How Close Are We to Downloading the Human Brain?

How Close Are We to Downloading the Human Brain?

Someday our bodies are going to break down
and we’ll die. Our brain will decay and disappear forever.But,
what if it didn’t have to? Right now there are scientists around the
world working on technology that could one day take your brain, and possibly your consciousness,
and upload it onto a computer. This would be a game changer in neuroscience
and some believe could lead to immortality. So, how close are we to downloading our brains? Okay first off, what do we mean when we say
“downloading the brain?” It’s not plugging a cable into your head
and syncing it with your phone. It is much more complicated than that because,
well, the brain is really, really complicated. The information in a brain is encoded in the
synaptic connections between neurons. This is the major theory of how not only episodic
memories are encoded in the brain, but essentially all learned knowledge, // Now, there’s on
the order of 100 billion neurons in a human brain and each of those neurons has tens of
thousands of connections. You are looking at hundreds of trillions of
those synaptic connections, each of which have been tuned by your life’s experience. So in order to download your brain, each one
of those trillions of connections would have to be precisely scanned, mapped and digitally
reconstructed on a computer as an emulated brain. The idea would be, that this simulation would
not only behave like a biological brain, but could retain the thoughts and memories of
the person whose brain was scanned. Now, all this is great to think about and
makes for interesting dinner conversation, but we have yet to scan a complete human brain
let alone test the theory of consciousness. That’s not to say some progress hasn’t
been made though. There are projects all over the world working
on scanning and simulating brains in the name of healthcare and medicine. This is more about unlocking mysteries of
our brain and less about unlocking the key to immortality. …we don’t really understand a system until
we can build it ourselves and manipulate it in a computer, and really understand all the
pieces and parts. In 2014, researchers scanned a roundworm brain
and made a simulation that they installed into a simple Lego robot. And, the simulated brain moved the robot freely
without any human direction. There have been other projects trying to recreate
the brain through reverse engineering, experiments reading and implanting memories and one group
created an algorithm for large scale human brain simulations. But one of the biggest projects involving
actual brain scanning is taking place at the Allen Institute in Seattle. They have scanned and digitally reconstructed
a cubic millimeter of a mouse brain. Yes, this may not seem like a big deal due
to the small scale, but this is the largest roadmap of connections of a mammalian brain
ever. Now, a cubic millimeter is about the size
of a single grain of sand and is home to 100,000 neurons and over a billion synapses. In order to scan this tiny segment, it first
had to be sectioned 25,000 with each slice being about a fifth the thickness of a human hair.
were taken. Then 10s of millions of images were taken. This gives you an idea of what would need to happen to scan an entire human
brain. That means that mapping a human brain, a million
times larger, would take a fleet of electron microscopes decades in order to image. Obviously the technology is going to have
to change. Perhaps not radically but at least in scale
to make something like this happen. We just don’t have powerful enough microscopes
to be able to accurately and efficiently image entire human brain. And even if we could, the question would still
remain; if we could copy our brain, would that also copy our consciousness? Most neuroscientists would say yes, it’s exactly
the same person if it’s exactly the same thing, but we really don’t know if there’s some other
issue that we’re missing. // Still the question is, is the simulation
at a resolution that is sufficient to capture who you are? The idea is that our thoughts and memories
are basically data, and in theory we should be able to copy that data over to a computer
and you’d still be you. But, what kind of you? …if we made a replication of your brain,
there’s no reason that you’d be living in silence and darkness inside Dropbox. We’d be giving you fake input. In theory, if somebody were a computer simulation
// what it would be like is exactly what this is like for us. You’d look around, you’d say, “Here I am,
I can feel my body, I can taste this drink, I can eat this pizza,” and it in theory wouldn’t
be any different. Or if you want to still experience the real
world, your brain could be installed into a robot. The person opens up their robotic eyes, and
they say, “Wow, I’m still here.” If it works, that’s how it should feel. It should feel like you are coming out of
a surgery and you should be able to call up memories from your past, you should be able
to still remember how to do certain things, you should have the same likes and dislikes… However, advancements in connectomics won’t
come from scientists looking for the fountain of youth. Researchers want to understand the brain better
in order to combat disease and mental disorders. We’d be able to better treat tumors, epilepsy,
addiction and learn more about how we evolved. This is why people are looking to digitally
map the brain. In the end, if we are ever able to upload
someone’s consciousness, it may just be a bonus to these studies. Mind uploading is a very long-term project
of humanity. It’s so long-term that I think most of the
people today that are working on it would not recognize that they’re working on it. The desire is there to scan and map an
entire human brain. That process may lay the groundwork for a
brave volunteer to have their brain removed and digitized which might lead to the first
immortal being. We just have to wait for technology to catch
up with our ambition. So, how close are we to downloading the human
brain? We’re nowhere close. We can’t even download a fruit fly…. We can image small pieces of brain tissue,
or small organisms brains. But, we don’t know enough about how the nervous
system works in order to interpret those images and create a simulation of that. With the technology the we have right now,
we’re nowhere close. But the road seems clear enough to get there,
unless there’s some giant surprise that we run into. It seems like each year as technology gets
better and better, we get higher and higher resolution on what’s going on. It’s a clear path to get there. I mean, unless we already are there and you
are currently watching this in a computer simulated world where nothing around you really
exists. Thanks for watching How Close Are We! Let us know in the comments what topics you want us to cover in future episodes. And if you want more How Close Are We, click here to watch our playlist. And don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

