BTS Bon Voyage S2 – EP.8 (with Subtitle)

BTS Bon Voyage S2 – EP.8 (with Subtitle)

What should we do today?
Writing a letter? Let’s take some time to
write a letter to each other. Starting from Jimin.
Jimin writes a letter to J-Hope, Hoseok. – J-Hope!
– Really? [A long, sincere letter]
Looks like you’ll receive a sincere letter. It’s going to be touching. J-Hope will write to Suga, Yoongi. Really? Is it Hope? – Suga will write to Jin, Seokjin.
– To Jin? – Really? [Curious]
How was this decided? – Isn’t it by age?
– I think it’s from younger to older. – No.
– Is it not? Jin will write to Jungkook. Jungkook will write to Rap Mon. I didn’t expect that. That leaves Rap Mon to Taehyung. – Then I write to Jimin?
– And V will write to Jimin. I should use this. – Sincerely.
– Right. Here. Is our letter going to be
revealed later or not? [The letters will be revealed on a cruise ship]
We’ll reveal them. Please write with your sincere heart. Let’s promise before we start
writing a letter. Don’t say stuff like,
“Oh, you wrote that”. [No sneak peek for the final moment]
– Alright. – If you guys want, You may move to different spots
to write your letter. [Tight security]
Then I’ll move to our room. – I wrote a letter to Hoseok recently.
– Really? [Ctrl+C Ctrl+V] – Can I write the same thing?
– When? – I wrote to Yoongi as well.
– Really? – On his birthday? – Yes. I haven’t read it yet. – I was afraid a long letter might
make you cringe. – I should go somewhere. Just one line. [Make it short] – Just
“Happy birthday, Suga” is enough. – OK. – It wasn’t that short.
– Suga, Happy… “Happy BD” [Write only the initials]
“Happy BD”. That is enough, actually. I feel a bit uncomfortable with letters. [Respect your style] I figured,
so I kept it pretty short. [The closer, the more cringe he gets]
A letter from a close friend makes me cringe. [I agree]
I know. I have no problem with
reading the letters from our fans. [Cringe alert]
When you get it from your friend, whoa~ I can’t take it.
Writing to them is hard as well. While I was writing,
I was like “Ugh!” [Need to prepare yourself]
I went like “Ugh” when I wrote a card to Hoseok. It wasn’t easy. Now… [Awkward] I feel so weird to
write a letter to Suga. Since we don’t usually do this stuff. [Focused] It’s hard. It’s pretty hard.
What are you writing? – Sincerely.
– Who are you writing to? I’m not going to tell you. You?
I know you’re writing to Jimin. You’re right. [Jimin is still loading]
It takes 2 hours for me to write a letter. [Feeling stuck since it’s been so long]
I don’t know what to write. [Use a stream of consciousness]
You can write anything off the top of your head. Use a stream of consciousness. [Say whatever pops into your head]
– I’m hungry. – You got tanned. [Whatver. Say anything off the top of their head]
– Aren’t you hungry? – I’m hungry. Let’s go eat something together. The last line would be,
“Anyways, take care”. Anyways. Anyways. Why did you come back, Rap Mon? There was no place to write a letter. Teehee. [Don’t care]
I’m embarrassed. [Sneaking a peek]
Dae… [Teehee] [Recommendation for Rap Mon]
There’s a table at the pool. I’m going to go out. My outfit says I have to go to the
swimming pool to write a letter. You should avoid tanning now. – Don’t I look like a Polynesian?
– Yeah. [Rap Mon concentrates
at the outdoor table] [Fidgeting after writing
only the first line] [Hey] You keep spying on others’ letters.
You only wrote five letters. I wrote seven letters. “J-Hope, I am Jimin”.
That’s seven letters. You’re sneaking a peek
after writing only 7 letters. I wrote down everything
on this sheet of paper. [Suga’s letter in one simple sheet of paper]
– What is on my mind. – I need more paper. Are you done? – No. Are you?
– Who are you writing to? Jimin? [Stealing a glance]
Jimin. [No chance]
Stop looking. Go away. – Go away already.
– Please. Go away. Where are your manners?
Go away already. You want to be pinched? – Let me see.
– You want to get pinched? Go ahead.
I’m not going to bother you. Don’t. [Let’s see] [Keeping visil] I can’t see anything. [Standing up after his cute tricks]
– I can’t see anything. – Let me teach you a lesson. [Run away] [Sneak in] [Go away] Are you going to give it to me? I wanted you to comfirm it. Go. Go. [The youngest barges in after finishing his letter]
I can’t write mine. Go away. Alright. I’m leaving. Look who’s talking.
You peeped at others’ letters. – I know.
– I didn’t. [The tables are turned]
That’s selfish. Punch him, Jungkook! It’s so cheesy,
I can’t write anymore. [Fingers and toes curled up]
Even though it’s cheesy… Because this is going to be revealed. [Feeling refreshed]
Nice, JK! I need to get something to drink. [Brutal] You didn’t try to
dislocate my shouders, did you? [J-Hope finished his letter!]
I’m done. This… might make him
shed tears. Oh boy. [Super focused]
V. You look serious. It’s time to wrap up, guys.
We need to leave now. [Jin’s English Class]
JK! How do you say “wrap up” in English? – Clean.
– Yeah. [Rap Mon is back] – How do you say
“wrap up” in English? – Are you done? It’s back and forth. [Overflowing confidence]
You guys are so insincere. It’s the first letter to the members.
Can’t believe that’s all you want to write. – It’s not our first letter.
– It’s not our first letter. [Panic] – Then I was in the wrong.
– It’s your first letter. – First time for me? My letter should be boring
as I wrote only serious stuff. I have an allergy to seriousness. [Suddenly asking for a beat]
Give me 60 bpm trap beat. [Making a beat on the spot]
Who broke this already? J-Hope! [Impromptu flow dedicated to J-Hope] – J-Hope.
