Create a Website – Restaurant and Cafe – 2018 WordPress Avada Theme

Create a Website – Restaurant and Cafe – 2018 WordPress Avada Theme

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  1. Great Video!! Thank you so much, I learned more these last 2 hours then I have all year from searching various forums.

    I have a question- How would I add my Blog feed to the main menu and add call to actions contact boxes so prospective clients could reach me? Call to action box as a sidebar on any Static page or Blog post?

    I will be using an Avada template

    Please and thank you so much!

  2. Thanks for all of your videos, they have been extremely helpful ! Please keep doing them, I do have a question ? If I have a fitness blog and I want to have a store on there, do I need to create a separate website and link this from my blog – OR – is there a way for me to run the store from my blog ?

    If you could help that would be much appreciated.


  3. great video.. but i am having trouble downloading the cafe demo.. are you using specific program to open it and save it to the desktop? or a specific browser that makes a difference

  4. The best Avada demo tutorial! How about doing one more on the new "Modern Shop" demo with WooCommerce. Looking forward forward it! Great job! Thanks you ver much!

  5. can't you just go into dashboards—> avada—>install demos and choose cafe demo rather than installing all in one migration and going to that link to find the cafe demo?

  6. Ticket Number 75008 – I bought your avada theme, and want to make changes to the pages, but every time I go to edit the page it doesn't open at all. It is stuck at the attached screen. This is for all the pages.

  7. Hi There , you guys have great customer support and this video is very useful. I want to create a new website for kindergarten do you have similar sort of video and theme I can buy? Would it let me install demo content same as this theme?

  8. wow.. great video, i was having trouble to edit my page for ages until i found your tutorial. Really great job!!

    i have a question – how do i edit the logo on the footer?

  9. Great videos..Thank you very much..I learned a lot from you..Great coach..I hope if you can tell me how to create an affiliate webstore that promote different retailers products like amazon,ebay and clickbank for example..what if a client add to cart a product from amazon and onother product from ebay?!..I can't figure it out..please advice

  10. i wanna use google drive as my host. Can i use word press with that?
    i will be very thankful if you help me with that 🙂

  11. Helloo, for now, im your fan and when u gonna drop some video tutorial about how to update a wordpress theme?


  12. I ran into this error while uploading the theme: The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.
    What should I do?

  13. Hello, I ran into an error when I tried to upload the ¨Cafe Demo¨ in the ¨all in one WP migration¨… I´ve tried to uploaded 3 times and I had to wait at least 30 minutes each time. At the end of the wait the demo never upload

  14. please let me know if I could integrate stripe with this site and design a website that can take orders online or even get payment for it???

  15. thanks for the video man it truly help me learn to start my own website..i have aproblem when uploading my theme it just remain on 0% progression could you help me resolve it .

  16. I am getting WordPress Install failure notice when trying to install the theme. I tried to contact the Avada support, but received no response. Any advice on this ?

  17. hi when I click on or about-us food & drink … or an error is displayed :Not Found

    The requested URL /projetrestaurant/wordpress/about-us/ was not found on this server.

  18. Hello there. I went from total moron to "genius" in 1:24:10…. Thank you very much… THE BEST WordPress tutorial ever 🙂 Now im making my Avada website with plesure. Now i only need a tuturial on how to make events in event calendar to fit nicely into the theme. Greetings from Denmark.

  19. Thank you so much for the intro tutorial – great work – I will certainly be in touch for any of the more complex stuff that I can't do.

  20. I used co ordinates to make sure google maps support my location. Still it says , "the page didn't load google mapc correctly. See the Javascript console for technical details"

  21. Hi MediaCoach,
    i have an question.
    How to add opening hours to the menu location instead of social widgets? Is that possible?

    Thank you

  22. At 39min you show how to edit the page using the drag and drop options. When I click to edit my page, all this stuff is in text form, even if I click on the visual button (versus text/code button). I have the latest avada version installed. Is there a setting I missed to make these drag and drop edit options appear? Does it make a difference that I'm on a mac?

  23. Hey, I'm having issues with my fusion builder. When i try and edit a page it appears blank and my fusion builder is not there. The plug in is installed and I've never had this problem please help?

  24. I honestly didn't watch all parts in detail since most parts are not new from other videos. (thanks for the upload btw) I looked into details of menu part though but doesn't seem to have what I'm looking for. I'm trying to do a single menu item clicked jumps to s detailed info page with specific info like in nutritional facts listed where I set up a template and client later adds a new item and fills in on their own. Is this something doable with this theme or even WordPress itself ? Template kinda looks promising.

  25. Hi very good tuto, some question regarding the option Theme appearance as I couldn't find it on my dashboard . Any help on that ? See ya

  26. Thank you very much!!! My website is up and running now! Such a great support even though you don't get anything from helping me out :))) Hostgator as well, its costumer support was very efficient, only when you email them directly through your account, otherwise you'll get the wrong response. All the best! Please continue posting more free tutorials!

  27. I decided to make my website with help of others before watching this video, now i will build it myself. Thanks for your STEP-BY-STEP video, great job!!!

  28. Hi! Thanks for the tutorial! It's very helpful. I have 2 questions. How do you change font and font size? Also how do you copy the same container on more than one page? Thanks!!

  29. Can you do a tutorial on how to import pages from multiple Avada themes? I like pages from different themes, not just one. Thanks!

  30. I love the tutorial! hope your still answering questions on this video? was wondering if you can tell me how to do a take out option as well for this? and where does it sink up to for the ticket to print? please if you can help? thank you

  31. your video is great,,but I wanted to know that how have you done this parallax background and what element did you used for that…step by step…

  32. This video was well done. Thank you for showing how to do major and nuanced edits in this WordPress Theme. You focused on things that would concern restaurant owners and how they would create a website to attract and respond to customers.

  33. Would be awesome if you could do an updated tutorial of Avada. I purchased Avada to follow your steps but running into challenges because of the new updated version dashboard etc. looks very different now…

  34. Awesome video!! very detailed. I have a question, I operate a fitness meal prep company, how would I have menu that my customers can pick and customize there meals, and how would I add a payment gateway?

  35. hey hello there buddy. i'm really impressed about your efforts on this tutorial video, but i have a questions i hope you can help me out with it .. okay so my dad own a restaurant and we need a full service website of fully options for our customers. what i need to do is to add a quantity on each item food so the customer can order through our online page where we need to also link our whatsapp number on shopping cart where the customers easy to orders and send it direct to the number which is link to the shopping cart , and also i dont know how to add the shopping cart … i be much appreciate it if you help us with that one

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