100 thoughts to “How Close Are We to Downloading the Human Brain?”

  1. It's not a transfer, it's a clone. It's misleading to suggest it'll make us immortal, since a digital version of my brain is a separate entity to me (since we can live simultaneously), even if we're identical. So it's kind of pointless.

  2. Something tells me this would be easier to achieve using a quantum computer of some type, but that technology is still being worked on like this is.

  3. Please don’t download from my brain 🧠
    Inside are porn site and toxic idiot behaviour
    Im a Billy last time hope I want new Brain that clear and become a wealthy in future 😂🤣 😜

  4. Are you totally crazy? When the last life cycle is over, the soul releases itself from the body and is free again.
    The thought that this is actually being philosophized about it The awareness of imprisoning the energy or the soul in a technology is really more than frightening and very very ignorant!

  5. everything is digitalized, there is no point of "human". every knowledge/memory will be merged into one central computer. lol

  6. Doesnt God Offer Us Eternal Salvation If We Believe And Worship? Do the right thing etc…if only the scientists would believe in God, Soul And Afterlife. They Truely Can Earn Immortality In The Kingdom Of Heaven Where Evil And Nagging Wifes Don't Exist.

  7. To copy the consciousness accurately. We need to understand all forms of electro-magnetism as well as electricity of brain waves in connection to the body( may be a more proper term).

  8. Err, sorry to bother you guys with this question.
    Technically, if your brain gets sliced you die.
    Now, let's admit the digital copy works perfectly and gets uploaded on a platform, a robot. 
    It wouldn't be "you", it would be a copy of your brain on a different platform, some sort of "clone".
    But you died, you never wake up from the surgery, someone else does, with the same brain you had.

  9. Yeah well most will not be able to afford it

    The elite will simply make slave robots without a way to think other than clean this

    Go get that so don't get your hopes up no matter what

    Have a nice day we're doomed

  10. 1 of the issues I perceive is the mathematical equivalent of the information contained within is there but the experience of the moment probably wouldn't transfer over .

  11. It always fascinates me how much trouble these bright PhDs have grasping the Law of Accelerating Returns and fundamentally understand exponentiality. Reading Kurzweil should be mandatory in STEM fields…

  12. It's true nothing around us actually exists…. even ourselves are merely a simulation to keep ourselves busy the singular being that has always been.

  13. I feel like we can only live forever by removing our brain and put it on top of a computer of some sort. If we just downloaded our brain it would just be a copy, you cant copy conciousness, its only in your brain.

  14. Who knows, maybe some day mankind will be able to copy itself to a computer but i highly dought that we will ever be able to copy the consciousness to a computer.

  15. Saying you can make a conciousness by building a neuro roadmap is like saying taking a picture of a person is the same as cloning

  16. the brain has electrons and energy I wonder would it b possible to install a chip with say wires to collect data with tb full of space to receive the data something to think about and makes a great conversation

  17. I believe our ability to understand what we see will hit a wall. Kind of like a dog can See a car but doesn't understand how it works.
    Especially when confronted with the universe we see this in quantum mechanics.

  18. The interesting question is….can it be encrypted. Sole owner no peak.🤫🧖🏾‍♂️🙏🏿💯😂😎


  20. if they can copy our memory from brain, but can they copy and reproduce same emotion after it copied? i interested but not really want it.

  21. Your brain is a processor that connects your body to your soul. There is no "conscience" that you can upload or download to a computer. You might be able to stimulate or replicate someone, but it won't be "them" in reality, just a digital version.

