Crossdresser Tips for Beginner  : How to Crossdressing

Crossdresser Tips for Beginner : How to Crossdressing

If you are just starting out with cross dressing it can get a bit tricky and overwhelming at first. A lot of beginner crossdresser get confused on how to start properly and how to look their best. Here are 10 tips for beginners about how to get good at crossdressing. No.1. Clothing. Dressing in the right outfit can really make you feel wonderful. So, it is important to select clothes that you would really like to wear and feel comfortable in. From dresses skirts leggings, Tops, Shorts. There are so many options It is a good idea to buy outfits for yourself rather than borrowing it from others as it may not be a right fit for you. Take measurement of your body and understand what your body type is then select the outfits. That is a good fit for you Generally women have small body size compared to men So be careful while buying dresses or outfits as they may not come in your size There are also many online stores for cross dressers nowadays where you have many options to choose from number two Undergarments and lingerie if you really want to feel feminine you can’t miss to wear a bra and panty Undergarments can really make you feel more sensual and exciting Getting padded bras will be helpful to get a convincing bust as you can stuff in with tissues, balloons or breast forms as well also Wearing lingerie like pantyhose, baby dolls, bikini will make you feel really feminine and beautiful So do get some nice lingerie for yourself Number 3. Shapewear, it is really possible to alter your body’s shape shapewear like corsets, hip pads, butt enhancer, waist clincher Etc can give you a convincing feminine figure. Guys generally have smaller hips and butts than women Getting the right shapewear will surely make a big difference in your transformation Waist clinching undergarments or corsets can help to achieve a more hourglass figure Number 4. Makeup. makeup can really help to modify your features to appear more feminine But this also depends on how good you are with applying makeup start with foundation Eyeliner and lipstick you will need some practice to get better Check makeup tutorials to sharpen your makeup skills, then keep exploring different options Also, it is very important that you put makeup in good lighting environment so that you can see better while applying makeup No.5 Hair wigs Hair wigs play an important role to enhance your feminine appearance You will also feel quite feminine while wearing a hair wig. if your hair is long enough, you don’t need to buy one But if your hair is short, we really recommend to get a nice hair wig for yourself You will really feel the difference while cross dressing with a hair wig There are many options from long hair to short hair and also many different styles Try to get quality wigs than cheap wigs as they give you a more refined looks Number 6. Shoes. If you are a crossdresser and still haven’t put on a nice pair of heels You are surely missing out a lot in cross-dressing Heels can really give your legs and overall looks a great push to appear more feminine and it’s super fun . Of course heels are not the only choice there are so many wonderful styles of women’s shoes You can choose from there are wedges, pumps, flats, boots and many more Getting the right shoes can be tricky for most cross dressers because women’s shoes tend to come in smaller sizes only But the good news is you can easily shop for the right size at online cross-dressing stores Number 7. breast forms if you really want to invest in your looks as a crossdesser breast forms is a great way to enhance your feminine figure as well as feel feminine Nowadays, there are different types of breast forms available which can transform your male shape completely into a female figure. Not only do they look real They also feel quite real. It can get a little expensive depending on the quality But it is totally worth it since they can last quite long Number 8. Be yourself. The most important thing is to be happy and enjoy every part of cross-dressing When it comes to cross-dressing every individual have their own way of doing it Some cross dress and private and some crossdressers want to go out in public whether you’re at home or in public Cross-dressing is supposed to be fun drop the guilt, l the comparisons and the need for perfection and enjoy being the woman that you are We really hope these tips will be helpful to you. You can get all the products mentioned in this video at They have a great selection of products for crossdressers Have fun cross-dressing and do subscribe for latest video updates Thanks for watching

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  1. Wonderful and so interesting. I love and so admirer the crossdressers, they really have an amazing PINK WORLD of life! Thanks for the share.

  2. Thanks for all the lovely comments & likes ❀️❀️
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  3. when people say cross dressing a lot of people do it for fun but i do it cause i prefer and find female clothes more comfy and its something that makes me feel like myself i dont do it for fun i do it for myself and how i feel about it

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