Beat Cypher 5 – How We Make Beats Super Fast at the Drum Pads 24 Studio

Beat Cypher 5 – How We Make Beats Super Fast at the Drum Pads 24 Studio

Come on! Come on! It’s a bomb What was that? It’s mine! My car alarm. They wanna stole my car Hey guys! Beat Cypher #5 is here This is Sava, Vasiliy and me Pavel Actually there are 4 of us today. The forth one is sitting on my lap We are ready to make beats. As always. Today it’s a change of plan We have cool samples and also some samples from… videos! We will watch them together with you, and show our reactions see your reactions No, we won’t Well and then we will chop it up again and again as usual We brought our samples. Let’s check them out We’ll start with mine because they come first Bacc3… bhg2120… the name is too difficult It’s the error notification Yesterday I wanted to make house and I thought why not? You mean chaos? Chaos? It’s called True that’s why I tool it This is how the truth sounds The next sample Latino bass We had similar bass in Latino Summer pack But Sergey played it with a real bass Aaaand here is the video! This is why I chose it And she’s going to rap in your house pack, right? That’s cool! He did his homework! Ok, let’s move on. Start up HD This is the sound from your childhood! And the last one [Our bottlephone works similarly to trombone] [It produces sounds with air vibrations] [And now we’ll try to play a melody, for example…] [It does not work that well so far. But you need to practice as with any other instrument] You wanted to crop the flute from here, right? Yeap Played the doodle! And these are samples from our subscriber! Can you pronounce his name? HauNguyen We will write it here or there The name is original, in the author’s language It’s a nice loop! What? You see I’m speaking… Seems like there’s something we didn’t know about you This is another sample from Nguyen This is really cool man, thank you! The samples are awesome! Now your samples Sample #1 I knew you’ll take them! What do you think we could chop from here? This is… Probably how beatbox in Russia began Everything about this video is amazing, the footage, these people… Just brilliant! We can crop something in between the beat Video #3 It may be enough for the whole scene if it’s cropped and fat drums are added The guy rocks! Actually he sings really fine Not so much funny as it is good. It can be used as vocal samples Do you know he performed at Coachella? At Coachella? I only know he sang that in Walmart That’s right. And later they invited him to Coachella And also he was given a grant in any Florida college And when they asked him why he had chosen Walmart He said that this was the only store in their town that’s why he decided to sing in it That sound in the end is a hat! Definitely! The long and opened hat! I love how he tried to save the situation like this Ok. Sava’s sample #1 Awesome! I think I heard it million times everywhere, especially in hardstyle tracks It’s even with drums! Is it yours? It’s mine This one! Cool. Ok You asked to bring it and Yes, you asked and I did Let’s go further. Sample #4 Should we beep the n-word? And the f-word too. We should beep them all We will pretend we don’t understand What language is it? A guy came to KFC and tells a cool story The next one is my old sketch. I made it when I had a seven strings guitar We have so much samples today Yeah We even have drums Ok then, we’ve listened them all Did you notice what we all are wearing today? Denim Team! Blue shirts team! Except for him We are ready to start, aren’t we? Yo guys, we’ve finished. We are full of energy and ready to show you everything Sava, what samples did you use the most? My samples Talking samples And what style have you ended up with? Hip-hop What’s your todays top-pick sample? Black guys African American Did you make anything special like the last time? Nah Everything is natural just like the last time Let’s then start with you Ok Come on! Nice! And also as an experiment I made a separate track with a KFC guy who tells how he tried and did not like it The beat matches perfectly with it It sound like Krovostok These chords you were playing, where did you get them? These are from my guitar, they are pitched and spread So you came up using your guitar samples Yes, I used my guitar, I did not take it for nothing Applause! Tell us how you made it! Wait, I need to see it Did you use a limiter or an equalizer? I wanted to make a house track. But I didn’t make it because of this woman who says Open the f*** up, she shifted me to hip-hop and I ended up not using this sample at all Today we are overloaded with samples Yes, right And because there are tons of samples we don’t know what to do Well I used these guys with tongues as a pad instrument I’ll show it now I got it! You mean these Russian guys Yeah Why do you think they are Russian? I don’t know They have Russian faces Slavic faces And I think they were wearing a uniform Great! This is my hip-hop It’s great, I like how you tuned this sax And I’ve spent much time to adjust the key It’s really bad, we need to do something with it And me, I failed to match anything with these guys And threw them out Now it’s my turn And you need this I need a jack I need a jack Daniel’s Jack Daniel’s Is this going to… mess up the microphone? Open the f*** up The mike doesn’t work but whatever You’ll just show it, right? So this is the Beat Cypher! I think the best pack is the one you made Me? You. You tuned it perfectly It’s in harmony But actually it’s for audience to decide This is French fries So we finished, played everything we made. The choice is yours, guys! Send your samples, write comments and suggestions And bye! [It does not work that well so far. But you need to practice as with any other instrument]

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  1. Кто делает паки(не из группы Drum Pads) сделайте пожалуйста пак Skrillex-Reptile

  2. На этот раз пак Василия самый классный. Монтажа стало ещё больше и это радует.
    P. S. На 11:50 смешно получилось)

  3. Очень бы хотелось , чтобы вы- Павел занесли ваш пак ,играющий на 12:00, в drum pads 24. Надеюсь моя просьба будет услышана.)

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