– Isn’t trap beat freaking hard? – Brazil’s most beloved member of BTS…
– Let’s count on J-Hope. [Always boils down to praising J-Hope]
– J-Hope is the best. – J-Hope is on a roll. – Who is the most popular Korean artist?
– That’s J-Hope. – J-Hope. [J-Hope, no doubt] The best American artist in 2017,
J. Cole. – The best Korean dancer in 2017, J Black.
– Right. [Then] [Needless to say, it’s J-Hope]
The best guy of 2017. [Hurray for Hoseok]
J-Hope is a really cool guy. [Confused]
Feels like you guys are picking on me. Hope. All the burden you lay on us
is your coolness. (pun) [Feels pretty good] Hope, I’m going to buy you a bag. – What kind of bag?
– You-are-mine bag. Unbelievable. That was cute.
You-are-mine bag. Now what do we do? Then Jimin, please finish your letter
in the car. [Haven’t finished his letter]
I’ll see you guys on the cruise ship. – See you.
– See you on the cruise ship. [The sky cleared up after a shower] Let’s go!
It’s the boat on the right. We’re getting on a cruise ship. [A private cruise to mark the end of their
trip to Hawaii] – The ship… – I think it’s on the right. That’s one cool-looking ship. I rented that ship.
Have as much fun as you can. I got wine and all. – Aloha.
– Wow. The ship looks unique. – Aloha. – Alright.
We’ll take your shoes here. – Really? [Enter barefoot to avoid falling on slippery floor]
– OK. – Do we have to go barefoot? [Thick face]
– I’m Klimt. – I’m Ash. – Ash. – You’re Klimt?
– Klamton. – Klint? – Aloha.
– Aloha. – Hello.
– What is this? A hammock, a hammock!
Isn’t it? [Silly]
Are we going to fish here? It’s not as soft as I thought. It’s wet since it just rained. The rain poured out a little while ago. [Exciting music] You know what they do
in a music video. [Dance] – Hello.
– Guys, my name is Captain Jim. – Welcome aboard. – Captain Jim.
– Hau’oli’oli. – Hi, Jim. – Hau’oli’oli. [Food to accompany the
gorgeous sunset in Hawaii is ready] What we’re going to do is
we’re going to head out. Do a little cruise
watch the sunset. We’ll have the bar open for you guys.
We also have some good food as well, OK? – Yeah. – What I’m going to do?
You can come up top and hang out with me. You can drive a boat
if you want, okay? – OK. – Not a problem.
– Thank you, Jim. – Yeah, of course.
– Thank you, captain. – I’m glad that was short.
– Good afternoon. Aloha. – Aloha. – This is a life jacket, alright?
– Uh huh. We have it in here, alright?
There. Inside. Right down there. – Yeah.
– Life jackets are in the back. – OK. Also, inside, juices, soda, water. Soda. – Drinks. – Drinks.
– Cocktails – Cocktails. – Beer, wine. I can’t drink. Inside, just ask us
and we’ll give it to you. – Okay.
– Alright. – Thank you. Aloha.
– Thank you. J-Hope! [Taking a few pictures on a cruise ship]
1, 2, 3. Take that ship down! – Isn’t it raining?
– I think it’s pouring. [A sudden shower]
It’s raining, guys. Storm…
What was it? [Don’t care about rain] – Can you see those
dark clouds? – Let me enjoy this sweet moment. [Sip] People are really fishing.
I guess the water is really deep here. [Generous]
I’ll take your picture. Act cool. [Jimin is cool even though he doesn’t try] [Painful memory of seasickness, J-Hope is
fully prepared] I took motion sickness medicine. Are you getting seasick, J-Hope? Hobi can’t get seasick. [Useful tip]
You shouldn’t be inside, if you get seasick. – I should be outside?
– Yes. [Shaking] – It is likely to get seasick.
– It’s easy to get seasick inside. [Delicate] [Jimin transcribes what he typed
in his phone on a letter] Jimin, what did you write?
Aren’t you working too hard on it? [Nope, it’s all right]
No. It’s not that long. [Earthy dialect]
What did you write? What’s with that accent? – Is it a Gwangju dialect?
– Is it a dialect? How did you write it? `Oh ah ah~ Oh oh oh. [On the ocean, swept in the moment] They say, “Young, wild and free”. [The filming took place safely by
the captain’s permission] Captain! May I have a drive? [V came up to drive the ship]
Yes. [V is driving the ship with the captain’s
permission] Namjoon! I’ll take you to your destination safely. [The filming took place safely with
the captain’s permission] [Anxious]
Do you know what you’re doing? [Mr. Captain TaeTae]
I’m navigating toward this direction. – What’s your name?
– Me? Renoir. [Renoir for an Asian guy’s name?]
– Renoir? – Yes, Renoir. [Let’s just let it slide] [Floods of inspiration
see the ocean in Hawaii] Show me your driving. [The filming took place safely with the
captain’s permission and supervision] Yeah. [Go faster?]
Do you want to go faster? [Totally] – Yeah, faster.
– Faster. OK. Grab the wheel. – OK. Tell him he’s going to get wet. He’s going to get wet.
He’s going to get splashed. [The filming took place safely with the
captain’s permission and supervision] [It’s none of my business]
– That’s OK. Let’s go! – That’s okay? Alright. [Speed up] Oh. You’re speeding, man! – Don’t worry.
– Your driving is crazy, man! – I get it.
– You’re furious, man. It’s not “The Fast and the Furious”, man. [Noticing something is off]
This is Taehyung, right? Taehyung is driving now? [A rough ride]
It suddenly got faster. It was so nice earlier. Always safety first. We should keep to the speed limit. I’m sure he’s excited right now. [Bingo] Turn it, turn it.
There you go. Let’s eat a little bit here and have cold
spicy noodles and ramen when we get back. We have sushi
and chili-pepper paste with vinegar. – Sounds good.
– I’m going to be so fat like a boar. [Cold truth] You look a bit like
a black boar in Jeju Island. – I’m not a boar yet.
– I think it stopped raining. – I guess you’ve been doing good in Hawaii.
