Game Development for Beginners

Game Development for Beginners

I need to know about game development for
beginners. I suggest Khan Academy. I’ve heard of the website by parents relying
on it to explain matrix math for their fourth graders’ common core math homework. What
does that have to do with game development? Reading, writing and math now includes coding
as the modern essentials for the real world. So Khan Academy has lessons on HTML5 and JavaScript. I consider knowing what they are more of a
vocabulary lesson than game development lesson. The site teaches the basics of HTML and JS,
moving up to creating animations in JavaScript and basic game development. OK, I get it. If they can teach elementary
school kids math, I should be able to learn the basics of game development from them. If you do not want to learn coding, you can
try game development engines like Stencyl or GameMaker to make games without coding. That may let me make an app to say I’ve
made an app, but it is not taken seriously if I want an actual job making games. You could try the Pygame dot org site, which
focuses on game development in Python. Python has the added benefit of being used to make
serious web apps too. Or at least being known by a lot of hiring
managers when you put it on your resume. I do not know though, if I want to invest in
Python. If you do not know what language you want
to work in, go to GameDevelopment dot TutsPlus dot com. I’ve heard of TutsPlus dot com as a site
that has tutorials on software programming. The game development section has articles
and tutorials on game development, game monetizing, shaders, game resource management and a lot
of other things you may not learn while learning a programming language. Monetizing it is certainly valuable information. Another free resource is GameDev dot net.
They have articles on shaders, asset managers, the best graphics software, forums for asking
the experts questions and instructions on using things like Adobe Flash to make games. I thought Adobe Flash was going away. Theoretically, Adobe Flash is no longer supported,
but in reality, there are a lot of pop up multimedia ads and 2D games made in it, plus
a lot of free tutorials from Youtube to other sites on how to make games in it. I cannot think of a faster way to make myself
obsolete. If you’re an Apple fanatic, I’d say to
start with Developer dot Apple dot com slash game-center for their resources on developing
games for the iOS. I’d have to start by getting an Apple device
first. So go to Developers dot Google dot com slash
games to get the resources to develop games for Android.

5 thoughts to “Game Development for Beginners”

  1. Thank you for this, I tried learning Unity recently and I hit a brick wall… This will help tremendously.

  2. Khan Academy or go to a game development course in a school. They teach much more than most online resources can provide, from tips and deep information into subjects such as lvalue and rvalue in operators for C++ programming, not to mention the modules are planned out with years of experience and include math vectors, math physics so on and so forth. Even though just 2 months ago i thought online resources could take me far, i realised i never have been more wrong.

  3. what would be a good and interesting career path? python? cloud computing? big data? i wanted to be a game coder of developer, but there is to much competition in game as well as web development , also in database. i am totally confused. what to do?

  4. Good video to discuss. ..

    By the way, is it possible if i can have your advice in this open source android app I have posted below? I am still a beginner and many things to learn. I hope to get more feedback to improve it!…

    Search ' pub:Path Ahead ' in Play Store will do

    Thank-you so-so-so-much !!

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