Build a Flash Card App for the Google Assistant with No Code – Template Tutorial #1

Build a Flash Card App for the Google Assistant with No Code – Template Tutorial #1

Green, and Developer Advocate for Actions on Google. Today, I want to show you
some very cool templates that we created to make it
super easy for you to make a new app without any code. I’ll show you here. Let’s dive in. When you open the Action
on Google console page, you will see all
the current option. Pretty nice, huh? What do you want to build today? A trivia game? Or maybe a flash card
game, to help a student with their next physics exam? Let’s go with helping people
learn something new, OK? The next step is to click on
the Flash Card Build button. You’ll come to
this screen, where you can customize your app by
choosing a personality that reflects how you want to sound. Different
personalities will have different ways of presenting
your prompt and response. Go ahead, click the
Play button to hear examples of those prompts. And choose one that makes
the most sense for your app. REGAL QUEEN: Your
intelligence is staggering. [HARP MUSIC] IDO GREEN: And we could
check Mr. Montgomery. [BEEP] MR. MONTGOMERY: I like that
answer, because it’s right. [PERCUSSION MUSIC] Pencils down. The game is over. And now, for your score. [BEEPING] IDO GREEN: So choose
the one, and click Next. Now we’re getting somewhere. In this part, we’ll
add questions, answers, and hints for the game. And we’ll use a
Google Sheet for that. Easy, no? Click on the Google
Sheet dialog. And you will see this
dialogue with an option to click and make a copy. Click on the link. And then you’ll get a new
browser tab with this option. Click on the Make a Copy button. And you’ll get your
very own Google sheet. Remember there are a
few important things to be careful of. Make sure to change all the
content on those two sheets we provided here. We’ll create a new questions and
answer based on your own topic. Please note, if
something is wrong, you’ll get a
warning on the cell. No biggie, you can fix that. Once the question and
answer is completed, click on the Configuration
tab, and make sure you change the values of
each cell to fit your new app. After that, you’re done here. Copy the URL at the top. Now you should paste this URL
into the previous screen, where there is a field for your URL. And this is the dialog
after we copy the URL to our Google sheet. That was the build part. Cool, huh? Click on the Create App in
order to close this wizard. Now, let’s take a quick
coffee break, have a drink, and test our app
for the assistant. Cool? Too test our app, we need to
click on the Test App button. The web simulator is a great
tool that let us test our work and see how it’s going to work
on Google Home and phones. It’s important to use our
app for the assistant, and see that everything
is working well before we submit our app for a review. By the way, if you are
logged in into the assistant with the same account on
your phone or Google Home, you can test your
creation there as well. As you could see, you
could talk or type and test your flash card game. That was it. You now know how to
use templates and make new app without any code. Check out the
YouTube description below for links and
other documentation in our blog post about
Actions Template. Until next time, be strong
and create amazing apps. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. This is an awesome way to get young children into making apps, such a simple setup. Imagine the joy they would feel seeing and hearing their own app playing. Well done Google 👍

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