– I guess you ate pretty well. [The result of pigging out in Hawaii for a week]
I had a lot of fun. Hi, J-Hope! Hey, drive safe! Don’t speed. [Blaming the captain]
– The captain approved it. – Oh, yeah? J-Hope, J-Hope.
Come over here. [This familiar pose!] [Look at them]
– Titanic. – Titanic. [Still absorbed in music]
– How’s it? – Cruise. – Happy? [Lacking by 1%]
You should put your hands in my armpits. Again. [The client is satisfied with the pose]
There you go. Nice. Armpits. [My eyes] [Grueling scene]
My armpits! I feel like flying! [Flapping] [Finally, Jimin finished his letter!]
I’m done! I wrote, “Hoseok”. “Can you feel my heartbeat?” [Fluttering] [Having a good time] [Wobble] [Whine]
I can’t drink. [The legal age for drinking is 21 in the U.S]
[Jungkook, being 20, should not drink] [Polite hands]
And I don’t have earphones. I can’t listen to music. [Singing his song
looking at the sea] [Thump] [Click] J-Hope is so ugly. I got one. Take a look. – What’s that?
– All the other pictures are out of focus. Where’s your camera, Jungkook? – My camera?
– Why don’t you use it? I got a new camera. – Photos don’t move.
– Okay. Videos remind you of the good old times. [Artist Jungkook will change his work area]
I will film videos now. [Like this] We are here to see the sunset.
How do you feel? We saw the sunset everyday
here in Hawaii. [1 sunset per day, Too much sunset now]
We saw the sunset everyday. I like this boat the best among
the ones we rode on in Hawaii. [Very satisfied]
This is the best boat. Really. [Hehe]
Everything is the best. [Here is the gift for you]
We’ve prepared small gifts for you. – Really?
– This cruise is a gift for us. – Are you serious?
– No way. [Expecting] – What is it?
– Don’t tell me the BGM is the gift. [The gift prepared by the staff is…]
A laptop? – That’s such a long time ago.
– They made a video for us. [Nervous]
Are you sure this is a gift? [Anxious] – Do we have to endure watching it?
– What is this? [The story of BTS for the last 5 years]
This is from such a long time ago. – We did a lot.
– I know. We did many things. [Super young BTS]
We did our best. [Can’t take this]
I can’t watch this. [The video brings back memories]
It’s such a long time ago. – Our debut stage.
– Jin cried on that day. [Embarrassing past]
You cried because your pants came down. You always bring it back. It’s from the end of year award ceremony. – Our first Rookie of the Year Award.
– It was amazing. [They were amazed by the first trophy they won]
Yes, we were so amazed. We look so young. Check out my hair. – What is this? When was this?
– I think it’s from our first concert. We look so young. – It’s during the “Born Singer” promotion.
– Yes. We all cried. – When we first won #1 on the chart.
– Oh my. I can’t see, Jimin. [They’ve been through happy and sad times
together] We were stunned. [Hoping for more good days]
Good memories. [If you believe what I say then one two three] This was “Dope” performance
on “Music Bank”. I remember it. – That’s how the stage looked…
– Time flies… – I remember this.
– During the “RUN” promotion. We ran with the dog. It was super cold that day. [The first time performing at the
Olympic Gymnastics Arena on May 7th 2016]
The first time at the Gymnastics Arena. Isn’t this a year ago? – The blonde hair.
– It’s a year ago. Not even a year ago. – It hasn’t been a year?
– It’s MAMA. The day we won the
grand prize. – It’s not MAMA. It’s MELON.
– MELON. – Is it? – I didn’t expect to win the award.
– I know. Check out our facial expressions. We didn’t expect to win
the grand prize. [They fulfilled their dreams 3 years after
the debut] – We cried. – It’s MAMA. Never mind, it’s MELON. [Reflecting on the past 4 years] [Embarrassed]
Why are you laughing? Fan meeting. And here we are today. – Really…
– We came a long way. We came far. Thank you. We’ve made great improvements. – Was it 4 years ago? We made our debut on
June 13th 2013. – Yes. I can’t believe how much we’ve done. – I know.
– Time flies so fast. It’s hard to remember what happened
1 or 2 years ago. [Time flies when they were very busy]
The “Fire” performance was… That was on May 20 something…
The concert. – It’s a year ago. Almost.
– Not even a year. So many good things happened to us so… – I forgot what happened in the past.
– I know. It feels amazing watching the videos.
All from our past. Watching the videos of us making
comebacks made me think… [Self-dissing] I thought I looked really cool
then but I look super out of style. [I feel you]
At least we look okay for the “Run” and “I Need U” promotions but… [Shocked] I realized for the first time how thick
my makeup was during “I Need U.” – They really got all the highlight videos.
– These are videos of like, our first times. – First performance, first comeback.
– Right. First 1st place, first grand prize. First concert, first Gymnastics Arena and so I can remember what I agonized over
during those times. Early 2014 and late 2014, they were all different. This came up during “I Need U” but when we won 1st place for the first time,
I was going through a psychological hardship. I had a tough time during “I Need U” too.
There were so many difficulties… [The memory of tough times] Personally, too.
You had a tough time with your personal stuff. I remember all those stuff. – I think I always try to think about the good
stuff only. – That’s nice. [The year-end ceremony with the 1st grand
prize] We were shocked to be called out. – Right. [Dilated pupil]
My eyes were as big as Tae-hyung’s then. I remember. I saw the picture taken then.
It was so funny. [Was literally wailing]
I cried a lot during MELON. For me, it was when the MAMA video came out.
MAMA video isn’t coming out. – MAMA was really….
– He cried a lot during MAMA. [Unknowingly began to wail] I was sobbing.
I just went out all smiling and then… [I remember] – But when we were coming in…
– Nam-joon was speaking. And suddenly… the time in 2010…
I came to Seoul [The boy from Daegu came to Seoul on
November 7, 2010] on the 7th of November, 2010. And I suddenly remembered what I’d went
through since then, and tears were like, bam. [Holding tears back] – Yoon-gi’s expression was..
