Decimation – the algorithm for optimizing triangular meshes

The application window is divided in the two parts. First part on the left side is the view of the optimized triangular mesh. The part on the right side allways shows the original mesh. The triangular mesh is selected from the file menu. Mesh is loaded from the VRML file. This example shows the heightmap. It is possible to adjust a view with the mouse and wheel movements. The view can also show triangle mesh instead of the solid surface. Application also supports different settings. The percentage of decimation can be set in properties window. The decimation is triggered from the menu. Decimation removes triangles according to their impact on visual quality. The triangles that cause the smallest change in visual quality are firstly removed. After couple of steps the visual difference becomes noticeable. The biggest change is visible in a mesh itself. The mesh on the left has only 49% of triangles according to the original one. For the second example, the 3D triangular mesh of the horse is chosen… …and the procedure from the first example is repeated. Decimation process works best on meshes with large number of triangles. In this case… …the decimation can remove majority of triangles… …and the visual quality of the model is still acceptable. Even though the horse model has been optimised to 31% of the original one… …its visual quality is still good. Thanks for watching. Please visit our web page.

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