How Do You Practice Your Dance Skills ALONE? ★ Marcus Body Coding [Part 6]★#TheDay1Journey Ep. 25 ★

yeah we are live. welcome to day one journey episode 25. this is the 6th part of my story about Marcus body
coding yes Marcus Body Coding the second ridiculous dream the Second Empire. last episodes
I shared with you my frustrations in the workshop era I’ll go
over them very briefly the workshops were either super basic or super
advanced so I didn’t find myself second thing they were always teaching
the body movement with the footwork together so I was mixing
everything up and the last 3rd thing they had no names for the moves and the
sequences were just so long so I was always struggling to think what
comes next instead of focusing on the technique – what I wanted to learn at the
moment so that was the workshop era so I tried to take my best out of it. I took
everything I took the videos I went home and I tried to break this stuff down and
practice on my own and I wasn’t really sure how to do that..
I also remember I spoke with the Itay Benda I think I mentioned him before one
of my inspirations, one of my first salsa teachers. one time after class I went to
him and I was asking if he practices alone. then I asked him what does he do
and how long does it take I ask a few questions and the only thing he said
to me or the only thing I remember was he was practicing few hours every day in
front of the mirror at home and this is what I understood yet I
didn’t understand how I can make like how can I use that but still it was kind
of liberating because I know it’s up to me I can practice on my own no excuses I
don’t need a partner to practice with but still I didn’t know how.. what to do how
long does it need to take practice five minutes one hour every day once a week I
had no idea I see people are joining let’s way back let’s go to the Sun so
naturally after that the next era began the DVD era yeah I took all the DVDs all
all the instructional DVDs I already had from from the turn patterns era the
first era and I got more DVDs from friends from the internet wherever and
now I was focusing on footwork and body isolation body movement so body
isolation I followed something extremely good one of my favorite
dancers Frankie Martinez he had an amazing body
movement DVD which was like they were just filming one of his
workshops but it was amazing no talking just practicing he was doing the things
very slowly and I was with him that DVD had two parts the first part was
amazing just focusing with the shoulders and then, focusing on the
shoulders then the chest then the hips very basic movements
exactly what I wanted so I have the time give my body some time to absorb
everything then the second part of the DVD it was too much of his style so he
took these basic movements but then he created some very specific movements
with his style and also I saw his other students there they were like I don’t
know I don’t know how it may sound but they they looked like small versions of
him and I didn’t want to be that I did want to practice the basics I
did want to practice the basics but I didn’t want to look like him even though
it was most will say he was the best but I didn’t care I didn’t want to be number
two of the best I wanted to be myself what about you? I think we’re out of time
I didn’t took the time today but every episode is just five minutes so let’s
wrap it up next episode I will tell you about the DVDs with
the shines and footwork there was a lot of work there a lot of tips I got
from there but back to you I want you to think about what are your skills that
you want to master? I wanted to master these body movement
and footwork to create my style but but don’t think about dance not
necessarily Salsa, not necessarily dance what skills you want to work on
and maybe you are not sure how to work on them think about it who who can you
ask some advice search maybe on Google get some ideas how can you master your
craft? how can you work on your skills? I tell you a secret it’s up to you just
put the work put the time put the research
because when you get better everything gets better so back to you give it five
minutes today just five minutes do something research practice something
and until tomorrow have an amazing day and how we like to call that have a
great day one

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