– He was laughing. – Laughing while he was crying.
– I really thought that he was joking. [J-Hope’s vivid testimony]
I was right next to him. To his left. [Shake shake] He suddenly covered his face
and his shoulders went like this. [What’s with him?]
– So I… – Yay! – I thought he was playing.
– We got an award! BON VOYAGE is about recalling back
the old memories, and it’s also about reminding you of the
happy memories. – But ultimately… – Those difficult times were
really rewarding for me. [The special bond among the seven members]
Number 7 is a lot. I think it’s possible for us to be a team
because of the bond that we’ve formed. We were able to know that we have a
special chemistry, through the words of other people. Because people told us that, I began to appreciate that bond even more. – In a way, it was so natural for us.
– Right. Success is good. But for me, personally, I wish that the seven of us will continue to
do something together whether we become 30, 40 or 50 years old. Eat together, play together. It would be nice to still do music and
performance together. But our environment may not allow us to do so. Just talk about useless stuff together… [Even at 50]
We’ll still be like, “ehhh” when we’re 50. [No way]
– Do “ehh” even at 50? – 50 years later. [Old habits die hard]
– Ehhh. – Ehhh. – That’d be nice. Just among us. I won’t use honorifics when that day comes. [Granting permission for the future]
Go ahead. I’ll give you the permission to do so. When we’re these 40 or 50 year old
middle-aged men with beer belly. [A preview]
– Why did you do that then? – Ehhh. [Talking down awkwardly]
Why did you do that? – So awkward. Do it naturally.
– Stop that. Stop that. [Childish]
What. The seven us have always been together during
the past years. And sometimes when we’re not all together,
like during vacation or during personal activity, I feel that I need all the members next to
me in order to feel natural. [A plausible comparison] You’re like my wallet
or cellphone. I feel nervous without them. [Reminded of the members’ preciousness when
they’re apart] When I’m alone, – I get all nervous without you guys.
– Right. Even after a couple of years later,
it’ll still be like that. Do you remember that? [As trainees they would bring each other food
from home] Whenever we’d go to our home during the holidays, when we were
trainees. We would bring back food for the other members. [Delicious food reminded them of each other]
– We’d go to the dorm. – Our tradition. [Brought back the most delicious food from
home] We’d each bring something yummy back. – The most delicious one. – The most yummy one.
– You brought dried squid. [Marinate beef person] – I always brought fruit.
Watermelon, tangerine. – Me, marinated beef. J-Hope, you should bring us some
Mudeungsan watermelon. [Generous] I’ll buy you a Mudeungsan
watermelon now. [How delicious is a Mudeungsan watermelon?]
I’m really curious. What does it taste like? [Expensive]
It’s 500,000 won for one. [I saw it too] It’s about 450,000. I saw it in
the department store marked for 450,000 won. [Anyone’s eaten Mudeungsan watermelon
before?] – Is it tasty? – It’s good. And no seeds. – Did you have it before?
– I did. [Small talks] I wish we’d be able to talk
like this in the future, too. Let’s talk about a lot of useless stuff. [20-minute watermelon talk is possible] We can
talk for 20 minutes about the watermelon. [The day will break with these old talks]
Just talking about our past and memories will take us 3-4 hours. [Finally, time to read the letters]
You have letters for you. Give me a shot of alcohol, please. I wore these shades to hide my expression. I’ve been drinking beer. [Against the beautiful ocean]
Who will go first? [Yoon-gi’s letter first]
I wrote to Jinjinjara, exclamation point, and heart. Jinjinjara, Jinjinjara. – Let’s hear it. – Pay attention to the exclamation
point and the heart. It’s a nice weather to read letters! – It’s so weird to hear that Suga wrote a letter
to Jin. – I know. – Sigh… – Why?
– Nothing. Nothing. [Unconsciously gave a heavy sigh]
Why are you sighing? [Tongue-tied] It’s the first time for us to write
letters as roommates…. [Whatever. Begins reading]
To. Jinjinjara/Seok-jin. Two exclamation points. It’s your eternal roommate, Suga. I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since we’ve
known each other… [Staring off to a space]
I remember when I first met you. You seemed so well-behaved and kind… And you seem so bright and cheerful these
days, which amazes me. I believe that being together with us
has brought about that change. It seems like yesterday when you were concerned and not
confident on stage. But when I see you on stage these days, I realize again how well you sing. It’s the result of your hard effort
for a long period of time. I’ve watched you for a long time. It was touching to see you try to do better at
something that you weren’t good at. I felt that I had a lot to learn from you. Let’s be together for a long time. P.S. But I wish you’d act your age. I second that! [A simple letter, just like Suga]
– Good. – Very simple. – Honest and simple.
– I wrote what I wanted to say. It’s so weird to hear that Suga has
those kind of thoughts. I usually don’t talk about serious stuff. So I didn’t know that Yoon-gi had these thoughts. [Haha. Embarrassed]
– To hear something serious… – Strange? [Feels weird to hear the serious, inner thought]
– It feels weird. – Feeling awkward? – All bubbly inside, huh?
– Awkward and… [His heart tickles, but not a bad feeling]
– It’s like all tickling… – Restless? I don’t express my inner thoughts to
him a lot, but I’m thankful that he said that. Read your letter. – Me? – JK. [From the oldest to the youngest]
A letter from Seok-jin to JK. This should be interesting. To JK. Hi, JK. It’s me. I’m always appreciative of what you do. Thank you for having the same mental age
as I do, when I’m 26 years old. While travelling with you, I was reminded
once again of how strong your punches are. I’ll do better, so please don’t hit me. I think your face got a lot darker during
this trip. As the older guy, I’ll give you a facial mask
when we go back to Korean. Soothe your skin with it, and also soothe yourself and stop
lying on my bed. [His hobby is to take selfies on someone else’s
bed] You keep lying on my bed taking selfies when I’m not in my room.
