DIY Drywall Finishing | 18 Tips and Tricks

DIY Drywall Finishing | 18 Tips and Tricks

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  1. Here is a link to my comprehensive drywall training video for beginners. cheers!

  2. Use a pencil and a Level for finding your Fixing for God Sake and they should be marked top n bottom anyway if you think ahead your work will look far more Professional /

  3. I've probably done more drywall than the average DIYer. A whole house, two wood shops and a garage, and I've never had much luck using the roto zip tool to cut out my box holes , but after watching your video and tips I was encouraged to try again. So I did my first 8 boxes using it in my new wood shop and got pretty much the same results, sloppy looking box holes, cut wires, and damaged boxes. So a word to the beginners it does take some practice ! Fortunately for me I'm double dry walling so they don't have to look pretty on the first course.It was difficult to get all the wires back into the boxes because I'm using No. 10 wire for all my 220 V machines. A few wire repairs and I'll be up and running again for the second course, although this time I'm going back to the tried and true measuring and drywall saw ! Thanks for all the tips and tricks though !

  4. Please never use glue to put on corner bead. It doesn't take too long for mud to dry under it when you wipe it out. And you wont have to deal with air bubbles in your mud as the air can not go though the glue and will have to come out instead of into board.

  5. Not only is the Rotozip zippy, wow, you just zipped along through all these tips and I watched and could not stop. I think I just have to zip over to ring the bell now and subscribe because you just made me sit through a video about drywall DIYs and I was just here for the tips for getting smooth joints. To the guy who got one like for saying he fires his guys for doing stuff like this.. umm, I think he is being a jerk because you are helping DIY handy people so they don’t have to deal with jerky people like him..thanks again, now I also want a Rotozip. Although my Dremel has a similar feature. lol

  6. 38:24 who forgot the nail plates? I highly doubt your lack of drywall screws would pass inspection. especially given the weight of a sheet hanging on a few screws on the ceiling.

  7. You guys are awesome! My wife and I are trying to get our home ready to sell, and I have to fix a bunch of cracks in the walls from the previous owner's drywall work. Wall cracks and ceiling cracks all over the place. This video was a great quick lesson. I appreciate the work you put in to make it!

  8. Why are you hanging drywall with an impact driver and not a drywall screw gun? Mesh tape in the inside angle(corner) ya break the strands with your "putty" knife trying to get a square corner later. The corner bead you're using for the soffit is a tape-on cornerbead meant to be mudded on with taping mud or joint compound. I'm curious if Sheetrock really approves of this? I thought Fortnite was the sweaty try-hard hangout.

  9. I'm from New Zealand and I stumbled across your channel, I'm glad I did, for most plasterboard cut outs I use a multi tool, but a roto zip tool is much more efficient and safer. I don't recall ever seeing such a tool down here, but I will have to make enquiries. By the way, your accent sounds Canadian, I can tell by the way you say "owt", but do you use imperial measurements in Canada? I thought that you might have converted to metric. Wonderful channel.

  10. Wow, I am a pretty handy DIY'r but HATE drywall, after watching your tips, I am almost looking forward to my next drywall project!

  11. This is the best, informative, practical, useful tutorial video I watched lately. I wish I watched this about 13 years ago when I did my basement reno! Thanks for the great video. I became a fan of you!
    I have a quick question though… I just bought a brand new house from a well-known builder (TollBrothers) and the drywalls are poorly done especially for the corner edges – It is too noticeable that a lot of them are not square / 90 degrees. What can they do to fix them and what should I tell them so that they can fix them all before the final walkthrough? Thanks in advance.

  12. Been with you since Ottawa Design and Build and I love the videos! One question though…. Where are the box extenders!?!? haha. I looked on your amazon shop and don't see them. Any ideas?

  13. I paid a guy to do my drywall and after he sanded you can faintly see where the butt joints meet and the appearance of drywall tape in some areas, very disappointing. How do you prevent / correct that? He told me to just prime the wall and that should hide it so I did that but then I noticed bubbling also in some spots where the drywall tape was applied across a butt joint. I can see now a good drywall job has to be done skillfully not by just anyone!

  14. I cannot thank you enough!
    To take the time to make these vids and provide stupendous amounts of information.
    I've accomplished so many tasks outside of my profession.
    Finally buying a house i can take the time to love it and do things right.
    For all the DIYers out there, KEEP THE VIDEOS FLOWING!

  15. Spray glueing outside corner-bead was a terrible recommendation. This one tip has cost me hundreds of dollars in tape and glue and hours and hours of labor when I had to cut out and re-do most of it with traditional paper and joint compound when days later the tape lifted. Used quality 3M heavy duty glue and Ultra Flex corner tape.

  16. Guys, your content is amazing. Everyone knows this. The only thing I can say to help you is….. get your amazon affilate links figured out so you can capitalize on people like me who want to buy a product you use and followed your link and it's not useful.
    If you need explanation, let me know.

  17. Dude!! You're fucking rad. I've been in property maintenance for 3 years and have learned as many tricks/tips from you as I have from my 3 years! Keep it up man.

  18. can i try to throw dry mud all over my ceiling to cover up my old popcorn ceiling? instead of removing the popcorn from my old ceiling ? would it work just to cover up the old popcorn from the ceiling for i dont wish to remove the popcorn ……please advice and help with this. thanks. need tips thanks

  19. Note: When using the rotozip, go clockwise when you are cutting around the inside of something (Something flush with the drywall), and counter clockwise when cutting around the outside of something (something that protrudes past the studs/joists). If you do it tis way, the rotozip naturally wants to hug the item in oppose to trying to trail away from it. Much easier this way. Do not use a lot of muscle when using the roto zip. If you do you will likely run away from the box. Hold it delicately so you can feel the box.

  20. commented before about a black eye on a different video, got a response but not an answer lol ps nova scotia born and your videos are the best . im 24 and my boss 71(red seal, sill swings the hammer) sometimes surprises me with mudding jobs and you videos make it easier same with painting

  21. this was like a college class lesson on drywall. thank you for the free lesson. i watched the whole video nothing but professional straight to the point tips no foolishness.

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