100 thoughts to “BTS – CYPHER 4 ENG SUB REACTION [GOOD F***ING GOD]”

  1. Omg This is first vid I watched from you. You seem lit. Anyway I can't listen to cypher pt 4 without remembering cypher pt 4 translated into Shakespearean english. I suggest you to react to that. •♡•

  2. 흔한 아미의 모습..한마리의 공작새가 날라다니는쥴…(한국어한국어한국어한국어)융기가 최애인가지여!!!(흥분

  3. U should listen to the misheard I was dying anyway…
    Me: lmao
    Ehhh. U wanne be my life I was like hell yea!! Like who don't wanne be famous an sunshine like jhope
    Me: some if it is funny if u misheard it haha like Whaaaaaa click to the bang bang bangg🙌😹😵😂😂😘
    i LOVE I LOVE I LoVE myself ur player u should love yourself damn duh I love my life like dude

  4. BTW…UR AN DANGER. cause ur into kOp viruses an there no clue to stop it just to tell u.an I'm also into kOp viruses.when u say u hate K-pop when u hate K-pop.sometime I wish I could go back an Slap MY dAmn FACE like seriously what ur saying K-pop are the coolest thing.an if into K-pop viruses ur life is gonna change an it will be better than ever like this guy dancing…

  5. You have too be one of my favorite army's that I wish I was friends with in real life the hype is real 💜💜🙏🏻

  6. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
    싸이퍼 2,3 영상이랑 어거스트D
    영상은 없나요? 아무리 찾아도 안보여요ㅜㅜ

  7. Cameron ame tu reaccion a los CYPHER de BTS.. reconozco que odiaba el rap pero con RM..SUGA y Jhope no puedo dejar de escuchar esa musica..te sigo desde Argentina.

  8. My favorite rappers
    1. lil meow meow
    2. Sunshine
    3. Namtiddies
    4. Tae Tae
    5. Grandpa jin
    6. Jeon Cena
    7. Jibooty
    8. Cameron pickles

  9. When i first hear the song at the end oh hobi verse just before the "i love i love i love myself" it's like someone said "fuck you" but very very law

  10. I don’t know if people noticed this (because I sure as hell didn’t until it was pointed out to me), but at the end of Jhope’s verse, when he’s telling you to lean in close and hear his words, he literally says “fuck you”. It’s so quiet that I never noticed until someone pointed it out in another reaction vid.

  11. Uwuwuwu look at that excited baby!! I'm so soft!

    Look at him being all hyped up over EVERYTHING

    * jumps around * "THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE SONG!!"

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