And if you do it again, you may have gotten a tan in Hawaii, but I will
throw your into a fire pit in Korea. Of course, that fire pit is my heart. Come and be embraced in my big heart. Wow. Thank you for being the teacher and the energy of the team. Jungkook, you’re nice, good-looking,
strong, have a good body, have big eyes, sings and dances well.
I love you. Nice. [No toe-curling messages in the letter] Thank
goodness it’s not that serious… It was funny. [A review]
I think he tried really hard not to be cheesy. But I can feel his sincerity in it. Thank you for hearing it like that. Why is he so calm today? [Calm and behaved mode today]
He’s the most behaved among us today. [It’s as if he’s regressed to the past on this
trip down the memory lane] It’s like the old Jin. [Promising to not to send bed selfies]
Jungkook, stop sending him bed selfies. [I will become a nice and behaved JK]
I’ll listen to you well from now on. No selfies, no more climbing up on your bed. I’ll continue to stand next to you and support you. Let’s do well together from now on. [Confession] Keep sending those bed selfies.
In constrast to what I said, but I actually like them. It’s so funny. Him sending those selfies. [The selfie often appears on the group chat room]
He always uploads them in the group chat room. [From JK to Rap Monster]
I wrote a letter to Rap Monster. Rap Monster. [Expecting]
This is interesting. To Nam-joon. Hey. This is the youngest of the team, Jungkook. I’m not good at writing letters so I don’t know where to start, but here I go. This is something that I always think about. I often get inspired by the team. Although I’m inspired by all the members, I’m epecially inspired by you. I have a lot of things that I wanna do but I never seem to stick to them for long. You guys always joke about that. But when that pattern was repeated, I felt that I have really become that kind
of person. Whenever I see you working, talking about
or working on music, or speaking in English, I develop this sense of confidence and passion. I know that things may be tough for you too,
but please continue showing those things for me. I’ll keep following you from behind. You’re really an amazing person. [Totally touched] [Totally cheesy] [Sniff] This is definitely the most touching
moment of 2017. – An amazing person.
– Jungkook usually doesn’t say those stuff. [Pretending not to hear] – He really doesn’t.
– Listening to that makes me feel modest. [The letter makes their body and heart become
modest] My body and heart became modest. Honest, about Jungkook…
I’m sure everyone agrees. I’m often envious of Jungkook. [The youngest is adored by all the guys]
– He’s always… – Good. – Yeah, and passionate. If you focus and choose well, you can realize anything.
You have that amazing potential. So keep it going.
Seeing how you challenge yourself, [They give each other positive energy]
I start to want to do better. That’s how you make me feel. So I’d like you to keep up your energy. [What a great team]
– Thanks. – You make a great team. Youngest who doesn’t say this much,
our leader who gets easily moved. What a great team. Taehyung. [’95er to another ’95er]
– Taehyung’s friend. – Is it Jimin? [Preparing himself]
– Hang on. – Friend! [Expectant]
– Jimin often tells Taehyung. – Right. – But it’s rare the other way around.
– Yeah, I haven’t seen it much. – I haven’t seen him talk seriously.
– Yeah. [Interesting]
This might be fun. This is making me go nuts. I… well I just… I just wrote my heart down. [Tense] Are you nervous? I’m nervous. [These two can’t handle the pressure] Let’s be sincere and hear him. To Jimin. [Grit]
Jimin, hi. Writing you this sincere letter
is making me cringe, but I’m trying to go on.
Please understand. Since our trainee days,
we came to Seoul without a clue. We woke up, put on uniforms
and attended the same school. We ate together, went to practice
and got back to the dorm. Then we’d talk at night. After such six years,
you’re now my dearest friend. Before our debut,
you once got anxious about it. At that time, I had a company meeting. They asked me what I’d think
if Jimin is on the team. I thought it over and said that you’re there
when I’m up or down, the only one who laughed
and cried with me. I said that I’d like such a good friend
to debut with me as a team. It felt good to say that. And I’m glad that
I was able to debut with you. All our good memories made me happy. And I’m sorry since
I’m always on the receiving end. When I’m in the bathroom to cry,
you still cry with me. And you come see me at dawn
to laugh alongside me. You care about me and
have me in your thoughts. You work hard for me and understand. You listen to my concerns
and like me though I’m lacking. Let’s walk a road of happiness.
Love you, buddy. [To his dearest friend]
Jimin, [He wrote a heartfelt letter]
don’t be shy, but enjoy the letter. I don’t know what others might think. Those who watch us, they might say that I only
tend to Taehyung and not him. But I actually learn a lot from him. He makes me feel good
and touches my heart often. That’s when I’m grateful to have
Taehyung as my friend. [Something he was shy to share]
So I want to say I’m grateful. – Don’t cry.
– Awesome. Don’t cry. Why start crying? I’m envious of Namjoon,
Hoseok, Taehyung and Jimin. Because I don’t have a fellow age,
a ’93er, on the team. So seeing these three makes me think about
how it’d be to have such a friend. So I’m very envious. You guys are close and everything, but I start to wonder what
it’d be like to be just friends. To have such a friend on the team.
I often wonder about that. [A sense of close friendship bond]
– It’s great. – Yeah. [Bursting out]
– Why start crying? – You wrote that well. What a great letter.
He could be a great writer. [I want… a friend my age]
Jin and I are only 3 months apart. So what? You want to drop
the honorifics? Go ahead. [The same age but 7 months difference]
J-Hope are I are 7 months apart. Mine is for Taehyung. [Don’t cry TaeTae]
Read it out loud and comfort him. [To our crying Taehyung]
Taehyung. My first letter goes to you. That give me a mix of emotions. Like the pebbles we’ve seen
to our heart’s content in Hawaii, it’s hard to pick out
what I want to say to you. Like the open sea we’ve enjoyed, it may be because we go far back
with many memories we share. I remember when I first met you. When you came with your father to our dorm with big eyes, busy legs, and your puckered lips, I knew at once. [His first impression of Taehyung]
That you’d be a rascal. I also remember how you were
anxious before our debut. Your unique character and strangeness got me puzzled at times. So I wondered what aspect of yours helped you to bear everything at times. But as time went by and
my hair started to grow out, I realized that even me,
who I thought was the norm, is also a strange a puzzling guy. And I was drawn by your uniqueness. And I was envious at times. Because you easily befriend people
and everyone likes you. You have shown everyone that your strangeness
is actually your unique charm. You might say this makes you cringe, but since you started out at a trainee, I want to say I’m grateful to you
as a friend and older member. Thanks for not becoming a farmer
or playing the saxophone and coming to us to complete BTS. Let’s keep up the good work.
