An Introduction to GCP for Students

An Introduction to GCP for Students

88 thoughts to “An Introduction to GCP for Students”

  1. I really like the service, I really do, but the UI is a mess, some services sound and do very similar things and worst of all: doesn't have native dark mode.

  2. Loved the presentation and learned a lots from this video. I hope people could do more with this powerful tool. Sometimes i think how is individuals and company use their credit in their working projects?

  3. I would rather google for what is GCP than watch a 45 minutes of self promotion. All that innovation and you keep wasting my time.

  4. Yes, the students could use it for free. if they have Indetification Card & Scan of your Credit Card. I don't think a students own credit cards, especially in the developed country.. there's no way students could use GCP for research purposes

  5. It would be nice to use some small business examples. It is not clear who the target market/audience is really. I know it is for developers but developers developing what tools for who?

  6. 12:34 the board says: Cloud Storage and 12:36 "Global Trigger", 12:55 "Scale" (Cocacola); also
    15:12 "Cloud Storage" and 15:13 "Global Trigger" , 15:27 "Scale" (Spotify)….. soooo, they share the same boards? x)

  7. Very good presentation by Arman. Covered the basics that I really wanted to know. Also covered some good demos on using GCP. The only thing I wish was covered was about the different components or services that make up GCP in a bit more depth like compute, storage, network etc. But overall a good presentation by Arman. Would love to see more presentations from him.

  8. The Apple logo to the top left corner of the screen should have been blurred out since the logo on the laptop was taped. Unfair.

  9. Wow it feels like yesterday when Arman was going over the wonderful things GCP is doing. Was great attending this wonderful conference!

  10. If you are in India, this long talking is useless for you. I use app engine for my project. The problem is in India and we have chip based debit card and which Google doesn't verify. And also they don't have other options like verify bank account directly. So I highly recommend you to go to your bank and ask them for a international card before starting out. Rest of the things are mentioned in the docs. And the problem you will face is not mentioned here and neither in the docs. So good luck

  11. hi, Am new to this platform..this looks interesting. Want to know more about Cloud? How this can help me…

  12. what is current statistics in Cloud market? AWS -> Azure -> and now GCP… Where is current market going and what is in next 2-3 years? Any idea?

  13. The BIGGER question is not how easy it is to use a service but can you TRUST a private company to not snoop on your data? It's far better and SAFER in LONG term to buy a server and hire a person to monitor it or do it yourself if you can. Remember Google sells your private information to sell you ads. What stops them from using your company data or project data to enrich themselves?

  14. This is super helpful! I hope Google will do more student led presentation. I think many Google youtube presentation assumes a level of sophistication and experience that new users may not have. The presenter brings it down to the right level of context. Thx

  15. I have a month salary debt because Google cloud. I have no interest on it and somehow i was billed for it. Heck… the very first time i ever heard about GCP was in my credit card bill… i’ve been trying to reach out to Google, but i can only talk to the selling team.. i’ve filled all the online forms they trew on me, and got nothing. It have been two months already and i can only talk to machines about it and they evetually ignore me. GOOGLE!!! GIVE MY MONEY BACK!!!

  16. Where to get the coupon code from ?
    Does google provide any financial support (coupon code ) for students who was not there in the Google Cloud Platform Education Grants program?

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