“CtPI” – Encode Text into Colored Pixels!

See the description to know in short what is it 😉 Here you can see some buttons, the text field and (invisible by now) canvas. SRL stands for Standard Recognizable Library of characters to colors. RL injection is importing of custom one. There are some options as you can see, I’ll explain later. This thing shows currect RL configuration i.e. Character | It’s color Let’s try some text and will see the result. Now, the image is generated, we can save it for later. Let’s take a closer look at it. Well, every pixel is encoded character :O Let’s find if the first letter ‘T’ matches it’s color! It is, great! Let’s do vice versa — decode the picture back into the text! It works! Now, some options: Spacing means how many “empty” pixels are between colored pixels, I hope that’s clear. It works just like a normal one, so it’s made for decoration reasons 😉 Then, output type defines the type of an image file (for technical/advanced reasons). And the last one is still W.I.P. so I can’t show you how it works 🙁 Thanks for watching, have a nice day and good luck 😀

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