Hang in there! [Namjoon’s letter was very poetic] – That was a poem on its own.
– As if reciting a poem. [I agree]
Our team’s brain stands out. It could be hard for fans
to understand parts of this letter. [A letter customized for BTS members]
Only we would get some parts. – We know what it means.
– Yeah. Before our debut, Taehyung said this. “Would I be able to receive
love like those guys?” Instructor Seongdeuk always said
that Taehyung would make it. But I had my doubts at first. I didn’t get why people were
talking about Taehyung. But he’s showed us all.
He’s our awesome member. He takes up a big part of BTS. So I’d like to say that I’m grateful. [Deeply touched]
– Awesome. – Taehyung, say something. How did you like his letter? To be honest… I talk often with Rap Monster. I visit his room [He confides in Rap Monster]
and tell him worries I have. [His talk encourages Taehyung]
What he says comforts me. He tells me to hang on,
saying that I can make it. But it’s also great to hear
what he thinks like this. Hey. [It’s finally Hoseok’s turn] [Buzzing with excitement] Be glad you’re not after Namjoon. [Bashfully stamping his feet]
– What a pressure. – Since it’s after Namjoon. To my bro Suga. – My bro. – My bro.
– My bro. – From J-Hope.
– I guess it’s a sweet letter. That means he’s embarrassed. [Starting off with shyness aside]
Hey. It’s me, Hoseok. We’ve been together 7 years,
including our trainee days. When I was first at the dorm,
I felt so awkward and shy. So I remained in the living room.
Then you came over to talk and made me relax. [I’ll hold back my laughter]
I still can’t forget that moment. Coming from Gwangju,
you were like my savior. When I was sick or sad,
you were always there by me. When I was tired and had it hard,
you were there to give me strength. When I got seasick on Bon Voyage 2
and opened my eyes from sleep, the first person I saw was you. [Patting Jimin on his back]
Though Jimin was also there. I didn’t say it then,
but I really appreciated your help. As much as we’ve spent time together,
I’m that much grateful to you. I’d like to say that
with this letter at this time. Thanks for becoming a member of BTS. And thanks for being my big brother. I hope you’re always by my side. – I love my bro!
– Thanks. Thanks. There’s a reason why I say
he helped me when sick or sad. [Giving himself credit]
“Hey, I even took you to the hospital”. [Good deed that was stressed always]
He’s been saying that for 7 years. – He says it still.
– That’s so old now. Bo one can beat Yoongi
when it comes to thinking of us. [J-Hope’s heartfelt talk despite the cringes]
At this opportunity, I want to say thank you again.
Do you remember when I first joined? [Pathetic]
You used to squat down in front of TV. [Mister, please go inside and sleep]
– I told you to go inside and sleep. – Yes. You talked to me a lot.
He was the first one I started talking to. – Because Hope was the second to join
after me. – I always followed him. [Hoseok was clinging to Yoongi]
I used to sit next to him while he was working.
You know, the old room on the left side. – You know, the dressing room.
– Computer room. – Right. I used to squat down
looking at him making a song. There’s one thing I can’t forget. – He was so cool.
– Aaargh! Oh, look at that. Rainbow. [They found a rainbow
while talking about memories]
Behind! The sunset is pretty and
the rainbow is beautiful. Don’t talk about that.
I am so embarrassed. [Hope continued to say thank you]
Thank you for talking to me first. I wanted to say I am grateful to you,
always, even though time passes. [Winking]
Thank you, brow. Last one! [Turn of Jimin who is shuddering]
He’s not awkward whoever he teams up with. – King of chemistry, Jimin.
– Jimin wrote to J-Hope? J-Hope, J-Hope.
I am going to die as I am so embarrassed. [Trembling]
He couldn’t finish writing the letter
even after we moved. [Trembling]
I always write a letter over a long time.
I have a lot of thoughts. I once received a letter from him
on my birthday. It’s Jimin’s second letter. I guess you’re so embarrassed. [If it’s more embarrassing,
he would jump to the sea]
I am so embarrassed. [I’m listening] Whew. To Hoseok. I thought it would be easy because
it’s not the first letter to you. But it’s not. I am nervous. Because we talk together a lot
and I talk about my feelings to you, I guess you know well
what I think or what I want to say. When I look at you,
I have this thought. “He is really honest and faithful”. “He’s a good and nice one”.
I thought like this. “A person can be cool
because he is honest and faithful” I realized it thank to you. As a younger brother and a member
of the same team, I learn a lot from you. You always take good care of us. You pay attention to us
and work hard. I know. I want to say thank you,
with all my heart. Thank you, brother! I hope you take care of yourself
and stop worrying about us. My dear brother, whom
I always am thankful, love you. [It was so touching] [About to pass out
because of embarrassment] [Cold reality]
It would be more embarrassing
when we share a room at the dorm. [They are roommates, too]
We’re sharing a room, too. [Relaying letters among roommates]
– We’re roommates, too. – Amazing. [Fortunate]
I’m using my room alone! I always want to build a stronger bond among us. I am glad as they recognize my efforts and they thank me about that. [Embarrassed]
Thank you, brothers. It feels a bit weird. [Words that are hard to say]
– Even though we wanted to say…
– But we couldn’t say. – It’s hard to say.
– Right. [They summoned courage to tell the truth]
– When can we talk about this?
– Right. – Look at that. – Cool.
– A ray of bright light that is like our future. The ray of light called BTS
can break through the clouds. [I can’t stand that]
– This is the most cringy among our 7 letters.
