How I Gained 35,000 Followers ORGANICALLY (How the Instagram Algorithm REALLY Works)

How I Gained 35,000 Followers ORGANICALLY (How the Instagram Algorithm REALLY Works)

What is up everyone. Welcome back to my channel the number one
place for new coaches, content creators and entrepreneurs. In the past on my channel, I’ve talked a lot
about the topic of Instagram. Specifically I’ve shared tips and strategies
on how to go from zero to 5,000 followers and I’ve also shared strategies on how to
go to 10,000 followers as well. Well since then to date on my Instagram account,
I’ve grown my account to over 35,000 followers to date. That’s why in today’s video I really want
to share even more strategies so that you can get past the 10 k mark. So if you’re interested in learning how you
can get past the 10 k mark, thank, keep on watching. Now first things first, what are the main
mindset shifts or strategy shifts that I had to make in order to truly understand how someone
can get past the 10 k mark is really understanding the Instagram algorithm and just so you guys
know, the Instagram algorithm is based on three parts. The first is relationship based, the second
is interest based, and then the third is recency based. So you really got to understand these three
components that make up the entire Instagram algorithm. Now let’s first dissect how relationships
really play into the Instagram algorithm. Basically, if a user has interacted with your
content in the past, it means that they’re more likely to see your content in the future. That’s why having strong relationships with
your community, with your followers and even with people outside of your following is going
to be super important because that’s going to determine whether or not your post will
be seen on their feet. So what you want to do is you want to be able
to increase the touch points that you have with your audience so that Instagram can truly
see that they have a relationship with you. Now the second component to the Instagram
algorithm is interest. Meaning if someone has expressed interest
in a particular category, topic or niche, and your content also has a similar category,
topic or niche, then the likelihood of your content showing up on their feed is also increased. For example, if someone has already shown
interest in liking cat posts, cat videos, cat accounts, and you also have a cat account
posting cat videos and posts and everything like that, then it’s going to increase the
chances of your content showing up as well because that person has expressed interests
to Instagram based on their past behavior that they’re interested in cat Content. Knowing this, what you’re going to want to
do is you want to make sure that your account actually has a focus, and I already talked
a lot about this in my previous videos such as this one right here and even this one right
here, so it’s not new on my channel. However, it’s so important that you are consistent
with the topics that you’re doing on your Instagram account. You’re using targeted hashtags because if
Instagram can’t tell what category you belong in or what type of niche you have, they’re
not going to be able to recommend your content to other people who have expressed interest
in a certain niche or category. Now moving onto the third component of the
Instagram algorithm, and this is recency. Instagram for a very long time now does not
have a chronological feed, meaning Instagram is only posting and showing the latest and
the greatest. It’s very different from youtube in a sense
where I could stop posting videos and people will probably still find my old videos, thanks
to search or maybe even youtube pushing out older videos. This has happened many times on the youtube
platform. However, on Instagram, Instagram only chooses
to show the latest and the greatest. So if you are not posting consistently either
on Instagram story, your posts or IGTV, Instagram will never push your account to your audience. That’s why it’s really important that you’re
consistent on the platform and you’re pumping out new content on a very frequent basis. All right, so at this point in the video,
you’ve gotten a pretty solid understanding of how the Instagram algorithm works and the
three components of the Instagram algorithm. Knowing this, let me share with you some specific
strategies that have worked really well for me. In order to get past the 10 k mark and grow
my account to over 35,000 followers. The first being being on Instagram stories
daily. Yes, you heard me right? I am not someone who posts daily on my feed
just because for those type of content it requires a lot more work. However, for something as simple as Instagram
stories, I do try to make it a priority to be on it daily. And the reason for this is I personally think
that Instagram stories is such a great way to quickly connect with your audience and
ensure your relevancy, but because I know that the Instagram algorithm is based on relationships
and interests, I want to increase my frequency of being on Instagram stories because when
people simply react to my story or if they comment on my story and I engage back with
them through DM, it’s going to show to Instagram that I am creating an interaction with them,
that I am having a touch point with them and therefore it’s going to flag to Instagram
that I’m an account that they have a relationship with and that they’re also interested in. And therefore, my content is always going
