Bosch ME2.0 IMMO OFF with Julie Emulator™ by CarLabImmo

Bosch ME2.0 IMMO OFF with Julie Emulator™ by CarLabImmo

How to use Julie Emulator in Bosch ME2.0 Mercedes ECU Hello guys! Today I’m gonna show you how
to disable immo in Mercedes ME2.0 ECU using Julie Emulator Open the ECU and
unsolder Motorola HC1109 processor the correct way to do this is shown in
another video on our channel: Motorola processor unsoldering-
how to do it correctly But let’s get back to the topic Mark the location of
the first leg Warm the heat gun up to 360 degrees centigrade and set it on
medium Secure the quartz Put the lifting tool underneath the
unsoldered processor Heat the processor Lift it up carefully Clean the soldering pads Carefully clean the processor pins using a sharpening stone and a PCB cleaner Use an HC11E9 adapter for the X-Prog
programmer Before reading go to settings and set the oscillator to 5556 kilohertz In addresses from 019 to 01E write values FF There’s also a second
solution: write values FF in addresses from 029 to 02E Change the content
of the line ending with 24 value Solder the processor back Remember the location of the first leg Use flux gel and a lot of tin.
Put it on the processors soldering pads The flux gel will make it easier to spread the
tin Now connect the emulator to the ECU First take the emulator out of the
packaging Pull out the plug Use a knife or a scalpel to open the
plastic cover with the emulator inside Solder jumpers J3 and J4 Prepare the wires for soldiering and solder them according to the diagram Ground CAN high CAN low Power How to
correctly make personalization using Star Diagnosis Connect with the ECU
through HHTWIN Select the following: Control Unit
Version and take a screenshot Press back Now click Actual Values and Drive
Authorization Here you can check if the ECU is personalized Return to the main menu Now select Control Module Adaptations>
Version Coding>Read or Carry out Coding and click YES Turn off the ignition Start the ignition Now write down the
coding number on a piece of paper or take a screenshot and click NEXT Click YES Enter the Vehicle Identification Number Click NEXT>BACK>and NEXT Click BACK,
turn off the ignition and wait for the personalization to be completed Now start the ignition. The LED on the emulator shows that the emulator has
self-adjusted Go back to main menu and click Actual Value and Drive
Authorization After the personalization is complete you were able to start If the car sometimes doesn’t start after personalization (LED on the emulator
blinks fast) cut +12V from the ECU and connect it to the ignition Simply install the emulator and
reassemble the ECU Thanks for watching! If you like the video please hit the
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7 thoughts to “Bosch ME2.0 IMMO OFF with Julie Emulator™ by CarLabImmo”

  1. this is not immo off process , it is all about vergnising the ecu then synchronize it to car as virgin ecu .
    if it is immo off , can you get rid of das3 system ?

  2. Hey quick question.. I'm want to get one of your emulators but I dont have star scanner… I am willing to buy a star scan but then noticed you need a mb account to do scn coding… will I be able to personalize ecu without mb account???

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