Dimash Kudaibergen – Чорнобривці – Marigold – First Time Hearing – Requested Reaction

Dimash Kudaibergen – Чорнобривці – Marigold – First Time Hearing – Requested Reaction

greetings everybody how you doing today
welcome to my channel Rob k reacts I’m Rob K and I reacted music and I react to
that insatiable music and this gentleman right here by the name of Dimash Kudaibergen is incredible but he’s able to do vocally I’ve not seen anybody
else he able to do he’s still young he’s still gonna be a superstar for many many
many years he’s got an amazing community that’s important that are known as the
dealers they are stupendous and everything they do and their support
with dimash incredible I feed off of that I enjoy that I love that I love
making videos with Dimash cuz every time I listen to Dimash I just feel like I’m
just in a different zone a different level different just different strata
Spears you know words I can’t even describe cuz it just mellows me it
brings me to a place that’s just very calm for me and very makes me reflective
a lot of things in my life and just sensationally scintillating but I love it
ready to go start this session off this morning with Dimash I Google translated
the title there it looks to be marigold so yeah this is looks like it’s also
from the show from the video I did two weeks ago so we’re gonna see a lot of
read again I think I believe drama thank you for you to let its up but yeah it’s
time I am also just a heads up I am streaming again regularly over on Twitch
so I may look at doing a damash night one night so I’ll keep you posted on
that by all means here we go Dimash Kudaibergen amaze me a occasional great scale
is again privacy and my party’s for referring to Igor
boris these people Oh Oh you they keep showing that maybe his mother
I need to take a pause I know they’re cutting it on the video that sells for
the algorithm I love when they do that but I still like to take a pause to talk
cuz there’s something like I wanted to mention I’m laying and bag do so I do
that video two weeks ago dommage and I’m laying in bed that night and I’m
thinking I don’t as I call him Igor Boris
I’m literally laying in bed what bars not couldn’t even call an Igor
Boris alright I hope I didn’t call Igor Boris for some reason that wake up the
next day and I go and I look at the comments and I’m like oh my god I call
the reporters so yeah I don’t know how that came about
yeah I love you more and I’m loving Dimashh here Dimash
you know he can kick it up you can pick it up he can rap it he can make it loud
and proud but he also can make it soft and sullen and mellow like this and I
really enjoy this I got a feeling it’s gonna kick it up a little bit maybe I’m
fine if it doesn’t I love when he just brings it down go soft romantic love
softness beautiful let’s go on back that up a
little bit Oh first have I seen that your club Oh but for you she has to be closer Dimash they keep
showing name’s a song about it Bob let me know wow I just got a happy there
but the Marigold effect applause tomorrow
five outstanding gentlemen on your wall bottle so happy to be alive right now
I’m still alive a ticket ETA you see you over at 10:54 music my stimulate fun the world man cuz it needs
it now and you’re certainly the type of performer that can he’s a lot of pain
worldwide big-time big-time big-time i man to my scooter bergen thank you thank
you thank you once again for outstanding vocal outstanding story you know about that female if that was
his mom maybe a little song about his mom my mom mom my mom would have been
nice let me know what’s a guy dare is thank you for your support
commentary everything you do man I love what you do for this guy incredible keep
pushing and keep the poor them let’s all get it done for him making the superstar
he is bound to be cylinder and painter once again we be back soon with some
more damash have a great day thanks for watching you shade a big time
checking online Twitter on Twitch and discord is active as well but yeah I am
streaming again which I’m looking for thinking of doing Adam on stream one
night one of them are in all concerts there’s a few there’s some there I’m
thinking about it I’ll keep you posted have a great day
love y’all man tapes taking time if you see it take care

17 thoughts to “Dimash Kudaibergen – Чорнобривці – Marigold – First Time Hearing – Requested Reaction”

  1. Thank you. “marigolds” is a traditional Ukrainian Folk song dedicated to Mothers. Yes, that was Dimash mother, Svetlana they kept showing.
    FYI, Mothers Day in many Eurasian & European countries is celebrated same time as Spring, around March 22. While in North America Mother’s Day is in May.

  2. Dimash fez uma apresentação extraordinária dessa linda música Ucraniana! Sua voz doce e inebriante e nos deixa extasiados de emoção e amor !! Simplesmente Divino!!
    Pianista espetacular!
    Sua mãe estava lindamente emocionada!! Amei!!

  3. Yeah that was his momma. The song was a Ukrainian song from the 60's and it's about seeing a marigold plant and realizing your mother had planted it years before. And then you remember her kind words and….her aging hands… It's about missing your mother, loving your mother. It has an underlying sadness because it hints that you are losing your mother or have already lost your mother to old age. That was a Ukrainian audience he was singing to and that's why they knew the words so well. Dimash doesn't speak Ukranian as far as I know but he learned this song and the music only 24 hours prior. I heard that this was one of his mothers favorite songs and that Dimash surprised her with it. He layered up those emotions and really pulled the whole crowd in singing in just above a whisper. His mom cried and a foreign audience gave him a standing ovation…. man that serious vocal magic

  4. Awww, thanks Rob, that was much appreciated. What a lovely choice & lovely song, (especially at this time when a lot of our Mums & Grandma's are on 'lock down' here in GB due to the coronavirus & we couldn't visit them Mother's Day on Sunday 😢❤️🥀).
    Big Dimash fan. Wonderful as always.
    Good luck & love to all from 🇬🇧✌️💗💕
    Stay safe everyone xx

  5. Dimash learned the song in Ukrainian the night before to surprise his Mom. He then dedicated it to her and the Ukrainian audience. I know of no other singer who is able to adapt his voice so easily into any musical style or language. Then perform it flawlessly. He is a once in a lifetime talent. 😊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿👍

  6. Lovely song – thank you!
    It’s the same suit but a different venue lol! He sang the premiere of ‘Your Love’ in Moscow at a fashion event at the Kremlin Palace, whilst this was his own solo concert in Kiev (several days later, I think!)

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