Hey what’s up! This is Focus of the Flow Mo Crew and – a lot of people say the cyphering is gone or if it still
exists in jams, that people don’t know how to do it anymore.
Well today we’re gonna address the issue and make a change
here at the Knowledge Drop. Why do we even still need cyphers and call out battles
anyhow? The big stuff takes place on the big circles and livestreams
now who cares about what’s going on in the dark corners in the back? Well the
fact of the a matter is that cyphers and call out battles are the culture. People
getting together to celebrate music and unity and settle beef through battling. If
those are being stripped out completely then once again we’re one step closer to
mechanical sports, far away from the origins of this artform. Besides being a
big part of the fun I see this as a way of carrying on tradition, plus jams
without cyphers are mad boring. That’s why you always find Flow Mo Crew rocking
it and killing it in the cyphers and if there’s no cyphers in the jam, we’ll make
them. We’re one of the last crew that has self-made our status and name in the
cyphers. Hopefully there’ll be more in the future as well and it’s never too late.
There are a bunch of ill jams in the whole world that value the tradition and
appreciate cyphers, give time and space for people who a love cyphering and
battling people in the cyphers as well. Cyphers is where the good stuff takes
place. If you ever been to one with your favorite breakers getting loose, you know,
then most likely you’re already hooked. No round limits, no tie breakers, no boring
stare offs, wasting everybody’s time, and music and you don’t have to dance if the
music is wack or too fast. Cyphers are also unexpected and raw,
you might get called out by the person that you look up to the most any given
day any given time, and that’s the beauty of it too. In what other discipline you
might get called out by a living legend any day? Imagine yourself casually playing
golf one day and out of the blue Tiger Woods comes and challenges you for your
swing, to see if your skills match your cockiness? What a lesson to learn
right? Or you’re on your afternoon swim and suddenly Michael Phelps calls you
out for your goggles, random right? Call outs were there before the competition
ever existed and should still be cherished today. They keep the rawness as
part of what we do. A lot of people act tough on the stage and all cocky but
whenever it’s cypher time they’re nowhere to be found. To get the respect of
the elders you still need to pay dues in the cyphers as well. So let’s get right
into it, the cypher etiquette do’s and don’ts of cyphering. Do respect the
others rockin with you. Don’t touch, don’t block, don’t hit nobody else in the
cypher okay? Respect the flow of the circle, so avoid rushing in when there’s a
million others trying to get in like a bunch of piranhas okay? A great circle
has a good flow of people getting in and out, exchanging skills and energy. That’s a
cypher that will be remembered. Read the circle, look for opportunities in space.
What I mean by that is if somebody finishes right in front of you,
it’s not your turn to go in, you got no space and it’s impossible to squeeze in
somehow. If they finish on the other side of the circle, there’s plenty of space
for you to start your round. If somebody’s on the side of the
circle and looks like he’s about to jump in or she’s about to jump in, most likely
they’re about to do it, so you either take your space or respect their turn
and take the next round. If the circle’s too crowded, start your
own. What’s a better feeling than starting your own circle that turns out to become
an unforgettable cypher. In that case it flows on your terms as well so you
get to control the whole thing. And if you don’t believe me, then you can try
this on the next jam that you go to. Start dancing on the side and you’ll be
surprised how quick a cypher forms around you. Do give props where props are
due. If you give respect, you can expect respect in return. If you act like a dick,
then you can expect respect from anybody. Control your moves. Don’t crash through
the audience or kick the people on the side. Scale your moves if the
cypher is small, be aware of your personal skill level and the space that
you have. Think 3D. If the circle gets too small then you can always play with
levels, you can always go up and down there’s always space for that,
if you can’t move sideways. If the cypher gets small then you don’t always have
to go around if you don’t have space for it, you learn to switch your directions
and also learn to stay on one side of the body only, if you still want to hit
the floor with your rounds. Dress fresh man. Your presence makes a
difference in the energy of that circle. So respect the circle by dressing
accordingly and you will boost energy of the circle in a good way.
Rep with your crew so you will boost each other’s fire when it comes to rockin cyphers. Look for inspiration from crews like $7 or MZK who
are known for bringing in great numbers and taking over the circles, so you know
what I’m talking about. React to the music. Go crazy on the
breaks of the record and get loose. Don’t just run your sets, but dance actually.
If the music changes then change your dance as well. Moving on to the don’ts.
Don’t practice your moves no more. The time of the practice is done, now
it’s time for the real deal, so react to your mistakes, correct your mistakes and
benefit from your mistakes, learn to freestyle, don’t just crash all over the
place. And don’t stretch on the side of the circle. It should go without saying but
unfortunately it doesn’t. A total vibe killer for anybody. Don’t sweat all
crazy, come on. If you’re turning all sweaty
then stop, take a break, take a drink and change your shirt. Nobody wants your
sweat dripping all over the place on the side of the circle while you rock or
touch the floor after you’ve been soaking the floor with your back rocks. Funky
doesn’t necessarily have to mean the smell of your dance. Don’t call out
everybody all the time okay. There is always a time for a dope call out battle,
but a battle done in vain just to get attention can also ruin the vibe of the circle.
Prefer battling over beef then just to show off. A dope exchange with masterminds
can add to a circle, not interrupt the flow of it. And lastly, don’t wait for
your turn all stiff on the side. It’s alright to groove a little bit on the
sides while waiting for your turn, to bring in some of that party vibe. We are
not in a funeral, unless you getting smoked real bad. So next time you go into a jam,
don’t forget to cypher a little bit okay, that way you will contribute to the
well-being of our culture. Support local jams that appreciate the tradition.
That’s all folks, thank you for your time. Now comment below which one is your
personal favorite of the do’s and don’ts. Always stay tuned for more okay,
signing out with the Knowledge Drop Peace!


  1. one thing many dancer don't know cypher basically means code and they must learn how to read the code. good video a lot of useful knowledge for many people

  2. Funky doesn’t have to mean the smell of your dance….. best line ever….Man this such a problem where I’m from. Lol.

  3. We all are so lucky to get this valuable knowledge for free ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you Focus🙏

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