Best Screen Recorder Software and Adobe Premiere Pro Editing Tips

Best Screen Recorder Software and Adobe Premiere Pro Editing Tips

this video is sponsored by Hostinger Hey what’s up you guys and welcome back
to Gal so in a lot of the videos that I do for this channel I use a screen
recorder to show you what I’m doing on my computer when I’m doing a particular
tutorial or effect and a lot of you guys have reached out to me asking what
screen recording software I use to produce high-quality screen recording
and some editing tips to make it smooth so that’s what I’m gonna do in this
video I’m gonna break down a free options as well as paid for options for
both Mac and PC and then dive into Premiere Pro to give you some tips that
I use to make those screen recording feel very smooth as if there’s no edits done
at all so for the first option for mac for free is QuickTime Player which comes
built-in on a Mac computer so the first step is to open up the QuickTime Player
then from the file menu select new screen recording and here this will
bring you a little widget from which you can choose which type of microphone that
you want to use I’m using the RODE NT-USB mic and if you want to show the mouse
clicks and I want the mouse clicks to be shown especially for instructional
style screen recordings and then here you can see a reading of how much audio
is getting picked up now another way to see how sensitive your microphone is if
you go up to the sound settings and you open up sound preferences on your
computer you can go to input and then you can select your microphone and then
you can choose your input volume so as you see if I bring it all the way up
it’s super loud so the center is good because you can always add some a sound
correction inside of your editing application in Premiere Pro the
essential sound panel does just that so once that’s ready to go you’re just
going to click the record button and then you can click to record the full
screen or you can drag to record part of this screen so I’m just going to click
and then I’ll just record a few seconds here of just my background desktop
screensaver here and then I’m going to go up and just hit the stop button to
stop the recording and then it will show you a preview of what the
screen-recording looked like so you can see it’s just the background here what
you can do from here is go to file and you can export as 4k 1080p 720p 480p or even audio
only I would recommend doing 4k because then you can have more resolution to
work with so I’ll just save this as test and I we’ll hit save and it’s going
to export this test dot MOV to my desktop now I’ve use QuickTime for a lot
of screen recordings when I first started on my channel but as I started
doing more longer screen recordings I noticed sometimes QuickTime Player would
freeze if I was doing the screen recording longer than 25 to 30 minutes
and so that would just be more work for me and sometimes it would cut off my
audio at random part so it’s definitely a great screen recorder considering it’s
completely free and built-in so to get started I would highly recommend using a
QuickTime Player and then the paid for option for Mac is Capto so I have
Capto it open right here you can see I have a ton of screen recordings here
because I use this for basically every video on my channel and to create a new
screen recording all you do is click up here on record and you can record the
entire screen or you can select an area so after you select screen what happens
is it gives you these different options now my favorite option here is the
record computer audio now if you have this check this is super great if you
are demonstrating something and you want this screen recorder to actually record
what your computer is playing back so if you’re playing back something in
Premiere Pro or you’re playing a YouTube video or something and you want to
record the audio just make sure that is checked now you’re also going to want to
make sure that you have your sound settings also set to Capto for Mac
to make sure that it’s going to point to Capto and if you’re inside of any type
of software you want to make sure you go to that software’s audio settings and
make sure it’s the output of that is being set to Capto as well and just
like QuickTime Player you can record the microphone here I’m going to use the
Rode NT-USB and I’m going to show the cursor during the recording and also
highlight the mouse clicks since this video is sponsored by Hostinger
I’m going to screen record their website to start just hit record now I can go
into Google Chrome and I’ll just type in and make it full
screen so my voice is now recording and so is the screen and later in this
tutorial I’m going to show you how to zoom in and out to different areas of
the screen to highlight certain areas but for now here’s a little bit about
Hostinger it’s a great web hosting platform with more than just hosting
there’s also a domain checker and a website builder so if I click on domain
checker and I type in video production it’ll show all the domains available
that include that variation of the keywords so I think video production dot
space is a pretty cool domain if you run a studio and it’s only $0.99 per year
you can also use Hostinger to build your website using templates and it
comes with a free domain and hosting so if you’re interested in Hostinger you
can get 15% off with my code GAL using the link in my description and now once
we’re done with the recording you’ll just go up here to this little Capto
recording red button and just hit stop and save recording and one thing I
wanted to tell you about before we go into editing tips in Premiere Pro is
there’s this pretty cool feature inside of Capto that I haven’t seen on any
different type of screen recording is if you select open current URL in Capto
what this will do is it’ll open up the current URL that you have open in chrome
and you can actually download it as a PDF so you know how if you want to print
out something from a website well what you can do is just click this button PDF
saver and then you can call this whatever you like I’m just going to save
it to the desktop so I saved it to the desktop and look at this it’s a full-on
high-quality PDF and if I double click to open this up or if I right click and
open it up with preview you can see the high quality PDF quality of this and all
I had to do was click one button so I think that is a pretty cool tool and I
would highly recommend trying this out especially if you’re doing education stuff
so I’m just going to exit this web bit and then my favorite aspect of it all is
if you select the screen recording you can right click and you can send it to
Adobe Premiere Pro which ever version that you’re using and to add Adobe
Premiere you would just hit configure and you can add any app that you’d like
so I’m just going to select Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 and this should
launch open Adobe Premiere Pro so as this is opening up 2 apps I want to
recommend for PC users if you guys are using a PC and you want a free option I
would recommend using OBS I actually use OBS here on my Mac computer and it
provides a free option if you want to record a window so here you can see I
have the Hostinger Google Chrome open and you would just start your recording