  22. That's a big 'possibly' on the consciousness part. We still have no clue what it is or where it's 'produced', so emulating it sounds a bit far-fetched. Don't get me wrong, it's a great endeavor but that's a heavy reliance on the assumption of the materialistic human model.

  23. I just hope someone, someday will be able to create a robotic body capable of keeping a human brain alive for essential forever.

  24. For all of those worried. Have an analogy to try and make you feel better:
    Taking all the info of the brain and moving it to another body is like taking out all the insides of your computer and putting it in a different compartment. Theoretically, it should all be the same and all the data should still be there. It just looks different.

  25. i'm more interested in combining this tech with time travel tech, first i'm traveling to my grader self, then i'm gonna convince my younger self, that, with the gift of (a 40-year) foresight, my memories can make his life a whole lot better with a lot less fewer mistakes and embarrassments growing up, not to mention be able to skip endless hours of studying and easily ace exams (having multiple post-graduate courses, yeah that will help a lot), knowing how to behave around and win over, one after another, the hot girls who should have dumped me (for a while back i studied pick up artist techniques, and every once in a while it does come in handy; imagine a 10yo in the 90's knowing how to pass "shit tests" before touching high school), start my self-improvement program since childhood (i learned 2 decades late that a certain local store selling height and muscle enhancements already existed since my childhood), and (most importantly) be able to know how to methodically plan my life, contact the right people a decade before i should have known them, sell properties to their historical buyers just a few months earlier than they should have been bought (and beat their historical middlemen of a few commissions), and snipe all of the business deals that should have been a life-changer for me. and financially retire before my age now. at the rate i'm going now i might just retire within 15yrs, imagine the inefficiency of lack of remembering the future. in an efficient alternate present, i'm a backpacker with my family traveling the world.

    in essence, if i download older me into younger me, i'll be able to approximate eddie morra, and be the closest thing to being the real life eddie morra, because i'll be taking advantage of an entire lifetime's worth of thinking the best strategy for having a great life. locally, that would mean i'll be able to create a whole lot more jobs that much sooner, and get wealthier that much sooner (for those not in the know, wealth is the confidence and the skill to efficiently acquire money, being rich is merely holding an amount; ignorant people refer all the time to wealthy people as rich people, explaining why they themselves are not: they are primitive in this area, when they should have been sophisticated, they should not rely on hard work of just 2 hands, they should work at 25% effort based on smart work, because they create systems [entrepreneurships], and/or get involved in other systems (stock market, franchises, etc.), and let all those systems work for them, robert kiyosaki call these "financial vehicles").

  26. Missing a piece? No, he said it. Its a copy. Even if its a perfect copy, its just a copy. The only way to do it correctly is two-fold. You create nanobots that explore the brain's pathways and make a copy of the data in a computer. Those nano-bots then carefully begin converting the inorganic material slowly into new material like silicon or whatever is better at relaying the electrical activity in the brain. Done. Simple, and actually easier than they are saying it is.

    Slow conversion also allows new memories along with old ones to still be added, and when a brain cell dies, the nano-bots can restore or replace them. The method of scanning is the problem. it uses the old method of "Cat Scans" in a huge over priced magnetized doughnut. You need a swarm of these nano-bots doing the work so there isn't all this hack and slash crap going on and the scans are internal rather than external. Furthermore, we can create them now.

    People involved are simply milking it and delaying the developments. If we lit a fire under their asses you can bet it would already have been accomplished as early as the 90's. its long over due to push them to get it moving already and stop the dragging of the feet and wasting time on philosophy and nonsense. Nano-bots BTW are insanely cheap. and something more current;

  27. Idk good would being able to maintain consciousness be? Being able to see everything deteriorated around you. Watch the cockroaches take over.

  28. I've dreamed about this since i was 7 yrs old, we will not die so easy at all and if we stay safe we will not die at all, we can update our bodies with time passing and stop the feeling of pain.

  29. One way that may work making the brain is to build physical electronic neurons that can work similarly to virtual artificial neurons. But these will work differently than normal digital circuits. Next you connect it to the brain and new memories will be stored into it but it will not be sure what would happen after it is disconnected

  30. Maybe the mass is type of data that exists, i think that's why sometimes in some chemical reaction the mass gets more then it should be

