Adding Picture in Picture to your App

Adding Picture in Picture to your App

25 thoughts to “Adding Picture in Picture to your App”

  1. Pocket casts and Google Maps (while getting directions) have Picture in Picture and it's awesome!
    But Youtube doesn't and probably never will have it…..

  2. Is it bad that i'm still using java for app development?
    i'm still in College, so i don't have enough time to practice Kotlin since it's my final term before graduation!!!

  3. what if u want to ask the user to enable pip mode? is there any way to do that? To open the pip mode settings screen directly? Because i couldn't find any constant on Settings class to do that :p Or am I mistaken? 😛

  4. Okay, I'm just a person who wants to have picture in picture to view dailymotion videos when I'm doing something else too. Is that possible to do as an end user who knows almost nothing?

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