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Hey guys, it’s destiny, and I’m back at Graham plastic surgery once again But this time I am getting a VI chemical peel in this video. You will see me getting the chemical peel done as well as getting educated on what the chemical peel actually does and Also, my thoughts on the whole process And how I felt throughout the peeling and all that good stuff when I first got there had to sign a consent form this basically states that my results may vary I may not peel and I Possibly could have a weird rare reaction to the chemical, but I didn’t hey guys its that’s me And I’m about to eat up VIP. Oh and Katie my nurse practitioner is gonna Talk to you guys really quick and inform you on what I’m getting today today Justin’s gonna get a VIP Oh, this is a really awesome peel It’s a synergist district blend of multiple ingredients that kind of work together to give you a really deep exfoliation But the great thing about it is it’s safe for all skin types, and it has minimal downtime although you will physically peel It’s not an extended peel So you really shouldn’t pale past about ten days on it has tricor acetic acid in it it has Phenol in it it has retinoic acid vitamin C And salicylic acid so these all work together to do like I said the deeper exfoliation about three days You’ll start peeling and you’ll reveal Amazingly beautiful fresh skin underneath the eye peel is great for age spots acne and acne scars Fine lines and wrinkles it’s a really great peel for just about everybody We’re just gonna do your pre cleanse here just remove the day the sunscreen everything that’s on your skin And then we’re going to prep your skin with acetone Which again like Dina was telling you some people think that’s the hardest part of the peel because it is kind of a caustic smell But it’s really preps the skin because it dehydrates it and prepares it for the peel to just soak right in So we’re kind of aggressive with the acetone because we do like this I want the skin to be really prepped for this so I started your forehead I think it just sucks all the moisture right out of your skin Come on okay, yeah great, I’m gonna go under your nose. Okay ready hey, bud. I harnessed Park We’re gonna avoid the mucous membranes here I’m gonna protect you your lips and around your eyes and some parts of your nose, too before we start the peel, but we’ll prep the skin first It’s like a fast one. Yep a little bit of aquaphor. We’ll put on there We can get down your neck a little bit to Seoul right before The really great thing about this peel is not only that it’s safe for all skin types, but it it is Basically painless when I say basically you’ll feel about 10 to 15 seconds of some warming Followed by what feels like another numbing sensation, that’s the phenol in it You know is a chemical cotton so it exfoliates But it also has the numbing properties. I’m going to put a little bit around your eyes I stay clear from your eyes, but just right in the corners just in case And your lips look nice and moisturized, so I’m not going to put anything on there Okay, so with this one this VIP with precision is like sense It is it doesn’t go busto so it’s about 25% stronger. You get a little bit more product with it mm-hmm So you can traditionally do about 3 passes with the VIP? Oh this one? I can really do probably 3 4 or 5 so I’m starting the peel at your forehead and you want to pay attention to how I’m my level of aggression when I’m kind of putting this peel on because You’re gonna want to repeat that with your post-care towelettes, which we’ll talk about as the peel sits on your face ok So you see I’m kind of covering all the areas How you feeling so far good good under your nose ready Okay So that’s past number one CSD I’m getting a little more aggressive see how I’m going to kind of going back and forth with it you’re gonna want to do This exact same thing okay, because you really want to get that Agent in there, and I’m paying close attention to your skin. I’m watching for any frosting or any adverse reaction, but you’re doing great You’re gonna love this You Are going to be using some more product later tonight, and then there’s also a post peel protectant which has Hydrocortisone mm-hmm it has oat kernel aloe All things are gonna kind of help soothe your skin especially when you’re when you begin the peeling process Here skin really likes this so far not getting too close to the eyes. I want to always make sure that Okay to close Under chin here in the first kind of time we went across we kind of put a small layer on and that really numbs the Skin up mmm so that when I get a little more aggressive, and I get more product down there. You’re already numb It feels like cooling it doesn’t or you look like like a cooling sensation Awesome, and you’re gonna feel really really tight because not only is your skin dehydrated, but we’re going further with the chemical exfoliation No burning on your lips or nose area perfect I love this peel. It’s so easy and it’s safe the humming factor with that, but total about four or five Oh four and a half Like I said it doesn’t hurt no It’s that first layer when I put that first layer on like I said I kind of put a more thinner layer on to numb the skin, and then when you get the thicker More aggressive kind of passes you don’t feel it. Yeah, so this is right after I got The chemical on my face right and it’s just gonna stay on my face for four hours Yep, okay, at least four hours. You can always go a little longer, okay, but you know it’s 1:30 now It’s about 5:30 6 o’clock. You’re gonna wash it off. Okay, and you get a really neat little take home kit, it’s Self-explanatory really once you read through it. It’s great It’s easy and it is very important to continue the peeling process to ensure that you get the maximum benefits from your peel so the most important thing before we Even talk about this is what to avoid for the next 72 hours And really can do it up to 96 hours its heat you want to make sure that you don’t create any post inflammatory hyperpigmentation On your skin and sun exposure of course so when you go home after your peel in 4 hours you’re gonna wash the peel off of your