100 thoughts to “FL Studio 20 – Complete Beginner Basics Tutorial”

  1. For more detailed videos on each topic, check out my other videos 🙂

    Channel Rack – https://youtu.be/od5lD20Mnvw
    Playlist – https://youtu.be/TkTZLblecPM
    Mixer- https://youtu.be/f1wVqmhLxUc
    Drum Programming – https://youtu.be/bSrR-6BCGy4
    Recording Audio – https://youtu.be/f4tqN19EPlQ
    Side chaining – https://youtu.be/Zl-uG5oIUdg
    Export Settings – https://youtu.be/0rEnGUUJ5oA
    Shortcuts – https://youtu.be/_SS6ZYlxZ7Q
    Workflow Tips – https://youtu.be/aBzQ5KV4glE
    Free Templates – https://youtu.be/V5Lj6M1mdmI

  2. Finally this channel gets the attention it deserves! what a great tutorial, just like every other video in this channel 🙂

  3. I have had the hardest time finding a video on FL that actually made sense to me (I'm brand new with literally zero knowledge) and this seriously helped thank you!!

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  5. When I first got fl studio it was Japanese to me(I don’t know Japanese) but I got the hang of it and now I’m working on an e.p so thx

  6. Yeah so, this is the Super Synth which is one of the most powerful VST's ever made. BUT YOU CAN ALSO CLICK HERE TO GIVE IT A COLOUR!

  7. This was honestly so helpful. I’ve been working around music, whether it be church, singing in a band, or theatre for most of my life so this was very understandable for me. You were so detailed and it made all these new things way less intimidating

  8. Thank you for this! I've been trying to figure the software out on my own for a while, and it's horribly confusing. This is the only guide video I've seen that has actually explained it to me in a concise way!

  9. How can you do it? Image line expert can't explain so fluently clearly as u did.All tutorial videos u made good & valuable.best of luck

  10. Is it necessary to have the full, purchased version of the program to do this kind of basic things? Or is the free trial enough to make a bit of music?

  11. How do you assign what you're doing in the step sequencer to each pattern? For example when you added the drums how was that assigned specifically to pattern 2?

  12. I'm using the trial version of FL to learn the basics. How do I make a cool keyboard melody that isn't just a basic sounding piano?

  13. Very helpful video, even if the program looks daunting at first. I'm not saying it looks any less daunting after watching your video. Biggest problem for me is that I can actually play music on a keyboard and find myself wanting to run before I can walk when it comes to using software like this, and because my initial efforts sound crap I generally give up.

  14. hey what is those red and grey buttons within the channel rack disappear i clicked something now they are gone

    Edit: i mean the read and grey buttons you click and they select where the kick, snare, etc go.
    Edit2: i did try undoing with CTRL+Z

  15. Thank you so much for this video! I originally got the program and it helped for me to just like mess around with it and click on things before even watching this video. I’ve used Audacity a little bit so I’m not sure if that helped but maybe. I’m 18 and from Alaska and we don’t have much up here so I know it might be a little difficult for me to get into the DJ scene and stuff but I am optimistic! I have a few connections that can hopefully get me somewhere. My dream is to be like Alan Walker or similar at least but at the same time mix in some TheFatRat, Marshmello, and S3RL 😂😁

  16. Really helpful tutorial 👍
    I want to chat with you about some more fl studio stuff, so please reply back 💟

  17. at first glance Fl studio looks pretty hard to understand, you really got to have the energy and patience if you expect learning got to edit on this great software .Once you get the hang of it ,its gonna all worth the time you spend because this is the best editing tool for music there is.Even for an amateur like me.I know others like Ableton,Magix,AcidStudio,and so many more that are out there .but Fl its number among them.
    If you dont have money to buy this for all the people whit no sources or have ways to get it.There is a free option from the cyber community that is call LMMS the program its kind of old but it's got all the basic. Give it a try.

  18. Absolutely awesome tutorial, saved me many hours of trial and error. Thank you so much ! I had just purchased FL Studio and now cant wait to start making music with it

  19. If I understand the 'Patterns' correctly, you could end up with at least 10 per instrument, or drum…etc. Intro, V1, V2, Chorus, Bridge, V3, Ending..etc. Is this a valid assessment? It seems like a lot of work to do…

  20. Bruh best tutorial ever… I've been trying to learn FL Studio for years and never understood a thing.. But today it all made sense.. Thank You so much for your Tutorial .. Suscribed Thumbs Up 🙂

  21. how do you stop the sound from chaning when you pick a guitar sound or so, it sounds different when i test it out on the side and different when i insert it?

  22. my text in the channel rack for some reason turns black when i change the color of the instrument. Can someone please help?

  23. Thank you for the detail tutorial, looking forward for more tutorial from you.
    Bro, I just wondering if there is an Indian percussion instruments like
    Tabla, Dholak, Dafli, Shenai, Sitar and so on? I plan to buy this DAW and start
    sequencing my first Hindi Songs. Please advice! Thank You!

  24. Guys, I recently accidentally saved some music as an flp. instead of an mp3 and now cannot listen to it as I am currently using the trial. I would be extremely grateful if someone could convert the file for me. Please reply!!

  25. Hi , i don't know if it's mentioned somewhere in your tutorials (great work btw).
    I can't resize the main window in fl studio 20, meaning I can't go to the corners to 'grab' and resize it
    to my liking. I'm working on a macbook pro late 2013. Is there a way around this.
    Also I have studio Fl 20 installed on my iMac which is connected with 2 other external screens. Here also
    I can't resize or move the whole main window to the next screen. Please advice… Tnx!

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