Definition of Coupling its functions – Design of Machine

Definition of Coupling its functions – Design of Machine

Hello friends here in this video we will see the Definition of Coupling and its functions for that purpose here we have a diagram now coupling see when there is a shaft shaft as we know it is a rotating member when the length of the shaft is long it means it is Lengthy in that case we don’t make the shaft in one single piece because it is difficult to transport such a shaft so in order to have simplicity what we do is make the shaft in two pieces that is instead of transferring a complete length of shaft we just divide it into two halves and then connect those two halves by using the device called s coupling so I will say that coupling it is a mechanical element which connects the shaft which is in two halves so here I have written the definition of coupling that it is a mechanical element which connects the shaft which is in two halves now how these connection takes place here I have a diagram in which there are two shafts this I can say that it is shaft 1 and here we have the second shaft now when you want to connect these two shafts in that case we would be taking shaft 1 and inserting it into this device which is nothing but called as the coupling and here since it is in the left-hand side I will say that this is left-hand coupling and here we have right-hand coupling now how the connection takes place we would be inserting shaft number 1 in left-hand coupling connecting it with a keyway or here we have keyway so we would be inserting the key which would go into the shaft and this hub next we will take shaft number 2 and connect it in the right-hand coupling by using a key whose half portion is there in the shaft and half is there in this hub when the shaft have been inserted after that we would be joining these two coupling and here as we see there are number of holes provided on the circumference of this coupling so we would be matching or aligning these holes and then we would be inserting bolts in that bolts and nuts so that the coupling becomes tight it becomes a single connection now if we give power to any one of the shaft it would rotate the other shaft and the motion would be transmitted through this coupling so I will say that functions of coupling now when I am defining the functions I will write down the first one it should connect or align to shaft that is the first primary function of a coupling that it should connect or it should align making line two shafts the next point it should prevent shock loading see the meaning of shock loading is that we will be giving power to any one of the shaft and when the power is transmitted to the other shaft there is some amount of time gap so it should not happen that suddenly the shaft starts rotating it should attain the speed gradually that is if it starts with shock load there are chances of shearing breaking of the shaft so it should prevent shock loading next it should properly align the centers of bolts next as we see when you want to connect left-hand and right-hand coupling in that case the holes which are provided for the bolts they should be properly aligned then only the coupling would transferring power in a more simplified or more smooth manner because if the centers are not matching then there are chances of the bolts to shear to break because one coupling it would be rotating and the other one would rotate after some time and because of the center’s not matching there are chances of the bolts to break that would be called a shearing of bolts next there should not be loss of power in the coupling it means when the power is transmitted from one shaft to another through the coupling in that case there should not be power lost in the coupling and finally I can say that the torque transmission should be smooth and avoid noise means coupling should operate in a smooth and silent manner there should not be too much noise from the coupling because it is a rotating member this entire unit that is shaft one left-hand coupling then shaft to right-hand coupling they all together they would be together and then they would be rotating so it should be it should operate in such a way that noise should be to a minimum level next as we have bolts here there are chances of this coupling to attract or to hit any other member which is there operating in close to this coupling so for that purpose we provide a protective cover over this coupling which hides the bolt heads so you’re in this video we have seen what is a coupling and the functions of coupling

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  1. Hello Ekeeda. Can you do a video expalaining maximum allowable torque on a circular shaft, and keyed shaft based on material properties.

  2. thanku so much sir… we had no interest in study but after watching your lecture, it is a great confidence to clear the exam😊😊

  3. You are writing 'function' on board and explaining precautions of couplings…..but nice lecture cleared all my concept

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