face gently with a washcloth using the VI Durham cleanser And then you’re going to follow that With your first VIP post peel tawa these have retinoic acid and vitamin C in them And you’re gonna do exactly what I did in the areas where I put the peel you’re gonna follow with this and After about 10 minutes with your skin tone We’re gonna have you apply a little bit of the post peel protectant? So right before you go to bed at night You’re gonna wash your face again using the provided VI derm cleanser And then you’re gonna follow up with your second VI post peel towel app mm-hmm and again I’d wait about 10 minutes really let that retinoic acid and vitamin C start working And then you can follow with a tiny little bit of your post peel protective so my sister’s getting a hydro facial right now All right But I just got my Peel done in my face feels kind of just like tingly It’s not really hurting or burning or anything it Just feels really tingly it kind of especially around my mouth, but it doesn’t burn it doesn’t hurt Okay, guys, it’s around 638 and I’m about to Take off the initial peel and use the post protectant pads This is how my face is looking right now and My face just looks like I have on like a tinted orange moisturizer type thing going on so this is a little kit that they gave me and It has the post peel protect it in there, and this is just for I guess the itching and all that good stuff That’s gonna happen. I hope I don’t is too much, and this is the SPF 50 So I also got three post peel towelettes it also comes with the cleansers oh It smells very strong, so I’m just gonna rub my face for as long as I possibly can oh that kind of burns right there I’m just rubbing the solution in This is sure wrong Oh, oh my God look at that So right now my skin feels pretty dry I was thinking that after Using this towelette it would feel kind of moisturize, but it definitely dried up my skin So it’s been about 20 minutes, and my face is feeling kind of itchy like right here That’s my daughter No, worry about that But my face is feeling really itchy like right Here and like right here underneath my nose and my face feels super super dry I’m gonna apply the post peel to protect it all over my face because it feels kind of itchy Okay guys it is 12:20 4:00 in the morning. It is the next day technically. I’m just about to lay down. I’m extremely exhausted But I have another step. I need to do before I go to sleep Put a little bit in my face feels so dry So tired face So edgy This time the towelette is not as dirty Which is good. I guess so this time. I face looking right now. I will see you guys Hey guys it is Friday its 5:12 p.m.. And my skin is feeling a very tight and If I get close enough you can see like It’s just very Wrinkly and tight it’s starting to get pretty tight there and then even on this side I have on sunscreen so don’t worry about that, but it’s just getting to be very Tight around my mouth especially around this area and on my cheek areas. It’s just really really really really really tight right now I’m not feeling or anything yet. This is I think technically day 2, so I do have one peel pad left I just looked in the bag. I have one more left because they provide you with 3. I’m gonna use that tonight I’m not gonna show you guys how I wash my face again until after I start feeling Today is Saturday. It’s 11:30 2:00 in the morning and I started peeling a little bit, so let me get close-up So you guys can see my lips are super crusty cuz I feel like some of the peels got on my lips And I didn’t want to put on the chapstick I’m just starting to feel a little bit around my lips here in this area, and I started to peel a Little bit right here my eyes are a little irritated like right here in this area because some of the peel Obviously got right here It’s really really light peeling I’m a little afraid right now at this point that I’m not gonna peel as much as I want to But you know there’s only technically like the second or third day So I think I’m just freaking out a little bit And I did take the skin softener effect off of this camera. It does. Have a built in skin softening effect But it still looks like my skin is softened a little bit And I don’t know why but this is all I’m looking at super crusty and dusty so I will see you guys in the next update So yes, I’m looking super dusty, I’ve just been cleaning the house most of the day, but it is 4:17 p.m. It’s Saturday still and As you heard in the last type I didn’t think I was gonna start peeling right away, but as you can see? This happened within like a couple hours, and it’s super itchy I didn’t really start to peel up here only a little bit But down here is where it started peeling first my dark marks Have gotten a lot darker because I feel like they’re just gonna fall off like Most of the pigments just gonna go away, so this is how it’s looking right now It’s just really peeling around my mouth It is now 8 o’clock on the – it’s still Saturday, this is what my face is looking right now I have people coming over and I think I want to scare them a little bit, but this is not my face is looking Super crazy right I think I’m gonna cut some of these pieces off But this is how it’s looking just peeling a lot around the mouth. I’m not picking it at all I’m just trying to let it heal on its own, so as you can see Right now this is how it’s looking The skin is just peeling off And it usually starts around the mouth, and that’s where it’s starting at right now I’m really curious to see what other people’s reaction of my face is gonna be so this will be fun all right Hi Hi, everyone. Hi Look at my face. Oh Right are you? So this is my face right now. I just came back upstairs. This is how much? It’s peeling it’s about I really 10 o’clock, and it’s not my face is looking That’s gross, right So that’s my face right now. I’m gonna wash my face really quickly and just get some of the dead skin off Hey guys excuse my wretchedness going on here, I took my head wrap off and She’s copying me it is 208 in the morning and my face is peeling This is how much it’s peeled you can tell the clear difference of the skin like the color super dark here super white right here, and it’s starting to