Computer Science Is A Lot 🎵

Computer Science Is A Lot 🎵

Yo! I just made it into Computer Science Upper Division! What?! How many classes you got? (Straight Up)
How many notes you got? (Straight Up)
How many projects you got? (Straight Up)
How much homework you got? (A lot)
How much code you got (A lot) Break into units (A block)
How many times you segfault Access memory you ain’t got (A lot)
Semicolon goes missing (A lot) Member Access Operator (A dot)
Root pointer is NULL (You Stop) Floating Point Operations (A Flop)
How many errors you got? (A lot)
How many memory leaks? (A lot)
How many infinity loops? (A lot)
How much help did you need? (A lot)
How many times did you pass (A lot) How many times did you fail (A lot)
How much anxiety do you go through But still dodging them L’s (A lot)

11 thoughts to “Computer Science Is A Lot 🎵”

  1. Great way to start off a Saturday! Nice to get some bars from ya, Mike! Hope your classes are going well. Peace!

  2. I can't stop watching this video over n over lol, it's amazing frl and I'm sure your doing amazing things… don't stop.🎉

  3. this is hilarious and soooo relatable! so proud of you Mike, keep pushing, you got this ✊ btw your hair is amazing

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