Breakdancing Cypher in Italy 2013 – Red Bull BC One

Welcome to the Red Bull BC One Cypher Italy! Red Bull BC One grows more and more; The B-Boys know what they are heading for. It’s a competition that allows you to actually face the international scene. Today is one of those days of training when I knuckle down to it. I have been waiting my whole life to be in Red Bull BC One Italy. Direction Modena, from Rome. I’ll try to do my best and above all represent my crew. Now the party starts, this was just the appetizer. Have fun, do it for yourselves and do not think of what it will happen later. Welcome to the Red Bull BC One Cypher Italy. When the B-Boy does it for fun and he doesn’t think about being a finalist, he wins. Tonight it was really hard to judge the bboys because the level of the two finalists was nearly the same. I was looking for originality, calm, but also technique. When you are focused and you really want something, you get it, and Froz today proved he wanted it! What can I say about my second victory? I came here to do a good job. Sometimes you do a good job and you win, some other times you do good job, but your competitor does better than you, and you lose. This year we have the Cypher in Modena and we also have the Red Bull BC One Regional Final in Napolí in September. Now Froz needs to train the best that he can, put some rock on and watch the most movies he can! Represent Italy in the best way that he can! This is the second time, nobody has won twice in a row. I’m the first one and I am really happy!

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