your Monday and you put it out every Monday at 3 p.m.
everyone’s gonna remember that that’s when you release video and then it’s
gonna break your channel and maybe it will it’s like kind of a it’s not gonna
put pressure on yourself with this so do this when you’re inspired like today I
always inspired to do this live stream and literally in 10 or maybe I’ll get
myself 15 minutes take a little break stretch I’m gonna be going alive and my
influencer affiliate marketing group and live streaming again hold other training
cuz I just love these six bad favors and more sharpies I’m all about in using
influencer marketing to make affiliate commissions YouTube just being small
part of that but other parts of that is Facebook like all your social medias
email marketing content creation confidence that you are an expert in
your expertise all that good stuff I’m going to be doing that training
uploading it but if you guys want to Oh Michel sounds the VA strategy sounds
like Gary B’s dollar ad strategy with Instagram yep that’s good point
raaah Preston says how are you guys are hanging out some bro time okay guys so
before I go live in my other group if you guys are not in the group you can
search it influence your affiliate marketing with Rachael Leslie or if
you’re watching this on youtube I will link it below in the description I do
want to let you know that I am starting a six-week mastermind on I don’t have a
watch or a calendar on Thursday this Thursday October 11th 2018 if you are
watching this after October 11 2008 een we already
started that’s okay we will cut you at the next one or you can see other
programs that I have in the description below but if you guys are watching this
live or watching this before then I do want to let you know that my influencer
inner circle is starting on Thursday at 5 p.m. and I am closing the doors on
Wednesday night at midnight on the 10 because it’s by application I need you
to fill your application so I know that you’re like not too crazy crazier than
me good only I’m so many crazy people just kidding you’ve got it’s fun what
crazy people that have a message to share that want to increase their reach
increase their audience have more confidence on camera to be themselves
share their expertise share their message share their jokes share their
thoughts so they can also make more money sure their thoughts for their
following grow their fan base grow their subscribers for their email list or
their YouTube Facebook Facebook group all that good stuff
so you have this audience and then through the power of your influence and
your confidence of your programs be able to sell it or sell more affiliate
marketing offers so when I said $10,000 with youtube I was saying a chunk of the
UPS from click funnels chunky that’s from builder all showed me those for my
for products but then there’s other software’s too and it all kind of ties
into each other probably done more than that because of the YouTube because by
having the YouTube everything else just increases your email marketing becomes
better because you could share your YouTube videos with the same with all
your other social media so I’m gonna put a link actually let me grab it right
here I’ll put it right here in the Facebook comment and I will link it in
the description on YouTube if it’s there in time if you’re here after I’ll
probably put just a wait list thing so you could still do the wait list but I
don’t know what I’m gonna do this again this is live this is for six weeks week
one we are going to talk about why we’ll help you this is live in zoom when it
share with you guys how to reinvent your brand your niche your expertise so
people really know what you stand for and you have this foundation for
creating content and growing your audience the next week is expert
Authority content creation so you can make pieces of content videos lead
magnets blog posts social media posts emails did I say that chat BOTS all
these things with confidence that show your expertise in your industry week 3
growing your audience through the social media platforms go more into YouTube
Instagram Facebook Facebook groups tell the social medias and then week for
growing your audience their lead generation mostly through email
marketing and how to grow your email list and facebook chat box and how
they’re growing your facebook chat box because it’s great people are subscribed
to you and following you but we also want them on these lists week 5 now
they’re on your list so we’re going the email marketing chat bot deep dive
so we can automate our sequences so that offers and content is going out to your
subscribers 24/7 while you’re doing other things and then week six we’re
going to get into the sales and monetization part even more so you’re
not leaving money on the table anywhere and having any like loose leaky halls
where you could monetize something with an affiliate offer or with a program or
coaching that you didn’t see before so if that’s goofy I’m really excited for
it if you’re already in daily Commission’s Club and you pay for daily
commissions Club you guys are joining me already for the six weeks I still need
you to fill out the application though and commit to joining us for the six
weeks Thursdays at 5 p.m. Pacific in zoom and if you are not a daily
commissions Club I got back about good news like close some Ruhlman doors the
other day you can’t join daily commissions Club on a monthly plan or
you really plan for a while right now doors are closed so I can focus on
helping current members but by joining influence our inner circle with us for
the six weeks you’re gonna get two months of daily commissions book
included for free as a bonus that is it has all my stuff like bunch of training
videos weekly live stream coaching funnel downloads you’re also gonna get
lifetime access to my email survival kit which is 20 over 20 highly converting
offers and email swipes and you plug it in your email autoresponder and just
plug in play copy and paste is a year’s worth of emails for promotion if you
even make it last longer than a year if you’re also selling your own info
products in between and then thirdly I will be coming out with like an
influencer survival kit later and you lifetime access with that too which will
also include recordings of this so you can go apply at the link that I played
or in the YouTube description below right now I’m going to take a little
stretch break and we are going to do training on influencer affiliate
marketing for affiliate Commission’s super stoked on that it’s going to be in
the group I’ll link the group down below so if you guys are watching live and you
want more content that’s not just about YouTube we’ll see you over there thanks
for watching let me around make it a great day

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