Algebra – Basic Algebra Lessons for Beginners / Dummies (P1) – Pass any Math Test Easily

Algebra – Basic Algebra Lessons for Beginners / Dummies (P1) – Pass any Math Test Easily

hi welcome to Learning Algebra from
Scratch a course from Addition and Subtractions in Algebra we can only add things if the letters and
their exponents following them are exactly the same Example: we can add 2x + 3x because they both have X following the numbers All you do is add
the numbers and bring the common letter after the number So we added the 2 + 3 to get 5. Then we brought the X after it. The final answer is therefore
5x example 2 if you have 2x plus 3y you cannot add
them because they have different letters after them one is y and the other is X
example 3 if you have 2x squared and 3x cubed
you cannot add them because of the different exponents one of the X is
squared and the other is cubed example 4 you cannot add 3 AB plus 2 AC although
they both have A 1 is AB and the other is AC they must be exactly the same
before you can add them let’s try these five a B minus 2 a B here since they
both have a B after the number we can subtract this gives us 3 a B as you can
see if your addition and subtraction is good this should be easy addition and
subtraction of multiple terms like the way we add in multiple numbers in basic
math we might have to add multiple terms in algebra let’s try this – a B plus 5b
c plus 3 a B minus 2bc here we take the first term 2 a B and find out if there
are other terms with the same letters after it we notice we have three a B so
we can add 2 a B and three a B to get 5 a B next we pick the 5 BC we look for
another term with BC here we have negative 2 b c we work on 5 BC minus 2bc
to get 3 BC we cannot add 5 a B and 3 BC since they
have different letters after them so that is our final answer the invisible
one let’s look at the invisible one in algebra example a B is the same as one a
B this means if we have just letters without a number in front the invisible
one is assumed example 2 a B plus a B equals 2 a B plus 1 a B which equals 3 a
B again 3 AC plus AC will be equal to 4 AC because AC is the same as 1 AC multiplication and division we are now
familiar with addition and subtraction in algebra please I hope you have
mastered it because it is a step-by-step course and we have carefully chosen the
trend to make you good in algebra I’m sure you can do these what is 2 times 3
what is 5 times 6 if you had six and thirty we are good to
go if you are not good at multiplication
you can either learn them later by memorizing the multiplication table or
deriving it or watching our videos on math tricks for multiplication multiplication and division of negative
numbers the real problem in most cases is when negatives are introduced when
you multiply a negative and a positive number the answer is always negative
example negative 2 times 3 equals negative 6 5 times negative 6 equals
negative 30 notice in both cases one is positive and the other is negative now
let’s look at when you multiply two negative numbers when you multiply two
negative numbers the answer is always positive so we say negative 2 times
negative 3 equals 6 and negative 5 times negative 6 equals
30 the exact same idea applies to division we say negative 6 divided by
negative 2 equals 3 notice we worked with two negative numbers and our final
answer is positive when we divide negative 6 by 2 we get our final answer
to be negative 3 here one of the numbers is negative and the other is positive 6
divided by negative 2 will give us negative 3 here again one of the numbers
is positive and the other is negative so our final answer is negative please
pause this video and make sure you are familiar with the multiplication and
division of negative numbers before we move on multiplication and division in
algebra when we learnt addition and subtraction in algebra we said that
letters must be exactly the same before you can add or subtract them
example we can add 3a and 2a because both have the same letters after the
number we also said we cannot add 3a and to be because the letters are different
for multiplication and division it doesn’t matter the letters you can
always work on them example 6a be times 2a see the first thing you’ll do is
multiply the numbers just like we did in basic math multiply the 6 and the 2 to
get 12 now for the letters we just look at the number of occurrences here we can
see that there are two A’s so we have a exponent 2 there is just one B so we
have B here and we also have 1c easy right let’s try these
negative 3a B times negative 2b see here we multiply the negative 3 and negative
2 these are both negatives so we have positive 6 next we look at the
occurrence of the letters the a occurs just once the B occurs twice and the C
occurs once so our final answer is 6a B squared C when dealing with a lot of
multiplications please work on them from left to right this is not a mathematical
requirement this will just make it consistent with operations like division
and subtraction that require that order example negative 2a times 3a B times to
be here we will do the negative 2a times 3a be first to get negative 6a squared B
then we’ll multiply this by the 2 B to get negative 12 a squared B squared Division in algebra in Division we are
still looking at occurrence but in a slightly different way let’s look at six
a squared B divided by a negative 2a B squared I will encourage you to write it
in the fraction form it is easier we divide the numbers as usual we divide
the six by negative two to get negative three now we say there are two A’s at
the top and one at the bottom so there will be one left at the top there is one
B at the top and there are two at the bottom so there will be one left at the
bottom what we are actually doing is this a squared is the same as a times a
so we are just splitting the exponents and cancelling the common letters notice
that we did the same for the B after the cancellation we notice that we have one
a at the top and one B at the bottom let’s try another example here we have
15 x squared Y exponents 4/5 X Y exponent six first we divide the 15 by
the 5 to get 3 next we notice there are two x at the top and one at the bottom
so our answer will have one X at the top also we see there are four wise at the
top and there are six wise at the bottom so there will be two wise left at the
bottom so this is our final answer

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  8. @ultimatealgebra

    I under that A squared plus B squared equals C squared, but can you explain something to me?

    This is my own hypothetical math problem I'll be using to explain my confusion.

    If Line A and Line B are parallel and the distance between line A and Line B is 10 meters but you travel at a 45 degree angle from Line A, how does it not take 15 meters to reach Line B? For some reason my mind jumps to it taking time and a half distance to travel between two parallel points when traveling at a 45 degree angle. I know this isn't true but can you explain in detail why besides A squared plus B squared equals C squared?

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