Boho Beautiful in 10 Days ♥ DVD & Digital Program

Boho Beautiful in 10 Days ♥ DVD & Digital Program

Welcome to Boho Beautiful in ten days This program is a ten day challenge that seeks to nourish your body, mind and spirit with the perfect combination of daily yoga, meditation and fitness videos. It’s a small commitment for a huge reward as the one hour classes a day intends to set you on a path to creating a better version of yourself I believe each and every one of us, has the potential to grow and become better each day and that’s why I have created this program. Because life is too short, not to live to our fullest and the decisions that we make today will define our tomorrow. We are all beautiful.

74 thoughts to “Boho Beautiful in 10 Days ♥ DVD & Digital Program”

  1. You truly are an inspiring and kind soul! I love your videos and hope that everything turns out just as you and your team wishes! I hope free videos are still coming, lots of love xoxo

  2. Thank you so much for your videos, they are always inspiring and also motivating… I hope I'm gonna get these things for my birthday.:D🍄

  3. you guys deserve a million subs <3 you work so hard and create such inspiring and motivational content, and it really shows how much you care. thank you so much for everything! xx

  4. ….just beautiful and awesome, I hope to do your 10-day-program as soon as possible, thank you so much. Much love and gratitude for your inspiration and motivation.

  5. It's really great! I've finished the program today and some days were really challenging, some were relaxing. It's so wonderful that all videos are unique. I've never done meditations before and it was unusual to sit calm and breathe. So I'm very impressed by this program and I'll defiantly do it one more time =)
    By the way, Juliana and Mark, it would be great if there will be some place on your website where we can discuss this program, ask questions (I needed some)

  6. I finished the whole 10 day program yesterday. It was the perfect fitness and yoga workout combined with beautiful meditations for the holidays Thank you for sharing it and the videos on this YouTube channel with us.

  7. you really are an amazing person! many thanks for the inspiration you give me each time im watching your Videos. much love ❤

  8. Love youu!! I've become vegan coz of you guys, its been 9 months since now kisses and lots of luck in your new life adventure from Greece! :*

  9. Can a person do Pilates every day even if you work the same muscles? I know in other workouts you have to skip a day. Thank you.

  10. This DVD is the best!!! Currently on day six and can't wait to do day seven tomorrow. Great way to start my day ❤

  11. All your videos are inspiring and completely awesome. Keep them up! Also please keep promoting veganism – you both can strongly influence others to have compassion about our world and the creatures in it. I have been sharing your videos on my Facebook page to promote all you (and I) stand for.

  12. Just finished the ten day program and I have to say, as someone who is quite critical (bordering on cynicism), I really enjoyed it! I've tried many programs and have never really found half the benefit I get from attending classes in person however I believe the way the program is set up really benefits me. 2016 was a tumultuous year for me and I suffered mentally, physically and emotionally more than any other year. Near the end of the year, I made a commitment to get better but it wasn't without a lot of struggle. I thought just exercising and eating well would help but I neglected something so important: my mental wellbeing. Doing this program reconnected me not only to my body but also to my mind. There were times I was crying after a meditation, letting out tears that have piled up inside but it was refreshing. Having a three-part workout like this one benefited me so much and I would like to thank you so much for helping me get on the path towards better health! Just some feedback, the editing in the video is a bit inconsistent. When you say 8 reps, sometimes the caption on the video says 10. Just would like you to know should you do another series like this in the future 🙂

  13. 304,071 subscribers????? Really you deserve so many more and you have such a inspiration on me!!!!!!!
    You know my sis Rae Briscoe? She loves you too! !

  14. I saw that you were looking for places to shoot. Colorado Cerian St. Vrain is where my family has hiked and loved. We have spread the ashes of our dog and family.

  15. I love all your videos so much! The videos are apart of my daily living. I really, really love the soundtracks to all your videos also and am wondering if you could post a couple of artists or songs you normally incorporate with your videos!

  16. I get everything that I want out of your videos. The setting, the gentle encouraging voice, the straight-forward routine, a short intro, and the glorious feeling of accomplishment after I am finished. You have created a passion for fitness in me. You introduced me to my love for pilates among many other things. Before this I did not know HOW to workout. You have created a language for me to understand! I appreciate you so much <3 xoxo

  17. I do your yoga videos everyday and try to go through all of them. 🙂 Can not decribe how inspiring and motivating they are. Well done you guys! <3

  18. help!!!! I order bbi10 and I can't download the day2 fitness final for some reason it wouldn't download to my phone now I have exceeded the limit of downloads and it's the only one I'm missing. can I get that link another way I never got a download so I don't know how I exceeded the number of downloads?

  19. From Sibiria with love! Dear, Juliana, thanks you for you video! You inspire me. I feel happy and calm after workout. How can I buy DVD? Nadezda from Russia, Irkutsk

  20. Just finished my first 10 days, down 5lb and feeling strong, lean and mentally healthy. Thank you. I love the program and starting another round of it!!!

  21. I absolutely love your videos, I feel motivated and happy every time I watch them, love the different scenarios, the nature, the beach…
    Great workouts!
    It will be nice to see a video of Aqua yoga, something we can do in the pool or in the ocean! Just an idea!
    Thank you Juliana for inspiring us to keep working hard ❤️

  22. Hello Juliana&Mark, I appreciate your work a lot. I hope we can cooperate. I've sent you an e-mail, I hope you can contact with me soon.

  23. I love you guys so much !! and i want to order this very bad but for the next 9 months i'll have no 10 days to do this properly so I know there's no point until January 18. I'm just hoping you will still be around by then doing amazing videos and inspiring and teaching people because I'll definitely look you up by then and order whatever you're doing! in the weekends when I'm home I always check out a few videos and do your workouts and I love it. Thanks so much for your hard work !!

  24. Your videos are my favorite for yoga practice! Can I please kindly to share your yoga music playlist? On Spotify or Youtube? Thank youuu!

  25. First off yall are amazing! Thank you so much for your positive vibes and amazing work out videos. I just started the 10 day program and it is completely amazing! It is the total package towards living a healthy fulfilled life. I love how yall focus on health for the mind, body, and soul. Thank you so much! Sending my love from Houston, TX. keep letting your light shine!

  26. I really recommend this program. Every month I repeat the all program and on the other days I do the new challenges. Love your work 🙂

  27. omg. thank you so much to create this so wonderful video and so many others full of inspiration. Thanks

  28. i don't know why you guys haven't reach to 1 miliion subs, cause you guys did an amazing job on every single video.. <3<3<3 love from sabah,borneo<3

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