Coding Internship to Jr Developer How it Happened

Chelsea: Can you tell me a little bit about your internship process? And you went to Q Centrix as an intern, and now have been hired on as a dev. Tucker: Correct. Chelsea: But before all of that, like what was it about Q Centrix that kind of caught your eye? What was that internship process like of interviewing with different companies and things like that? Tucker: Yeah, so I think I interviewed with … it’s either five or six internship companies. Kind of rewinding first, the presentation that Q Centrix put on I think was probably the best, right? It was kind of to the point – this is what we do. But it was very clear that it was a very solid company. I love the presenters; they did a good job, right? But the interview process I think was where a lot of like I guess judging the companies would come in, right? What I like about Q Centrix is it kind of gave me my … It’s not the first, but one of the harder technical interviews, which is something I really wanted to get under my belt, right? Because I knew that going into this industry technical interviews were going to be kind of the make-or-break thing, right? So the more practice I got, the better. Chelsea: They can daunting. Tucker: Yeah, they can be really daunting and you’re nervous, that’s okay. And they gave a really solid technical interview, but also were friendly and welcoming at the same, right? So it wasn’t like super … It was serious, but it wasn’t super serious to where you were like … and I guess it ease the nerves with how welcoming they were, it’s like here’s your technical questions, but it’s good, like just do it, you’re fine. I don’t know, the atmosphere that they created in that interview room was great to me. And I left that interview knowing that that was probably going to be my number one decision, because I just loved it. And that ended up being the case, I picked them as my number one, I was really lucky to get them, placement wise for internship, went in, did some testing with Ruby on Rails, R Spec to begin with. I did four weeks with them, loved coming every day, it was a great transition from learning at LEARN to go in there and doing some more … a lot more advanced stuff that I hadn’t really done before. Internship was great. And that last week was pretty nerve-wracking, it was actually the last day, it was a Friday. I said, “Well, this is it. I don’t know, hopefully it’s not it, but it could be it.” And then going into that meeting with my lead and getting that news that I’d been offered a position was just crazy to me. Chelsea: So exciting. huge I’ll never forget it was huge so it
kind of like you know really solidified Tucker: It was huge. I’ll never forget it, it was huge. So it kind of like really solidified that all the hard work, all the late nights, all the early mornings, the long days, everything had really paid off. And so, yeah, that’ll be something I take with me forever.

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