to show up on the top of their feed because of the Instagram algorithm. And a great example of this strategy working
is if you actually look at my feed posts on my profile, I have pretty high engagement
rates, about eight to 10%, which is really high compared to someone else that has a similar
follower account as me. Not only this, all of my posts generally range
from two to 3000 likes per post and that is pretty freaking high for someone who has 35,000
followers. Now how does this happen? Well, my theory is is obviously the caption
is great photo is great and I talk a lot about captions in this video right here, but because
I’m posting on Instagram stories daily and I’m making it a priority to have these one-on-one
touch points with my followers who engage with my Instagram stories through the DM (direct
message), Instagram is probably showing my post at the top of their feed because they
can see that I have a strong relationship with my followers and my followers have also
expressed interest in my content in the past and therefore I have a really great algorithm
boost whenever I post my content. Now on the topic of Instagram stories, there’s
another strategy that I actually add on top in order to increase my reach and making sure
that I’m getting new followers every single day and that is reposting or shouting out
my followers on my Instagram story. Now, when I first started reposting my followers
content on my Instagram story, it wasn’t because of a particular strategy, I just genuinely
wanted to do it and I genuinely wanted to shout people out and I still do it to this
day. However, as a byproduct of doing this, I realized
that I was gaining more followers because of it. Let me explain. What will happen is sometimes I’ll see a story
that my follower posted or maybe a piece of content that they posted that I really like
and therefore I’m going to share it all my stories. What ends up happening is they end up being
really happy that I shouted them out and therefore they screenshot or they repost the fact that
I mentioned them on their story as well and therefore that gives me way more exposure
because now their followers are going to see their story and when they see their story
they’re going to click on my account and check out my content and probably follow me because
they like what they see. Obviously like I touched on it in the beginning
of this video and like I’ve said in multiple videos of mine, when I talk about Instagram,
it’s really important that you have solid content and that you actually have a clear
focus because it doesn’t matter if this person is driving all this traffic to your profile. If your content is not converting that person
that’s visiting your profile into an actual follower, so make sure that at least you have
a content strategy pack down. If you have struggles with that, you can watch
this video right here and if you also have struggles with creating a captivating bio,
you can also check out this video right here as well. But in a nutshell, what I’m trying to say
is that the more you shout out and really show love to your community, the more your
community will show love to you and it’s not anything sleazy. You’re not begging for a shout out, you’re
not doing anything like that. You’re just genuinely reposting things and
therefore it’s going to increase that community engagement that you have with your followers
and it’s going to definitely pay you back tenfold when you see all this traffic being
driven to your page. Now moving onto the next tip that I have and
that is posting consistently and all my God, you’re probably so sick of everyone telling
you this, but you already know from the beginning of this video that recency matters and like
I said earlier, posting consistently and posting frequently will help you become relevant on
Instagram and therefore have Instagram push your content even more. Now in my personal journey, I actually experimented
with not posting on my feet at all. So for a good two to three months I stopped
posting any content on my feet and I only did Instagram stories and what ended up happening
is my weekly profile views cut in half and I did see a slow down in my follower growth. Now obviously I was still growing, however,
I wasn’t growing as fast as I was before when I was posting consistently two to three times
a week. Not only this, if you are not posting frequently
on your Instagram account and you’re also not posting frequently on your Instagram stories,
when people come visit your account, they might think that your account is actually
inactive and a lot of people want to follow accounts to get frequent and relevant content. Even for me, when I stopped posting for two
to three months because of my busy schedule, I actually had a number of people message
me saying, Hey, I almost didn’t follow you because I thought you weren’t posting content
on Instagram anymore. Good thing though. I was posting frequently on my Instagram stories
and they still ended up following me, but imagine if I wasn’t active on either of content
vehicles within Instagram, I probably wouldn’t have converted a lot of follows. That being said, I understand that it’s really
hard to stay consistent on Instagram, especially if you’re already someone who’s super busy. That’s why for me, I actually use the scheduling
app called later and I schedule all of my content in advance. I also batch create a lot of my content. Now, I have created videos on this. If you want to learn how to create consistent
