Galaxy Nails – Step by Step Tutorial

Galaxy Nails – Step by Step Tutorial

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  1. I'm a girl it living OKs blue to me but I'll say its green if you send me a sample of the chrome powder ok I'd be happy with the name and Phpne number of the chrome powder company please….it may be green looking forward to hearing from you ;))

  2. Ow we have these turquoise pillows but they are more blue, so I call them blue pillows but my boyfriend says green pillows haha he really doesn't see any blue in that

  3. I believe there is every colour in the universe. Nebulae. Re: the blue green thing I wonder if one of them is colour blind. Reminds me of my dad who is blue green colourblind.

  4. This video made me happy and I realized it when you said about how dipping the fan brush in alcohol may make it a little bit happier

  5. lovelovelove this design, I particularly felt that doing the flicking motion with the brush & paint made the whole thing become '' The Galaxy '' tfs..…… from across the pond Xv

  6. Nice Video very professional. When your video first came on, I thought it was a YouTube ad lol. Love your presenation and the cameraman's intersections 😀

  7. I always admire your desigN and idea doing nail art design in different way❤️ i started doing as well in my own😍 i learn because of you💜 i love and like your set up 2 camera for us to much see the design❣️love it

  8. hey, I love your videos as a complete newb!
    may you review the sally dipping set

  9. I was under the impression that still air was best for drying regular polish/paint. (Or cuticle oil if u want to deprive paint of oxygen which deters drying) I give my nails 30 sec of being still then coat with cuticle oil and Im good to go.

  10. Nebula's consist of all the colors of the rainbow. U don't have to just create galaxies. & Galaxies have nebulas in them. So look at images of Nebulas. That would be cooooool.

  11. I just LUV LUV LUV this chrome powder myself I had to have it when it came out I still think its the coolest thing! lol Ive been doing nails for over 35 years, I luv your tutorials their great keep them coming your the best !

  12. The moment i heard she said '' smart design'' i thought she would sell it at the end of the video LOL

  13. men have fewer blue/green receptors, generally. there is a statistical gender difference in color perception

  14. %99.9 of the comments are talking about what the cameraman and Susie said about the color of the polish
    %1 other

  15. can you use acrylic paint on gel and just cover with a topcoat? woul you need to remove the sweat layer first? Hope someone can answer..only recently started getting into gel polish

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