Cypher ’17 v1.1

Cypher 17! Summer Truth ooooo. “17 Cyphers” 17 cyphers fam Whats good? We are.. of B.O.C. (Board of Culture) Rigo on Camera Zac manning the dog We got Tundra with us. We brought the breeze. The phenom. Ice wind blows. All right, shoot so uhh. We about to just get it cracking like Repeat that, Repeat that Bro its just a new wave I’m starting. “A’cross” Whenever i see an arguement if both sides can just kind of like look
past the argument and think about the positivity they can rhyme between there
to reconciling and creating a new view where you find like reconciliation of all mankind. it’s crazy a club people could they sit notice I’m
only speaking back get the truth I’m with you tell us just keep ice cooler
from the five towers they connect and it off because my homies also blessings I’m
sharing in the world also taught ourselves practical done let’s try to
get this blue now you’re doing it bottle time public burning dawn pizzas pull the
power in to begin of us Boston football tackle take a pee on the screen secret
out of don’t think if they put are you bring it all brag they could go with the
cheese so then I could cat there but you’re way way way back plus y ou K no
lost in the clouds thinking back a day we used to have Lost it damn. Lost it damn……. but I found it now Yo Tundra panting on the beat. Let her spit bars She got that tug. Alright. We trying to go to Barnes and Noble? Dog does better with space to chill. Fastest way is to go straight and then make a left. you want to walk there or drive? Because we have to come back for our cars. Hop in the whip. bouta Hop in the whip hop in the whip Skrrt Skrrt man i’m gone in the whip Fish tail, how we do it, fuck your hell aye! Bouta do it and these shawties in a spell aye. How we do it off the top like Toupe How we do it off the top like Lupe? no Jay hold up with the hey, I’m a horse and your girl get hoarse When it’s in her throat, when she want more How I do it with some gore, man you know. When its gushing with the blood how it’s ohh Overdose, bouta get a band-aid niggas know I got bandanas and a plague bouta just kill it, niggas know I’m ill and A virus. Man through the sinus Man you know I got it. Yeah I got a litmus. Test it man I’m fitNESS Let you know this excercise in the truth Let you know it’s fine how I kill the youth And I do it from the tooth. From the concrete I speak. Do it from the peak. Know I Never sleep do it with some sleet and some hail. *beat change* and some snow Sometimes you hit gold body and the beat gotta end. it’s only the first one. The first cyph. 17 Cyph number 1 We’re about halfway through. I’ve been waiting all day. hey. I’ve been waiting all day. JBL in my arm hey I’ve been waiting all day. Yeah I’ve been waiting all day for this moment Speak to the camera, let em know how I’m feeling, I’ve been Ive been reeling in, some millions ok that’s in a couple years a couple
years but listen to me that shit gone really happen fell offbeat now I gotta
catch my traction And my camera Man walking backward. Even though we moving forwards Now that’s mind fucking Told them stop playing with me. I ain’t playing witcha Even though I got the Nike’s on, I still dunk on ya. Maybe I am playing with ya Maybe I am flipping Millions Maybe I flip Millions, Maybe I flip millions Maybe man I’m dealing, maybe man i’m dealing maybe it’s just a feeling maybe just a
feeling tell me do you do you remember oh shit
man I got a second yeah you know our members hold up thats dismember take it
all apart take it all apart take it all apart part part that’s art. ima need a breathe. ima need a second Is that beat going to drop? you going to get this blessing is this a
lesson that I’m talk too fast the beads are too slow can’t come close because I
know overdose when I think that I’m going I know it’s arrogance a confidence
doesn’t really matter pray my splatter Mad Hatter that’s the
fact no factors I do this is the truth ruthless and you know it hollow bomb
abusing it I’m coasting those face can’t trace you don’t know my name man is
burry when I’m closer and I’ll just let it go when I know know that I’m done
fact meant a Sun Sun up Sun down dawn man on yond hold up man I’m gone full up
that’s a jog all I needs an eight to the face in a dove and an end maybe J to the
front John wait bring it back yawn why do you see got an A got a dub in an end
never really end let it just blend homie up then yeah got the out flow maybe some
Amega niggas ones that I just got cheddar
all I know feta maybe mozzarella yeah got jack never no pepper butter let it
go that’s a red snapper got you oh hold up Mulligan I pull up
yeah you know the Hitchcock pull up man I pull up I got me some moa
somoa. Yeah I got moa. Let you noah This beat didn’t have to be there. Young Track Flowa actual
footage when the camera got good shit and it has a composition who knows maybe
it’s just off the hip all of I drew this influence you know it. I Doc it I flow it
I see it no picture division Northwest I do this no chess checkmate with the
schottische you wait off the hip she she’s waiting for me I know it ain’t free she
think it’s a spree I feel just like Glee you know no happy that the E no Mali I’ll let it go get it back that’s just
the facts and the truth is I lack on the tree when I don’t have no peace I’m
fasting hold man it’s passing hold man I’m gassing
Hold man its tastless when you face this In the facets and the aspects when I do this, no gas mask

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