content, I highly recommend that you first check out this video right here and after
you’ve checked out this video, I want you to also check out this video right here because
I’m not only going to teach you how to create consistent content, but I’m also going to
teach you how to use later as a scheduling app in order for you to automate the content
scheduling process. For me, when I have my content posting on
autopilot and I’m also doing daily Instagram stories, it definitely helps to accelerate
my growth on Instagram. Now moving onto my next tip on how to get
past the 10 k mark, and this one is probably the most important tip and that is getting
external traffic. Now, once you’ve mastered tips one to four,
I highly recommend that you actually get off of Instagram and create rich content on another
platform that is more search friendly. In my personal opinion, I feel like there’s
only so much you can do in terms of growing within Instagram. Instagram at the end of the day, in my opinion,
is a relationship platform where you can post stories, you can express yourself, you can
comment, you can DM, you can facetime, you can audio note, you can do all of these things. However, the one thing that Instagram majorly
lacks compared to platforms like podcast, youtube, LinkedIn is the fact that it isn’t
really search friendly. For me, people are finding me on youtube every
single day because youtube is basically like a search engine and because people are finding
me on youtube, they’re then finding me on Instagram and on Instagram. That’s where I’m refining that relationship
with my audience because I personally believe that Instagram is a really great relationship
platform where you can truly nurture people, have one on one conversations with people,
facetime people, call people, express yourself through photos and through stories and through
these cool filters. However, platforms like Youtube, Facebook,
Linkedin, even starting your own website, Pinterest, all of these things, these are
the traffic generators and if you link your Instagram account to these platforms, you’re
definitely going to 20 x your growth. I personally believe that for many Instagram
accounts that have a very high following, it probably all came from external traffic. That’s why the tips I gave you previously
are awesome to nurture it, to grow your engagement and to grow within Instagram and hopefully
be on the explore page or be on recommended. However, it’s really the platforms that are
driving traffic that are truly going to get you way past the 10 k mark. Now obviously to get you quickly started,
there are some low hanging fruit opportunities that you can leverage. For example, changing the cover banner of
Facebook account so that at least shouts out your Instagram or maybe on the side profile
of your Facebook account to even plug your Instagram account there. It also includes joining Facebook groups and
making sure that you’re engaging with other people to increase your reach and then when
they visit your profile on Facebook, they then see your cover banner or they then see
your side links and then that’s going to generate more traffic to your Instagram account. It can also be updating the signature of your
email so that you’re including your Instagram account. And if it’s appropriate, you can also update
your Linkedin contact information to your Instagram account as well. Obviously, if it’s not professional, then
probably don’t do that on Linkedin, but if it matches your niche and it’s okay with you,
then definitely plug your Instagram account anywhere that you can outside of Instagram
in order to build that traffic. Now on the topic of driving external traffic,
if you truly are in this for the long run and you’re super dedicated to really growing
your Instagram account and 10 x that follower account, then I highly encourage you to click
that notification bell because in the next video I’m going to talk to you all about my
strategies on youtube. I’ve grown my youtube subscriber count to
100,000 subscribers in just a year alone and I definitely want to share with you guys my
top 10 tips on how I did that and walk you through my entire Youtube journey. So if you are someone who wants to use youtube
as your main traffic driver to your Instagram account or to whatever else within your business
or within your social media strategy than a highly recommend, you click that notification
bell. Now, if you are someone that’s not interested
in starting a youtube channel and you want to stay within Instagram, I highly recommend
these videos right here where I talk way more about Instagram strategies, things that I
haven’t mentioned here on this video yet, so I highly encourage you to check out all
these videos as well. Or if you want to even binge on this playlist
that I have right here where it’s all about Instagram. In the meantime, if you are interested in
my video that I’ll be posting next time all about Youtube, I also highly recommend you
check out these two videos right here as well. I talk a lot about social media as you can
see, and I also talked about entrepreneurship coaching and all the likes of that, so if
you’re interested in any of those topics, definitely check these videos out. As always, guys, I appreciate you. I hope this video helped you a lot. I hope you guys have a great day, a great
week, and a great year, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.

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