  31. The brain and mind are two different things

    The sensory world, the holos, is a kind of mathematical simulation, a shared dream space, all of which is a Fourier mental projection from the mathematical source singularity. You aren’t a body, you’re an eternal mind, which is a complete set of Fourier basis waves. Your body is simply an avatar that your mind links to in order to directly interact in the spacetime holos. As a mind, you’re eternal and can never die.
    I'm hoping the mind is like a finger print
    All one has to do hypothetically
    Is transfer the mind to a new brain like a antenna
    A crystal or wireless receiver
    Something like that
    I don't know
    But thats where I'd search
    It would hurt to explore the possibilities
    I hope
    Then we can reverse engineer
    So Sophia the Robot can have a organic body
    We can have multiple bodies and brains but 1 fractal mind among many others in the singularity expiration
    Within singularity expansions
    Many fractals and psychosocial
    plausible hypothesis
    With some theory
    Thats what I would do
    Crapitalism is to limiting

  32. I don't like to use the universe is a video game analysis
    Because its more robust then that
    We are wring the universe code
    Or 🤔 allowed to write within this quantum
    We design things
    Convert quantum matter into different shapes
    Order of oppressions
    A computer within a computer in essence
    We are the universe experiencing itself
    We can create universe or heavens
    Crapitalism is to limiting
    No disrespect to all religious people
    The bible is to limiting
    Some of the philosophy from the bible is useful
    But my religion is different

    Ephemeralization, a term coined by R. Buckminster Fuller, is the ability of technological advancement to do "more and more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing," that is, an accelerating increase in the efficiency of achieving the same or more output while requiring less input. Fuller's vision was that ephemeralization will result in ever-increasing standards of living for an ever-growing population despite finite resources. The concept has been embraced by those who argue against Malthusian philosophy.

    I don't need a bible to understand good and evil
    I need to understand light and dark energy
    And what leads people to do bad things
    Thats value of understanding or knowledge
    And define bad
    Love is priceless regardless of
    Sex, gender, race or country
    You can't love freedom and the bible
    The bible supports slavery
    Is it ok to own slaves
    If so them be mine 👍
    I know we can't have absolute freedom to do whatever
    But im just saying
    We must find balance
    I'm not anti God
    Im pro Gods
    As in we become Gods
    As in co creation
    No to abuse power
    Merit is important
    Thats why we have impeachment process
    Regardless of trump of whoever
    But it's needs to be understood
    We must learn our true purpose for existence
    And it isn't to make money
    A deeper elevation

    The sensory world, the holos, is a kind of mathematical simulation, a shared dream space, all of which is a Fourier mental projection from the mathematical source singularity. You aren’t a body, you’re an eternal mind, which is a complete set of Fourier basis waves. Your body is simply an avatar that your mind links to in order to directly interact in the spacetime holos. As a mind, you’re eternal and can never die.
    Even if we become horizontal
    We still go vertical
    Geometry and algebra mathematical formula
    . Heavens
    6. 👆
    Physics is useful but limited
    Or it's our perception that is wrong
    Perhaps new formulas can be discovered
    But our perception has to be accurate

  33. how do we create heavens?
    Not everything is maternalism
    But of mind as well
    I'd say mostly mind
    become free of physical substance; cease to have material character or qualities.
    "the kiss dematerializes into a kind of spiritual rebirth"
    But that doesn't mean we can't create abundance of quantum matter
    Or a better term " to shape quantum matter"
    Matter isn't as we Perceive for face value

    But in some sense it's real
    oscillation or Hz frequencies overlps
    Everything is a mathematical simulation
    More then meets the 👁‍🗨👈
    I'm giving up on Mgtown label
    It's "Cyberhyperians™"
    I may not have a 210 IQ
    But i'm still intelligent in my own unique way
    Not bad for a person growning up with Dyslexia multiple seizure
    I'm an emotional sentient mind or being
    My love is priceless
    Rather you like it or not
    Minimal amount of math required is at least up to geometry and algebra
    Coding is a new language
    Learning is important
    Perhaps not for a job necessarily
    But to co create
    But to understand it like anything else
    To understand the universe is a code type language
    Complex mathematical simulation
    Artificial intelligence should make things easier not more difficult
    More with less
    When they tell you to work harder
    Thata a lie
    Work smarter not harder just for the sake of hard work
    They just want to keep you doing bullshit for distraction
    A mindless zombie
    Fordism will do that
    Factory zombies
    So you never have the time to learn anything else
    Learn more not work harder
    Learning new things is a challenge on its own merit
    It doesn't mean easy
    It just means less wasted energy doing garbage
    You can do activities for physical fitness
    🤔 technically it doesn't mean no hard work
    But more intelligent means more time to do other things
    Artificial intelligenc can code itself
    Coding is important to understand it's true language
    My motto