peel on my forehead right here and underneath my eyebrows here and Underneath my nose like above my lip is basically peel. This is how my face is looking right now Very like wrinkly like and it started peeling around this area first On my eyelids as you can see is a little bit red the Lighting’s not too Good, but it’s a little bit red on my eyelids Anytime I get a chemical peel. It gets really red right in this area and my forehead always peels last Honestly, this is the first Chemical peel that I got that was this deep um But I feel like the results will be Pretty good. No say good night everyone Hey guys it is Sunday April Fool’s Day Easter so this is the actual new skin around here, and then this is the skin that’s peeling obviously so this is how much it’s peeled so far, and I start gonna peel around my nose area right here and Then up here in this area, it’s really starting to peel and this peeled a little bit and then It’s just really tight in this area right here, you can tell this is gonna. Peel really soon. Oh Crazy, but I’m going to show you guys how I wash my face with all this skin hanging off because you’re not supposed to really wash your faces vigorously because you could mess up your face and create more hyperpigmentation and all that good stuff if the skin comes off prematurely so I’m just gonna show you guys how I actually wash my face what I like to do first I go in with my Oils it’s like a blend of oils. It’s really really good for my skin like it reacts really well with my skin and Usually when I get a chemical peel and the latter parts of the chemical peel I like to use products that I’ve been using on my skin so my skin does not freak out This is a blend of like tea tree oil and like other oils that my skin really really loves I’ve been using this for years. I just put it in this little bottle right here It’s the Hollywood tea tree oil from Walmart Bob. Calm. It’s like antifungal and has a ton of Nice oils in it for my skin my skin loves it And it doesn’t break me out or anything like that this soap is well. It’s really really good for my skin and I stopped using these products for a while Don’t know why it’s probably because I’m a vlogger and I get sent a ton of skincare products I use a lot of stuff of my face that I want to try out and then my skin reacts to it And then I’m like why did I change my skincare routine that was stupid destiny you know the whole nine yards I go through this all the time start off by Just dripping some of this oil on my skin. I like to boil cleanse first Before cleansing Because I feel like this message has helped me a lot to be a lot less oily so And this also helps Get some of the dead skin off your face, too And this doesn’t burn the new skin at all it actually makes it feel a lot Better. It kind of soothes the skin as you can see I have some skin on my hand and I like to Massage in the direction that the skin is actually going instead of the opposite direction because you don’t want to pull The skin off too early I go in with my cleanser And this cleanser has like nothing in it. It’s a nice Cleanser I like to rub my hands together first So I don’t have to scrub it’s hard on my face, and I just go in and close Very gently in my skin right now is very tingly Very James Deb my face dry At night I’d like to use the anti itch cream during the day I do not like to use it because it burns your new skin. I only use that Because my face itches more at night what I like to do in the mornings with the peel is I? go in with my tea tree oil blend I Don’t put as much as I did when I cleansed, but I try to focus the oil mainly on the new skin And I just like to rub it in This just keeps the new skin for me very like supple and it doesn’t I don’t I don’t like my face to be dry at all because dry skin for me Equals breakouts oh so now I’m gonna go in with my sunscreen. I have to use a sunscreen if you don’t use a sunscreen Especially when you have a peel your skin will burn I’m not going out in the Sun or in change that but still your skin is super exposed Hey guys, so it’s about 1250 in the morning April 2nd and I’m just getting ready to go to bed. I’m gonna wash my face Take a shower all that good stuff But this is what my face is looking like currently all of this has peeled All the way up to here don’t mind this white stuff. It’s sunscreen that I put on this morning But this is how much? Has peeled? This peel is definitely intense For sure and then as you can see I have a huge piece hanging on the top of my forehead All of this was itching like crazy, so I’ve been kind of rubbing it a little bit, but my forehead is really starting to peel Yeah as you can see all of this is just about to go my hair is a mess But I’m still tired I’m getting ready to go to bed, I almost forgot to actually vlog yes super cute, right It is Tuesday April 3rd and it’s 4:15 in the afternoon. I haven’t washed my face yet today. I’ve been running around building stuff I Just wrapped my head in this towel because my hair is a mess and I’m probably not going to do it until I start filming again, so technically, this is day 6 of the chemical peel and This is how my face is looking right now. I still have a good amount of skin to Actually peel off and then this side. It’s like around this area here The areas that have peeled already are still really flaky, and I feel like skin is still gonna peel Somewhat there, too. If that makes sense this is how I’m looking right now So yeah, I probably won’t update you guys again until the peel is completely over with so yeah So here are the results of my peel as you can see there’s a huge difference well to me There is just in one peel of course. I have to go through two more treatments to complete the final Process, but overall, I love this peel if you have really really stubborn hyperpigmentation like I do I would highly suggest getting this peel. It was definitely worth it I will definitely be getting a second one done when I have enough time I want to get the series of three like Katie suggested I will list everything that you guys need to know about this peel in the description box And I will see you guys in the next video

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