– Really? – Looking at the light…
– As Jin said, I hope our future is like that. This is the last episode.
It would air in June or [They shot this in April
Until the day this airs]
in July, I guess. [Their wishes and hopes]
Is there anything you want to
achieve until then? [Quick to read the mood]
Your featured song will be released. [Smiling]
It will come out. He wanted to talk about this.
He wanted us to talk about it. – No way.
– Let’s talk about it, hurry. – Suran’s song produced by Yoongi,
featured by Changmo. – No… [That song which topped music charts]
“WINE” will come out, soon. You may not know because you
weren’t there. I said this – because we wrote about our wishes
at the Santa Village. – Did you? [His wish came true in 6 months after that]
It came true in less than 1 year. In 6 or 5 months after writing it,
it came true. [Curious]
Anything? I hope we can meet in our 40s and 50s,
travel all together like this. Drinking beer together. [Travel to look back on memories]
– Do you remember 20 years ago? – Right. We will be chubby uncles. [I want to keep my abs]
I will continue to work out. – I will continue to work out in 50s.
– I hope we can do that. [Taehyung wants to travel with members]
A tour with members? – Tour.
– I mean, in Korea. [BTS Hometown tour: Ilsan – Gwacheon
– Gwangju – Daegu – Geochang – Busan]
Visiting our hometowns all together. Without a camera. [Will Bon Voyage 3 be BTS hometown tour?]
Let’s travel those cities on Bon Voyage 3. [Innovative]
That’s fresh. Very nice. [It’s impossible]
I don’t think we can shoot it. [Each introduces his favorite restaurants]
You know the place well since it’s your hometown. I don’t know about it well.
Others need to tell me. What was your wish? [Suga’s personal wish]
My wish is the thing… in the early June. [That thing]
Billboard. [Back then, they didn’t know it would come true]
– Hot 100? – Social nominate, you know. [Humble]
I don’t think we can make it. If we can’t do that, just edit this part.
If we achieve, this will air. [You are now watching Min-stradamus’
prophecy] Thanks to you, we were able to receive this
Social Artist Awards at Billboard. – Crazy, that guy.
– Thank you. If we fail, they will edit this scene. [They couldn’t imagine
BTS would win the award] – Most of the things were edited.
– Right. [Everyone says it’s crazy
but he is imagining it]
If we win the award, I will say ARMY! – Thank you!
– Good. Isn’t it too short? As we were nominated,
I want to win. I hope to open a new chapter
in the K-pop history. I hope to see our Korean album
is in the Hot 100 list. Hoping to win no.1
in the Billboards 200. [Hope’s wish is winning the grand prize]
Let’s cheer up and win another grand prize. – Let’s win the grand prize 2 years in a row.
– Let’s do that. – OK. I don’t know when we can do this but I hope to produce the entire album. – Everything? – From A to Z?
– Yes. – Starting from the album cover.
– I want to be like CEO Bang. Starting from deciding
the mv director to choosing outfits. [Jimin’s wish is being happy]
There will be a lot of things.
But I hope everyone is happy. We work hard to be happy. [In all happy occasions,
they were together] When I look back on when we were happy,
we always were together. I am so happy now. [Supporting their wishes that will come true]
– Let’s clap together. – It’s our future goal. – May I take a picture?
– Yes, go ahead. [Time for the sun to set]
Now we can watch the sunset. It looks like a god is coming. [Click] The sunset that I and Namjoon
saw together was beautiful. It was beautiful. [The sun is disappearing
into the clouds] Are you ready? [Excited] [Dance party] [DJ is full of excitement] [1, 2, 1, 2] Suga, Suga. Cruise tour with Suga. [Familiar tone that we heard
from amusement parks]
Hello, everyone. This is Suga Suga, Suga. This is Suga Suga,
let’s get it party with Suga. Are you ready?
Are you ready! – Let’s go.
– Let’s go! [They got most exited
when they hear their own song] [Kim Taehyung’s song request – Save Me] [Save me, save me] [Dancing together] [Cheesy]
I love you. [1, 2, 1, 2] [Let’s dance] – We need to jump.
– Let’s go. [Please enjoy their dance] Empty space. Tonight. Uh huh. No. Can’t we do this the same
as what we do on the stage? Because we’re wearing the same
outfits as our stage costumes. [Let’s dance together] [Keep dancing] [Swift movement]
He’s good at it. Isn’t it the chicken feet game? Good. Sorry? “Thank you for being us!” We did a great job. [It was so much fun!] [BTS & ARMY]
We love you all! [After the boisterous time] [In the gorgeous scenery of the ocean] [The members enjoy the moment] [To be at the top] [They’ve been working tirelessly] [Leaving their busy schedule behind] [they enjoyed their special week in Hawaii] [And… Today, they’ve realized how special
they find each other] [Let’s hope that all these memories] [will once again give them the power to endure] [Bon Voyage 2 in Hawaii] Interview on Jungkook. I’m proud that I made such comments. The handsomest guy in the world, Kim Seokjin. [What did you feel when you heard that you
will go to Hawaii?] I’ve mentioned this ever since we made a debut, and finally we’re going. [It was just…] We were talking about
going to Hawaii all the time. We talked about hanging out in Hawaii
and looking at the beach in Hawaii. When I heard that we will be going for sure, I was like, “Really?” It didn’t sound realistic. You know lei. Flowers around your neck. [Hot]
And wear shorts without any shirt. [Mr. Aloha, ready to be in Hawaii]
I wanted to be like native Hawaiian, saying aloha. [What was the most memorable moment?]
The most memorable moment? [Thinking hard]
There are many different kinds of moments. Snorkeling, shark tour, surfing… I remember those because I like
water sports and it was fun. Observatory, helicopter tour,
and cruise put me deep in thought. I realized why people fall for surfing. At the beach over there, [When surfing beginners were struggling]
There were other people who went [Expert surfers enjoyed in deeper ocean]
to the side, enjoying the wave. I felt that I’d like to be better
and ride the waves. Snorkeling as well.
