Chromium OS & Open Source

Chromium OS & Open Source

I’m Martin Bligh, working
on system software for Chromium OS. Chromium OS is an open source
project just like Chromium is. We wanted to form a
collaborative project, working with other companies and
independent developers to produce a great
product for the web. It means developing code in the
open, publish the source code, and take modifications
from others. Not just after we’re done
making a release, but allowing people to see development
as it happens. We put a live git tree
on Google developers will
be working off the same tree as everybody else. It means developing
together with others. We’ll be able to integrate
great ideas from people outside of Google. For example, Chrome OS is based
on the Linux kernel, so there’s a huge pool of talent
contributing to it. We’re working closely with
other projects like Moblin from Intel, Ubuntu from Canonical,
and WebKit from Apple, to name just a few. Where we’ve adopted code from
other projects, we’ll send our changes back to them,
for all to benefit from. It means sharing more
than just code. We’ll open up our bugs and
features request database as a project from to
allow people to see what problems we’re working on. We’ll publish design documents,
as well as the code, so you can see the requirements and
the ideas, as well as the implementation. Others will be able to get
feedback from the design, as well as the code
and help it evolve. We’ll publish our certification
test suites and benchmarks to allow hardware vendors to work
locally on problems without a cycle time going back
and forth with us. It means being more
open with hardware. We’ll publish a description of
our hardware requirements, so if you have hardware that meets
those requirements, let us know. We’ll be pushing hardware
vendors to supply open source drivers. We’ve discussed how our
verified boot system works, but we also need to allow
developers to work on these machines, so we added a big
fork in the road when we load the kernel. Most people will take the
trusted boot part, but there will also be a mode that will
warn you clearly you’re in the development mode and then the
training wheels and air bags are off. The system is yours
to play with. We want to create something
that people can understand, believe in, and trust. For more information,
go to

100 thoughts to “Chromium OS & Open Source”

  1. @thejohnnyg87

    Well if Opera decides to go open source, you technically could design this as Chrome and FireFox both are.

  2. @countlessnine You could already play some oldschool games like doom and quake 1 and 2 on a webbased level.. So it won't take long untill we are there.. I promise you..

  3. @FatDaws hey, to take a strong (and nasty) project like ubuntu, i think that it's a easy way to developt a new distro, what do U want "linux from scratch" (distro)

  4. @aibomart Chromium OS was designed for people who go straight to their browsers on start up and remain there until shut down. If you are a gamer or an 'editor' you are not their target audience.

  5. @Maxcited can you think for yourself? Sub-par addons, really nasty security, google tracking and storing all your data, the risk of your computer becoming a botnet? Do people honestly not care about these things anymore? Do you just listen to the adverts and hear the word faster so HERP DERP its better? Think for yourself. Opera is a great alternative. Firefox is secure fast and has add-ons. Minefield (FF 4 Beta) is the same speed as google in benchmarks.
    Think. Please.

  6. @IASB50 None of that matters anymore, in a world of computer noobs, Chrome is better, it looks pretty, and the colors match my clothes.

  7. @DinosaurYeahYeah You are completely right, Chromium OS is designed for Porn-Watchers and facebook addicts. It should come with a webcam that's slightly turned downwards to my penis, that way, I could go to ChatRoulette with style. 😉

  8. @freetrader0000 True true.
    The good thing is we get to see people try to partition there harddrive installing ChromeOS. Going to be fun to watch 😉

  9. @IASB50 You're being paranoid 😀 … I say it's best because it's simple and doesn't have much of those annoying addons … That much….

  10. @skoobydew20 Are you really that retarded? The main areas in which Google are in are the Browser, OS, Search, Phone and various other random things, mostly pertained to the other areas…Browser there's IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera. OS Windows, all the shit loads of other Linux, OS X. Search, there's Bing, Yahoo and others. Phone, there's random generic ones, there's MeeGo, Windows mobile, i OS etc…You have CHOICES, PS don't like google delete your Youtube account then.

  11. I am a student who doesn't have internet access throughout most of my campus. I'm wondering if I will be able to save and load rich text editors without the internet if I am using Chrome OS.

  12. @Maxcited That's funny. I swear any other browser I have will allow me to play the FB Scrabble application. This seems to be a task too advanced for Chrome to accomplish so far. So no, while it has some cool bells and whistles, it certainly isn't the best browser out there.

  13. @Maxcited I make a great argument for SRWare's Iron browser, though. It is almost completely chrome compatible, I even use chrome's extensions. It is pretty much the same as Chrome, except without the "spyware" features that bug some people about Chrome and Chromium.

  14. @sinand99 Not if we talk netbooks. Ubuntu Netbook Edition is a mess, but the whole concept behind Chromium OS is to use Chromium as a Window Manager to the Web, I've even read somewhere that that was the whole point of Chrome anyway, and one of the reasons it treats each tab as a different process (I personally believe this is an excellent idea)

  15. how does sharing code make it more secure?
    It makes it easier to break and go around because you can physically see how its constructed.

  16. @skoobydew20 Aww someone's butthurt. Google couldn't monopolize even if they wanted too, which they don't., They just want to be better. Yahoo still exists, It's the 4th most visited site even. still exists #51. Bing #25. IE, Firefox, Opera, and Safari still exist. The internet isn't like the real world, monopolizing is a lot harder. Chrome OS isn't going to replace Windows, not even Linux or Mac. Calm down and take a chill pill. And to top it off it's OPEN SOURCEl

  17. @vargulf19 Dude who cares if its open source. All im saying is that Google wants to be everything in ur life. well im gonna leave u along before i get rape by open source android tards hahaha

  18. Open source is the future.
    For Programs,desktop ,mobile devices, servers and much more.
    Google has realised that. The whole world is waking up to it.
    Go open source!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Chrome browser is very secure because apps run in a tight sandbox and can't damage the host OS. If they misbehave they just self destruct. New IE9 is a touch faster but, wonder of wonders, it has the clean stripped down look that Chrome was born with. I use it on several systems and about the only things it can't run are a few specialized business apps and Microsoft Update.
    Where does Google make from Chrome?