and it’s a pretty cool tool to use I haven’t used it on a PC because I don’t
have a PC but I’ve heard great things another paid option for PC users is
Movavi and this is a great tool I haven’t used it personally but I’ve read
about it and it seems like a great tool to use so definitely check out Movavi
and I’ll put the links to the PC options in the description box below
alright so now Premiere Pro is open and you can see here that this is the screen
recording of Hostinger that I just recorded and I’m going to create a new
sequence by going down here selecting new item new sequence and I’m going to
make a 1080p 30 frames per second sequence hit OK and now we have sequence
1 open here now I’m just going to drag and drop the screen recording down here
into the sequence and I’m going to keep existing settings and you will see that
it’s actually quite big and if you go into the settings here which is pretty
cool if you go to ListView so if you go to the ListView and then we scroll over
to look at the video capture resolution you can see was actually captured in
Ultra HD 4k which is 3840 pixels by 2160 so that’s great because that means we
can scale and zoom in our 1080p HD timeline without losing
resolution so what I like to do first is right-click on the clip in the sequence
and scale it to frame size so now it’s perfectly inside of the frame if you
want to you can select this and you go to and you can go to effect controls and
you can scale it up even more just to get rid of that top bar at the top and
you can move it over like so just so it’s more clean now another tip that I
want to give you guys is if you want to zoom into a particular portion to
highlight something that’s going on in the program monitor here so as I scrub
through and I go to domain checker as I start to type something in maybe I
wanted to zoom in on this moment so what I’m going to do is hit C for the razor
tool and I’m going to cut there and I’m going to scrub forward to the moment I
want it to cut so I’m going to zoom in here and then I’m going to scrub back to
the moment where I want it to zoom back out so now with this portion of the clip
selected I’m going to select this and I’m going to scale it in so we just see
this bit here and you can see there’s a lot of resolution to work with so it
doesn’t look super pixelated now rather than keyframing to animate from this
point to this point I’m going to use this transition and it’s called motion
tween and I love motion tween I’ve done an entire tutorial on it it’s by film
impact and it’s super cool and it saves me so much time all I need to do is drag
impact motion tween right here at this edit point and you will see that it
looks kind of funky right now but that’s because we need to select it then go to
effect controls and change the render option to composite now if I just set an
end point in an out point and hit return on my keyboard to render out just that
little bit there it’ll render it out and now if I play it back you can see that
it zooms in really nicely so that’s like a really cool tip to zoom in without
having to worry about key framing or anything like that it’s just a drag and
drop and then I can copy this I can take this effect and select it and then
command C to copy it then over here at this Atem point command V to paste it
and what that will do if I render this out now and now at this point after it’s
done typing it zooms back out so that’s a really cool tip that I definitely
highly recommend using when you’re doing screen recordings another cool thing is
that you can actually use the essential graphics panel what I like to call the
EGP to create like little call-outs or circles or rectangles to call attention
to certain things so for example if I right click here and I clear the
in-and-out and then let’s say I wanted to highlight the domain checker here I
can go over here to the toolbar and I can select the rectangle tool and here I
can actually draw a rectangle around this area to highlight it and then going
over to the central graphics panel here the EGP you’re going to uncheck fill and
then select stroke and you can increase the stroke to like 15 or so and then
change this color to something that’ll stand out like a bright yellow color and
now you have a call-out here now I also use an impact plug-in cause what’s
really cool is as you’re playing this back while it appears here you can
actually have the rectangle animate on the screen and I use this really cool
plugin called an impact pop which is part of one of their transition packs
now I know that these are paid for plugins but trust me I use them in
almost every video and it’s well worth it it’s only a one-time fee and it’s
it’s amazing so let me just type an impact pop and all I do is just drag and
drop this on here and it just pops up on screen just like that it’s pretty cool
and then I’ll just drag and drop it at the end too so you can easily create
just quick little animations like that and an animation to pop off it just
gives it more of like a pro effect which is definitely useful so
another tip is how to create a freeze-frame if you need to hold on the
screen a bit longer while you’re talking that’s easily achievable so this is a
great example of doing a web screen recording sometimes you’re talking and
the website actually takes a second to load so you can see it’s like a white
screen here and we just want to speed it up because we don’t want to wait while
this white screen is here for several seconds as it’s loading so what I can do
is I can use the arrow keys to go forward and tell that white screen is
there and then hit C on my keyboard to cut and then you’ll the scrub through
until the white goes away and the page is loaded so here you’re just going to
hit C again to cut and then hit V on your keyboard to go to the selection
tool and then delete that bit there now what we’re going to do is extend this
shot here while I’m continuing to talk so rather than doing a frame hold
I actually prefer to use this feature which is called export frame so I select
that and then I import into project and I’ll just call it still number one and
hit OK then I go to the project panel and here is still number one and I just
drag and drop it down here to fill in this gap so that way as I continue to
talk you know there’s something on the screen and there’s not like that white
background happening and you’ll notice here that I actually am NOT talking here
I probably said ‘am’ there so what I can do is hit C and just cut out this bit
here just just speed it up cause with screen recording it’s really about
making it as precise as possible so you can get to the good stuff as quickly as
possible so that’s it the freeze-frame cutting out excess bits the
call-outs here plus the little animations and the motion tween zoom are
pro tips to making your screen recording look awesome so I hope that all of you
guys found these screen recording and editing tips useful if you guys have any
questions be sure to leave a comment below and now a question for you guys
what screen recording software have you used that
you might recommend and if you guys need any further help or free templates
please join my patreon community at and i look
forward to seeing you guys there so that’s it for this video and I’ll see
you guys next time bye

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