100 thoughts to “ADO Cypher 2018 | REACTION!!!”

  1. Your YouTube comments are a mess.
    The rappers in this video are totally fucking ignored.
    But I understand. They are not famous.
    So fucking ignored. right?
    There is no reason other than that.

  2. [섹스하고싶어-black nut(MC.기형아)]
    수녀님이 환장하는 블랙넛의 기형아시절

  3. 수녀님이 이 결과를 알수있게..
    Loopy – save (feat.Paloalto) vs 차붐 – 죽어도 좋아 (feat.Nucksal)
    chaboom 81 vs 305 loopy
    – loopy win

    Kidmilli – Change(feat.Gray) vs EK – godgodgod (feat.Bigone)
    – Kidmilli win

    pH-1- hate you (feat.ouuwonjae) vs D.ark – 트랩중딩 (feat.Thequiett)
    – pH-1 win

    Superbee – 억 (feat.Changmo) vs Odee – 에어플레인모드 (feat.Swings)
    – Superbee win

    Coocie – 빌어먹을 인연 (feat sik-k) vs OLNL – 브레이킹배드 (feat.Giriboy)
    OLNL 214 vs 154 Coogie
    – OLNL win

    Kim hyo eun – XXL (feat.Deepflow&Dok2) vs Nafla – 물어
    Nafla 406 vs 354 kim hyo eun
    – Nafla win

    Top 6

    My favorite
    (I can't predict who's good at it.)

    넌 형님 존경해요 I respect you very very very much

    I'm korean

    Nafla – SUNBBANG (feat.gaekZo) vs ph-1 – 주황색 (feat.Jay park)
    – Nafla win

    Superbee – 수퍼비와 (feat.Bewhy) vs loopy – NoNo (feat.Simon dominic)
    Loopy win….
    (I think Superbee did a great job, but I don't know why he lost.) ……..superbee!!!!!!

    Kidmilli – MOMM (feat.JUSTHIS) vs OLNL – i (feat.Seo Samuel)
    Kidmilli win

    Top 3

  4. Nun, I'm writing to express my sincere appreciation for your videos. I don't actually want to leave a comment here for this video, but it is the lastest.. For a couple of days since I got to know your channel, I have felt a new kind of happiness(?) or thrill(?) in listening to my favorite songs and performances by watching your reactions. The way you listen to music, with an effort to fully understand the lyrics, is motivating and discovering the dopeness, litness of the songs which I might have missed inattentive. I started listening to the legendary songs again carefully after watching your videos. That you are very funny is another good thing.

  5. 수녀님도 슈퍼비 루피 무대보고 결과보면 기가찰듯 이딴 쓰레기랩에도 잘한다해주시는 수녀님이 아마 결과보면 쌍욕을 날리지않을까

  6. 와 진짜듣기싫다.. 이런거추천한 머뻐까누구냐 .. 이런신성한채널에 이런쓰레기투척한건 Cj냐

  7. 애들이 못하는건 아닌데 같은 스타일들이 천지에 깔려있음… 레알 한다리건너 같은 스타일

  8. 고등래퍼3 지원영상 보고 다시 왔습니다.. BE'O 존나 잘합니다 무조건 top5 안에 듭니다 그리고 이 댓글은 성지가 됩니다

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