C Programming: Advanced Data Types | DartmouthX and IMTx on edX

PETRA BONFERT-TAYLOR: Wherever you see
electronic devices, there most likely is some C code under the hood. C is used where speed and
flexibility are important, such as an embedded systems
or high-performance computing. C is a foundational programming
language taught at engineering schools around the world, and represents one of
the building blocks of modern computer information technology. RÉMI SHARROCK: Many programming
languages provide a number of built-in data types to store things
such as integers, decimals, and characters into variables. What if you wanted to store more complex
data, such as a customer’s name, age, and other relevant data,
all in one single variable? PETRA BONFERT-TAYLOR:
In this course, you will define your own
data types in C and use the newly created types to more
efficiently store and process your data. RÉMI SHARROCK: You will also work with
dynamically-created lists of your own objects, and design
algorithms to sort them. PETRA BONFERT-TAYLOR:
You will be able to dive right in via powerful
yet simple coding tools. No need to install anything. RÉMI SHARROCK: We are excited to
continue to guide you along your path to becoming a skilled C programmer BOTH: Let’s get coding. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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