  34. ontological mathematics
    the mathematical waveforms of mind that make up all of existence and yourself.
    You aren’t a body, you’re an eternal mind
    Thoughts are mathematical sinusoidal waves.
    Your body is simply an avatar that your mind links to in order to directly interact in the spacetime holos 🕵️‍♀️ Give her allot of credit she deserves it 👍
    taught by Hyperian Revenant Christina Awakened, assumes no mathematical background except for basic algebra.
    This is not a reality of matter, rather, it’s a reality mind,
    The only thing I disagree with is the matter aspect
    The perception of matter is wrong
    But matter exists
    Just not our perception of what it is
    It's all quantum
    And it's shapable and interactive
    It's so we can interact with the quantum
    Our avatars

  35. there is no way of knowing if you would still be "you" because the robot may say it is you but it is a copy of you that has the memory of it going through this process, but it wont be "you"

  36. Well then the philosophy of brain vs soul comes into play. This technology can duplicate your consciousness but is it actually “you”. Imagine doing it while you’re alive and talking to your clone basically. When you die, it’s not like you’ll wake up in that “computer” but a clone of your consciousness will go on. That’s why in movies like the matrix, if you died there you died in the real world too.

  37. I was thinking the same thing in my mind how we can live forever …. so this idea is taken , so i have to find diffrent idea… stay creative 🍎( when we shutdown your brain its feel you r in dreams… if you copy your brain and run it using AI then you will feel like waking up in morning in diffrent body …..)

  38. Mock my words people. I'll make this happen, or I'll die trying. Living forever via uploading your consciousness will be a new level for us. We'll finally beat the one enemy humans have always had. Death.
    Don't ask me how ill do or when. But I'll do it.

  39. the thing is that each nerve cell have a nucleus and likly experience consciousness in some limited way. the brain itself also have a nucleus but a much bigger one made up of tons of cells. this nucleus is like the one in the cells but much bigger. i think that the person is present in the brain nucleus and that the rest of the brain is just cognitive addon. what we need to do is to deconstruct the nerve cell to tell how the program of a single cell works. then we can try copy the instructions of one cell containig replication instructions to self replicate. then we can let the program of the nerve cell digital copy self replicate into a vast network and then we can start teaching it stuff wire input and output. perhaps the source code to create a brain nucleus is just a modified code to create a nerve cell nucleus and hidden in the cell dna. all molecular program can be replicated in machine code instruction, we just need to transelate what the signal molecules do to receptors into command instructions on a computer. example, transelating signal molecule into receptor, if signal molecule equals receptor shape, then call instruction of action. the question is, what happend when the signal molecule activate the receptor. if we can find out what it does activate, we can replicate the behavior of that into a instruction after the if then else call. the problem is, that no cell biologists today have ever atempted to transelate biological program instructions into digital ones from a single cell. the key to create a a human technically as well exists inside two cell of egg and sperm. if we wanted to replicate entire humans in a computer, the way to go was to use a super computer to emulate atoms and create a advanced physics engine. then we would just need to figure out the pattern alignment of all the atoms in the sperm and egg cell as well as the fluid we would need to feed it with and imitate a womb. then copy all these alignment by rearanging and composing the artifial atoms in the right arangements and order and then let the reconstruced egg and sperm and artifical womb do the birth feeding it with artifical nutrition fluid made of computer generated atoms. then we would let it grow inside the super computer artificial simulation into a baby that would grow eventually into a normal human being inside the virtual physics engine inside the super computer. then we can use a debug interface to read the machine code instructions that represent the copy of the biological human in computer code. its hard to say if the artifical copy of a human would be self aware. the biggest problem is to emulate atoms. the computer power to emulate the same number of atoms as in the whole human body would be enormous but a big enough super computer will do it. it think that with the current advances in mobile android type processors, companies can affort to create super computers fast and big enough to simulate a small world. harddrives in flash technology is still behind in development but i think will catch up in the future allowing storage capacity to support the trillions of terabytes of data needed to store the information of a small artifical earth like world on a flat plane. in order to comfort the simulated humans, we would just paste a 2d picture of the moon into the simulation and use a ray caster to fake a sun. then we would use pictures of galaxies to imitate a universe in different angles apart and use multiple ray casters to emulate stars in them.

  40. Our brain has the memory capacity of five Petabytes. The world super computer right now has a memory capacity of five hundred terabytes. So we are about five hundred years away from mapping the human brain and digitizing ourselves completely.

  41. But downloading a brain into a computer would be like creating a copy of yourself, independent from you the moment it is finalized, what about us being able to access a digital world?

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