HCI 140 Course books  Text book Chapters vs Coding Manual Chapters

HCI 140 Course books Text book Chapters vs Coding Manual Chapters

Hello students in this video I’d like to
speak a couple of minutes to you about the books you will be using for this
class you will be using a textbook called
ICD-10-CM PCS Coding and Theory. You will be using two coding manuals
ICD-10-CM clinical measures and that’s the diagnosis codes and ICD-10-PCS
which is the procedure coding system used for inpatient procedures on the
screen in front of you is a page from your textbook and it is chapter 10. What I want to point out is that the numbers for the chapters in your
textbook do not match up to the numbers for the chapters in the ICD-10 manuals.
This is chapter 10 in your textbook and it is speaking to ICD-10-CM,
chapter 1, which covers codes A00-B99 which is for certain infectious and parasitic diseases. In your coding manual there are
the ICD-10-CM official guidelines for coding and reporting, they speak to each
chapter in the manual . So, in the beginning of your coding manuals there will be the
guidelines and at the beginning of each chapter in your coding manual they will
repeat some guidelines specific to that chapter. Now, you’ve watched the
introductory video to the course space and so here we are looking at week five
in the course space. The objectives are listed and then the overview is listed.
If the overview speaks to a chapter it is speaking to a chapter in your
textbook , in the checklist it speaks to the chapters in your textbook, so in this
particular one when it states read chapters 10 and 11,
those are the chapters in your textbook. You’re going to complete the assignment
and you’re going to do chapters 10 and 11. It’s going to assign you
questions from the chapter exercises from the review at the end of the chapter. It is
speaking to the chapter in your textbook and you will study that chapter in your
textbook for the quiz. Now, when I say study that chapter (s), there are exercises
in that chapter that you can code to prepare yourself to take the quiz, but I
would also suggest when this is telling you to study a chapter in your textbook
the chapters that the textbook is speaking to -so there’s a little play on
words here – the chapters in the coding manual – that the chapter in the textbook
is speaking to – you should study those as well . So you should be studying out of
your textbook and you should be studying out of your coding manual. In this
particular case when you’re studying chapter 10 which in your textbook
speaks to chapter 1 in your coding manual , you want to study both of those. So in the checklist we are speaking to the chapters in the textbook
and a little further down here is your reading assignment and it’s speaking
to the chapters in your textbook , and here’s the drop box for your coding
assignment telling you specifically which questions to do in the chapter
review exercises speaking to your textbook. The videos are speaking to the
chapters in your coding manual. So, looking back to the textbook this was chapter 10 and
it was speaking about chapter 1 in your ICD-10-CM coding manual . Here we have
your reading chapters 10 and 11 and in the coding manuals 10 is speaking to
chapter 1 and 11 is speaking to chapter 2 in
the coding manual . You have videos speak to your coding manual . This can
get a little confusing when you’re talking about chapters and you have 3 books , which books am I supposed to be looking at ? I hope that this video helps
clear up a little bit of that confusion. If confusion should occur, if at all you have
any questions at any time , you can post it in the question and answer discussion
board or you can send it to me in a course message and I will be happy to
give you direction . As always I wish you happy coding! 🙂

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