Everytime People Find a Secret Code on My Videos

Everytime People Find a Secret Code on My Videos

Ah shit, here we go again

88 thoughts to “Everytime People Find a Secret Code on My Videos”

  1. All we had to do, was putting the right damn code, CJ!

    Now that ArcAngela has all the views and we get no Pass-Code

  2. Found this channel out of nowhere, not sure if I'm enjoying this or if I want to blow my brains out. Probably both, thanks Arc

  3. I got your codes.
    Maybe some but its all what the terminal can give…
    You know, the ones once you reach the part of the "Pupil" but if there is more say Yes there is on this commentary.
    If not say No, that's all for now… cause i discovered that you still did not finish It…
    Love your videos ArcAngela.

  4. I tried Depression, and the only thing I found out is a reduction coupon for a stool and a rope.

  5. I found A code, and yet still the terminal denies me…I must understand this mystery, dammit! I will not give up just yet, not until I understand its purpose! This enigma will not beat me!

    …it'll probably beat me eventually.

  6. =^/ so u you like jazz we got that and free food in hell all you can have buffet with jazz just only for one soul =)

  7. Heh,I just found code:D I didn`t knew where I can use it:D Ahahahah!It worked!Try to type sex:D#002 is funny too:D And…Greg,if its you…Memes lanquage:D I will rewrite this message time by time =_= Kindred?I will find all the secrets,but not now:D

  8. im triying to play the starbound, but the shit game ctrashes, but i get my money back :3
    i want for real be a doom marine in dat game . . . .


  10. Born from crystals and ink
    Second daughter of the PathFinder
    Entitled by Redemption
    Reforged by Silence
    The path of all is fated to last
    as long as I fight and as long as I stand.|

  11. ah shit here we go agin-

    stair falling

    cj screaming


    furry dying

    bigsnmoke does the oohs

    nade explodes

    cj goes outside to see


    "awh shit were go again"

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