Back in SHAPE! How To – After SUMMER Holidays

Hey guys, summer is finished here…so today we will see 5 exercises to comeback in shape after the holidays! A lot of people during the summer holidays stops with their workout routines and starts eating bad, so don’t worry, it’s normal. I’m going to show you 5 exercises to comeback in shape! 1st Exercise. Burpees So, I will start the exercise from bent arm push up, from here, you just have to push yourself up and go directly to a 90° squat position. Now you just have to push with your heels and jump squat. Now you have to do the eccentric part of the exercise, so you can do more repetitions. I’m going to show you quickly. It’s important to be able to do at least 15-20 push ups before starting doing burpees otherwise you could have some problems to the wrists, elbows or shoulders by not being able to control 100% your body. It’s also important to push with your heels and to avoid to pass the toe of the foot with your knee because if you do it every time, after a few months/years it could stress too much your knees. At least 20 seconds of exercises to awake your body! For those of you who are more experienced, you can do 1 minute of burpees. Next exercise is… Lunges Push with your heels with the leg in front of you, and then switch the position. So, as the previous exercises, you can do the lunges for 20” – 1’. Do not pass the toe of the foot with your knee as always, and try to keep your torso perpendicular to the floor. 3rd exercise is to activate your abs! You can do this by hanging at the bar, or on rings. In this park, there is not anymore the bar, so I have to do it on the rings ahah. So, hanging on rings, straight arms and legs, abs activated. Just raise your legs and do not swing forward or backward with the hips. It’s important to 100% control the eccentric part of this exercise. In my opinion is the most important part for developing strong abs. If you have a good flexibility, you can raise your legs 100%. If you can’t keep your legs straight, you can do “Knee Raises” instead of “Leg Raises”. It’s a little bit easier. 4th exercise. Pull ups! *Drop of water on my head* It’s raining, but I don’t care, even when the weather is not perfect, I don’t stop, the most important thing with workouts (and life) it’s to have the discipline! So, if you can’t do pull ups, you can assist the exercise with an elastic band! You can put the elastic band right under the knees or the feet. I do prefer the last option when I can keep my legs straight. But now I have to bend the legs, because there is not enough space, so I put the elastic band under the knees. Just like a classic pull up. (But easier) Last exercise is one of the most important bodyweight exercises. Dips! Easy to do, it’s important to not keep the shoulders near the ears. I do prefer to keep my chest a little bit close and abs activated. So, you can do these 5 exercises in a circuit without rest. If you are a beginner you can rest 15-20 seconds between each exercise. At the end of the circuit rest 2’ or 3’ and repeat it 3-4 times. If you prefer to take it easy, you can do 3-4 sets per exercise and rest properly between each set and between each exercise. (Not circuit style) About the repetitions of the Leg Raises, Pull ups and Dips, it all depend by yourself. 8-10 repetitions per exercise is good. If it is easy, you can also do 20 repetitions per exercise, it all depends by how you feel. If you enjoyed the video, please “Like” and “Share”. Please, leave a comment if you have any idea for my next videos. If you want to start bodyweight workouts, or if you want to change your style of training, you can go on my website where you can find different Calisthenics Programs good for every level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) with all my favorite basic exercises. And also a program focused on Core exercises! Also, I will leave all the links in the description right under the video where you can find my workout programs, and Prozis website. Prozis is the store where I take my Snacks, Supplements, Clothes and Electronic devices. I will also leave some of my favorite products, so you can take a look. If you want to buy anything from the Prozis website, don’t forget to use my discount code LAROSA10 at the checkout to get 10% off and the possibility to get some EXTRA FREE gifts. See you soon!

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