Finding My PERFECT Foundation Match… Finally

Finding My PERFECT Foundation Match… Finally

hi sisters James Charles here welcome back to my youtube channel so it is officially 2019 now and i hope everyone is having an amazing start to their brand new year i can already tell this one is going to be very very good and also simultaneously fresh i feel like right now everyone is getting super motivated and posting their goals and resolutions all over social media with the hashtag new year new me and for today’s video that is exactly what I am doing too obviously you guys know as a social media influencer and superstar my job is to be in the public eye all the time

100 thoughts to “Finding My PERFECT Foundation Match… Finally”

  1. james should mix all the colors together then maybe he'll find his skin color
    (i am just joking but that would be a funny video seeing james mix all his foundations and using that)

  2. If you think it’s hard for a beauty guru to find their perfect color, how do you think most women feel that have no beauty contracts and t-4mins in Sephora before their family self-destructs? 😂

  3. hate comment: James doesnt match his foundation.
    James: that sucks
    James's logic: I need to put 8,400,947 different foundation shades on my face.
    James: why?
    His logic: DO ITT😠
    (This is a joke dont take it seriously)

  4. James the foundation by Rihanna sucked for me as well however I still bought it because I love her but it just sits on my make up desk sometimes I’ll mix and use but not often

  5. I always match my neck with foundation so I don't have a line when my foundation stops. Lol. I see so many people where their face is dark, then there is a huge orange line and their neck is white as can be

  6. Everyone just needs to stop commenting rude things when it’s really NOT necessary! James is soooooooooo good at his makeup and if you don’t think that something doesn’t look that good, just keep your mouth shut!!!!!!

  7. I think james'skin is pink and yellow undertoned, but the foundation should be yellow toned, just not extremely. A light amount of yellow goes a long way, ly

  8. The Fenty and two faced were the nicest on ur skin! also don't listen to people out here trying to run u down u are so good at makeup I'm actually so jealous of u! i wish i could do make up like u sister!!!

  9. "i can already tell that this year is going to be a really good one"
    literally looses 3 million subscribers in less than a week

  10. James it is November 2019 and I feel like you still don't wanna admit you are pink toned and not warm. I get you wanna be warm so bad but you are pink.

  11. in my opinion having matching foundation isn't super important. I do think you are more a pinky color instead of tan but I get it, being tan would be great, it just doesn't match your skin perfectly, but it's no big deal.

  12. I 100% think that the best foundation for you is the Morphie one. And by the way you have pink undertones. Love you sister

  13. Even if you have pink undertones your good foundation is the makeup forever (ultra HD stick Y235 ) for your hand

    top faced nude For is for your face

    Dior air flash foundation 200 and the fenty beauty pro filter foundation 120 are for all

    The milk is to light
    But for me the morphe is also good

  14. Sis I love u but ur face is pink and ur chest is white so I would go with what matches ur chest but make sure to blend it down to ur chest

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