  20. Chrome browser is very secure because apps run in a tight sandbox and can't damage the host OS. If they misbehave they just self destruct. New IE9 is a touch faster but, wonder of wonders, it has the clean stripped down look that Chrome was born with. I use Chrome on several systems and about the only things it can't run are a few specialized business apps and Microsoft Update.
    Where does Google make from Chrome?

  21. Open source OSes such as Chrome and the many other Linux distros won't work. It's like not having a government or police, you can do whatever the fuck you want, but nobody will help you if you do something that fucks you up. There also will be people editing the code to make it malicious and trying to fuck everybody else. The reason people like open source is mostly because it's free (as in beer) and runs great on old machines

  22. Microsoft has one thing over all other OSes, and that is self extracting programs.
    no other OS can recreate that and sell it with out Microsoft suing their ass off, face it, if linux had a self extracting program built into it, most of us would be using linux

  23. @K2ACP Open source HARDLY means that someone is coding malicious software into your OS. And im running Ubuntu right now and it seems to be working just fine. I have had 0-little problems with it. plus its FREE. nice. and its also nice that we have an entire community working on coding things.

  24. @skoobydew20 How can Google monopolize you if its free? way to put a little thought in it… 🙂

  25. @RSready4death What do you mean self-extracting programs? You mean installers? Because RPM & DEB beats Windows's system any day of the week, mostly because of the system of dependencies that is available so that an package can download all the other necessary packages. In windows you usually get all the libraries bundled with the application, so in your download folder you probably have like a hundred copies of Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable.

  26. @johnz7777 no open source means free. if there are peer-reviewers, that software is no longer open source because with open-source anybody can edit the code as long as they redistribute it back to the community. You're an asshat, go jump in a lake.

  27. @johnz7777 no, it's just that i don't see open-source as a viable model for operating systems, just like i don't see communism as a viable model for ruling a country. how was i providing a disservice? I was merely stating my opinion. many companies don't acknowledge gpl or copyleft, because it's stupid. Copyright was created for a reason- to make sure nobody reproduces your work. Without copyright, companies can do whatever the hell the want with the source code, and claim it as their own.

  28. @johnz7777 but they're already doing whatever they want with open-source code. patent laws are all confusing and convoluted, many companies unintentionally infringe patents by accident. even with copyleft, companies can steal the source code and use it as they want.

  29. @johnz7777 well, if you could elaborate on your statement that apple stole open-source code, that'd be great. The only thing I can think of is the Mach kernel from BSD and that wasn't even apple, it was NeXTSTEP. Which was WAY back in the early 90's. And it wasn't really stealing since it was open-source. OS X marketshare was DEFIANTLY not lower than linux's in 2006. OS X has currently a 20% marketshare, and i know for a fact that linux doesn't have 17% marketshare, it's much lower than that.

  30. Come on. I'm a mathematician, I know that 17+20+90 = 100… right?

    Apple and Microsoft are Evil. Free Software is Good. Wow, that sumarises the thing. I don't care what is the marketshare, it doesn't change my premises.

    Most of the people using a crapy OS doesn't make that crappy OS better.

  31. You NEED a lot of programs running locally to do your job.. Internet application nowadays can't handle enough files… When they do, and people buy everything from google (phone + pc + tablet + internetprovider), you will notice privacy will be gone. Google is infiltrating every aspect of life, storing more personal information than you know.. It's dangerous! This said, I still love Chrome OS 😀

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  33. @cristicbz speaking of dependencies, this is a problem before in XP, when you install similar DLL files from different programs, it will cause a conflict and a problem. they tried to solve it in Vista, but damn, the WinSXS folder gets bigger. i don't know in Windows 7 though. I don't know because I am using Linux. 😀

  34. @HoID1 You may be right, Google has purchased a SEA load of fiber optic trunks and with this, they would be very likely able to control the Internet in the future…

  35. I'm personally not worried about privacy one bit. I trust Google with my information. Google is my god(otherwise, I'm atheistic).

  36. I downloaded Vanilla Os and it took me 10 minutes to delete the hell out of it …. WTF …where are those bleeding edge programs they are talking about … I can't watch youtube . because there is a historical feud between the Earls of Chrome and the Lords of Adobe … I can't play media files ,, it gives me errors all the time ..what about word processing ? what a complete utter waste of time

  37. How is it ironic? I am on Windows right now because I have to use it (Photoshop) and I can still complain about Microsoft's evil practices. The more people complain, the faster an alternative will come to all that crap.

  38. Omg you use no more than 10% of my audio at any time… Any chance you can bug youtube to implement audio boost, or talk loud enough that I can hear you…

  39. Is there anyway that I could install Chrome OS to other computer/laptop? Because I'm in Vietnam and Chromebook won't ship to Vietnam but I really want to try Chrome OS so I'm hoping if there is anyway to install Cr OS, in official way of Google?

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  41. Who is this Guy ? And ehy is he stealing my data ideas and zombie footed @chromium project 5 cool you must be getting tired of lying on camera lol I'll

  42. Hi, all
    I'm wondering how 3rd-party device to run Chromium OS, as I know RK3399 is supported but seems no idea if SBC board can run Chromium OS:

    Good day!

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