Asly – 249TooDope X Eaz Da Bully (Prod.By: HARGO) #حفر_ميوزيك

Asly – 249TooDope X Eaz Da Bully (Prod.By: HARGO) #حفر_ميوزيك

How much longer do I gotta keep schooling ya’ll Drill Drill Drill Had the contract, ya boy signed it This evening man got concert Why didn’t I eat, My head’s hurtin Why did I smoke my chest’s fucked up How am I supposed to perform right now Quickly I grabbed my bum bag A strip of sedatives I pulled out I popped me a few Pills! Pills! My brain is stone like concrete On stage I got hypotension man Forgot my words, messed up all my plans Finished the set & I made a move Got in the whip they passed me the booze I said I’m good let me roll this Chili Pepper The homie next to me balled up a Saffa
(Chewing tobacco) I saw her then disappeared for a moment The baddest girl I spoke to her for a bit A bit of game & I got the number I wish I got some food instead of that Why there ain’t no restaurants next to my flat Where is the… Money Bring the… Food Grub Lost my.. Temper Out of it.. A lil bit promoter.. Ran off Where is.. My MONEY Man is so saucy Man is exhausted Man a acting like a rap god Man is agnostic MOVE WITH THE MOVEMENT Man’s a Drilla Drill Drill Music For the Goon’Dem Man’s a Drilla MOVE WITH THE MOVEMENT Man’s a Drilla Drill Drill Music For the Goon’Dem Man’s a drilla Man so REAL/ Asly Real Real Drill Drill Drill Feeling like I got cocaine in my system I was out there on the roads post codes Turn that big man there to a victim Send him back home nigga and evict him Eaz and Dope don’t piss them Big skeng ting don’t pull up Talk too much get jook up Nigga Want smoke get cook up now look up
sky My dawg its that 249 i’ll slap niggas if they move offside Want smoke? man I move on sight They talk tough if you look online My nigga you a bitch you a princess
Yeah.. You’re a mug, you a dickhead “Got no time” what the wrist says
ahh.. I’m the Man in my City like Vincent Feeling like Drogba Walk to the spot slow mo like Pogba Gal a head doctor Man She slop me & make me Salatat Dakwa
(Peanutbutter Salad) Nowadays I’m active
Nowadays so rude I was there with the Gang’Dem
I was there with the goons I was out there with the gang there
With the Man’Dem with a nine let it bang I was out there in night time blacked out
Hoodie on looking like the Klan Heard your sound you’re a fan, imitate.
But you can’t compare to the man Eaz, TooDope how you mean real talk
Man life ain’t been fair to a man MOVE WITH THE MOVEMENT! Man’s a Drilla Drill Drill Music For the Goon’Dem Man’s a Drilla MOVE WITH THE MOVEMENT! Man’s a drilla Drill Drill Music For the Goon’Dem Man’s a Drilla Man so Real/ Asly Real Real Drill Drill Drill *O-Town* *K-Town* *IT GOES DOWN*

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  1. الكلمات ضعيفة للدين 🐸💔
    وغير المونتاج تاني م عندك حاجة سمحة ،
    اقسم بالله في الساحة تنزل ضدي في يوم واحد بنهي مسيرتك


  2. دراااااااع ماشاءالله❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. حلو انو تجيب اسلوب و بيت جديد على السين العربي ابدعتو ياعيال السودان واستمرو على uk بيت عشان تكونو مختلفين عن الكل much love from Saudi 🇸🇦 🤘🏾

  4. Knew he's not easy since I met him at the station he's so calm and concentrate on his own business, big up to the mandem there y'all making me so proud walahi , love love fam

  5. استيقاظ وحوش السودان 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥يلا سريع ندا استغاثة طفو الحريق

  6. الأداء ممتاز بس بالجد لو تقدم اغاني هادفة
    افضل والله
    ويا حبزا لو لعبت فى الساحه السعودية وتجلد من طرف وربي تكون ديييييم وملك الراب السوداني
    قوة وامتياز وتحصل جمهور كتير متاكد لو عملت شغل زي ده تلقي وتتقدم لى الساحة والشهرة

  7. BIG UP EAZ MY G nd too dope big man thing maaaaad ,Bare love from Cairo ,Egypt ,wait for Drill from Egypt soon insha allah Drill for life

  8. ابل البل وارفع الجل الحل احش الشد عصب رفع شغل صدع 😍🔥 نار النار يا سان الجان
    الكلام في المصور برضو حفار لي ابعد الحدود 🔥🔥🔥

  9. دييييييييم ود بلدي والله شغل عنيف كلامك مليان فل والمنتاج مافي كلام و التصوير ي زول
    والله بعيييييييييد ي تودوب

  10. بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل بل 💪💪💪💪

  11. Doooop dab dob 🐻🐼 ya man
    يلا بعد التراك دا نحن نحنك بأنو عندنا راب والله و لي قدام ي سخن 🔥🔥

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    اي تصميم في بالك🎨
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    وحسب الطلب في السودان 🇸🇩

  13. Now let me comment on this
    Yooo , legit lyrics
    Lit beat 🔥
    This work on point ya man
    I kept repeating the song like 100tms
    Wanna make a design about you guys
    Love and respect

  14. تحيه ليك يا مبدع

    بس يا ريد كل الmcs يتكاتفو مع بعض و ينصحو بعض
    عشان الناس تتقدم
    249#_العشق_الابدي #249_2020_حقتنا

  15. شغل نضييييف للتييش يادوب امسحها في وشي جات متأخرة /:
    p.s:عجبتنا الساعة

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