When I was a child, [Taehyung dove a lot in public bath
when he was little] I dove a lot. I think that helped. Diving part wasn’t that difficult. It was super fun, learning now to make rings. [The second house at the Big Island]
At the second house, when the lizard came into our room, [The lizard appeared in the room of
two scaredy-cat] And it disappeared. [It’s either the lizard or us leaving the room] It’s not here. [Removing the bed, they checked even the floor] [Absent-minded] Oh my God. [He’s scared of many things and insects
are the worst] Insects are the least favorite ones. I heard that lizards don’t harm people. But it looks… [Abhor]
It looks horrific. And thinking that it’s somewhere in the house, it felt even more appalling. I love watching the night sky. I love stars. We went to the observatory to see the stars. But it was too cold that members said
that we should go in after less than 10 minutes. I felt very sad. I wanted to remember that scenery forever. At the Mauna Kea Observatories, it seemed that I could see the Milky Way
with my own eyes. I thought that we’re missing on many things. I’ve never seen a moon that shiny. I realized that the world that I knew
wasn’t all. I thought once again that I was living
in the small world. I think it expanded my views. [Did you work on songs in this trip?]
Yes, I’m working on it again. Although it’s nice to work
in the studio, I think it’s nice to work outside,
moving here and there. Since I couldn’t concentrate, I wouldn’t say
that it produced better result, but refreshing myself definitely
helped writing good music. I’ve written many notes on the way. I try to remember various scenes. I think it helped my work. [When will you release your mix tape?]
I think I will work on it as soon as we go back. I heard that Suga wrote “Give It to Me”
during our trip to the Northern Europe. Since I’m in wonderful Hawaii,
I thought that I could be inspired, reflect this heat of Hawaii, and write some music. [Q. How did you like the trip?]
In all the situations that we go through, members all feel the same way. I wondered about how the trip among friends could be different. What kind of conversations others engage in and think. Wearing friendship necklace,
friendship bracelet, and buying friendship pen… We’ve done it for the first time. We never did that before. It was very new and I loved it. Although we stay together all the time
and share our schedule, we didn’t really eat among ourselves recently. We don’t have time to do that. [And when they have some time]
And even when we have time, we go on our own. [Members spent time on their own] We were on
different schedule in terms of work and rest. And in no time, we were no longer
eating among ourselves or go to other places. When we were divided in two or three
and went together, I think I wanted to enjoy that. I haven’t been on a trip with Suga. I think that made it more special. Although I talk a lot with Rap Monster, I think it was our first time talking seriously
in front of the camera. I think it was also our first talking about
those things in an open space. I think it was very meaningful to talk with him. Through this friendship trip,
I could feel the earnest feelings of our members. [Q. The letters that you wrote to each other?]
If you are very close to someone, you don’t really talk about things that are serious. Since we are very close to each other
and love playing mischief, I couldn’t talk about these things. But I thought that although it makes my to curl,
I wanted to mention it at least once. I wanted to express it at least once. Through this program, our thoughts deep
down with us have been shared. I think that it was very nice. I’m a very bright person in front of everyone else. I haven’t really shared my secrets
with others. Jimin was the only person that I’ve talked to. When I was down or exhausted, Jimin came to my room
and cried with me. [He wanted to thank Jimin]
I should’ve said thank you all this time. But I haven’t told him that yet. I’d like to say that to Jimin. [Thank you for always being there with me]
I wanted to say thank you for being with me. [Q. How did you feel after Taehyung’s letter?]
I think no one in our team would know how I felt. I think fans who watch us all the time
won’t know how I feel. Ever since we’ve been to the Europe,
there were just too many things. Good and bad. After going through several things,
I got to talk more. I understand why Taehyung cried
when I read that letter. And I totally understood what he wanted to say. So although he didn’t say much,
I could just understand the feeling. Although you are very close to someone,
the other person cannot know unless you talk. And that will make the other party
very inconvenient. Although we know how we feel about
each other, I think we’ve confirmed that
through this trip. Therefore I think that there will be
only good things. Even if it’s not that good, I believe
that we will overcome it together. [Q. Anything you learned through Season 2?]
Well, I was always in a rush, feeling impatient and dragged by something. I was a bit tired of all these. But since we were too busy,
meeting all kinds of people, [A myriad of people just pass by] Sometimes I forget who I am
and who we are. Witnessing the natural scenery of Hawaii
and local people living here, I thought that it’s very nice to be relaxed. For BON VOYAGE Season 1 and 2 alike, I think it was the chance to
think about who I am. Because everyone’s relaxed and happy. Things that I believe in… Thanks to members or fans. Countless people behind us. Something that I take for granted,
something that I should appreaciate… I think it was the chance to stay with my conviction one more time. I think I thought of living like
people in Hawaii. Although I will be back in Seoul,
living among Seoul people, one day I could be like people in Hawaii. I’d like to just leave many things behind and look like Hawaiians that I met on the streets. I wish that I could be like them. I think it was excellent. I personally don’t like to travel, but many people love traveling. I’m grateful that I experienced something that I wouldn’t do if I were alone. I felt very grateful,
and I want to work harder and put in more efforts to make
better performance and reach great goals. I think I realized why people travel and why people wanted to go to Hawaii. I’m not sure what we will be like in the future. But I just wish that we could be happier than we are now. I wish that we could stay with this feeling.
I think that’s it. Coming to this great place gave us
many memories and experiences as well as much things that make me thrilled. To all the staff of BON VOYAGE Season 2 and V LIVE, thank you. The video was from when we made a debut. The memories that flash before me, made me think of many things. And I remembered the fans who helped me be here and
made me think this way. [What did BON VOYAGE S2 leave to Jungkook?]
Through Season 2, [Get fat and dark] I’ve gained
much fat and dark skin. [Personal wish] I wish that we could do
BON VOYAGE Season 3 soon. [Where would you like to go for Season 3?]
Me? Well, I wish that we could go to Africa this time. [Thank you for watching]

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